Miso Soup During Pregnancy – Is it Safe and Top Benefits

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Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

Miso Soup During Pregnancy

Miso soup during pregnancy can be a healthy and wholesome addition to one’s diet. Miso is a Japanese term that translates to “source of aroma”. It is prepared by fermenting soybeans, by activating a fungus called Aspergillus oryzae, and making it into a paste. It is one of the typical foods among the Japanese. 

Miso soup is said to be nutritious and low in calories. It also helps in improving the digestive system. That brings us to the frequently asked question- is it safe to have miso soup during pregnancy? In this article, we shall discuss whether pregnant women can drink miso soup and its benefits during pregnancy. 

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Is it ok to Have Miso Soup During Pregnancy?

The answer is, yes. It is completely safe to consume miso soup during pregnancy. However, it is necessary to check the label before purchasing. This is because instant miso soup may contain large quantities of salt, which might harm pregnant women.

If you are pregnant and opting for instant miso soup packets, check the following points.

  • Use white miso soup instead of red and brown, which are high in sodium
  • Do not boil the instant miso soup. Boiling the miso soup kills the natural enzymes present in it
  • Try gently warming the soup and removing it from the heat

Miso Soup Ingredients to Consider During Pregnancy

Ingredients in Miso Soup That Can Be Considered While Pregnant

Though miso soup is entirely safe to consume during pregnancy, it is essential to check its ingredients. There are a variety of miso soups available in the stores. What is safe and what is not depends upon the ingredients used. Every ingredient, from salt to the toppings, must be considered well before consumption.

The following are some of the most commonly used ingredients in miso soup:

1. Eggs

Anything raw or undercooked is not safe to consume during pregnancy. If your miso soup contains eggs, ensure they are hard-boiled or fried well before using them. Runny or raw eggs are not safe to consume during pregnancy.

2. Seaweed And Sea Vegetables 

These are one of the most common ingredients in miso soup. However, cook them thoroughly and avoid undercooking to make them safe for consumption.

3. Seafood

If any seafood is used in your miso soup, like shrimp and prawns, it should be cooked well before consumption.

4. Noodles

Noodles contain high levels of starch. Though it is safe to consume during pregnancy, try to limit the quantity of consumption.

5. Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are very healthy and nutritious for pregnant women. But wash them well before using them in the miso soup. Vegetables are usually used as toppings for the soup.

6. Homemade Miso Paste

You would be surprised to know that avoiding homemade miso paste for your miso soup is best. But why are you advised to avoid this? There are high chances of contamination in the process of fermentation. The chances of such an error are almost nil in a commercially packed miso paste, which is prepared in a sterile environment.

7. Soy or Tofu

Tofu and soy are usually safe to consume during pregnancy. However, pregnant women diagnosed with hypothyroidism need to restrict soy consumption. The miso soup, in general, contains a high quantity of soy. It is better to avoid extra soy.

Top 5 Benefits of Miso Soup During Pregnancy

Top 5 Benefits of Miso Soup When Pregnant

Miso soup is packed with high nutrition. It can be consumed by pregnant women in moderation. The following are the top 5 benefits of miso soup during pregnancy –

  1. The soup contains a good amount of the nutrients like – manganese, zinc, copper, riboflavin, vitamins E, K, B, and folic acid.
  2. The fermented soy acts as a probiotic and improves the gut health of pregnant women. It also helps to reduce bloating, abdominal pain, gas, and constipation.
  3. It helps in controlling excess weight gain during pregnancy. It contains fiber which helps to feel full for a longer time. It is also low in calories. 
  4. Miso soup is a good source of soy, as it’s made from fermented soy. Soy is laden with protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber and is good to have during pregnancy.
  5. Consuming miso soup can help reduce the chances of certain cancers as it contains a good amount of antioxidants and phytochemicals.

When Should One Avoid Having Miso Soup?

It is advised to avoid miso soup if one is allergic to any of the ingredients included in the soup like soy, seafood, etc. Further, one should avoid miso soup if there is anything undercooked or raw in it. It is always better to consume store-bought or packaged miso soup during pregnancy as it’s been pasteurized. This reduces the risk of any infection. 

During pregnancy, it’s better to eat pasteurized food over unpasteurized food as it kills the harmful bacteria in it. Usually, it is advised to have homemade food during pregnancy, but in this particular case, it’s better if you can switch homemade for packaged miso soup.

Is Miso Soup Bad for Morning Sickness?

It is important to remember that every pregnancy differs, and every woman experiences symptoms differently. No proven studies indicate that miso soup is good or bad for morning sickness. However, some women have felt relief after consuming it, while others have not. If you are suffering from morning sickness and are unsure how it could work out for you, try consuming miso soup in small quantities and check if it’s helping.

Are There Any Harmful Effects of Miso Soup During Pregnancy?

Are there any side effects of Miso soup during pregnancy

Miso soup is full of healthy components that give you nutrition during pregnancy. It helps in improving gut health and helps to meet everyday nutrient requirements. With all its benefits, there are no proven harmful effects of the soup during pregnancy. 

However, there is one thing to note, that miso soup contains large quantities of sodium, also known as salt. As per the USDA food database, one-third of your daily sodium requirement can be met by one tablespoon of miso soup. The total volume of sodium contained in a miso soup could vary depending on the type of miso. So, it’s better to have it in moderation. 

Pregnancy is a phase of life where everything that you like may suddenly not suit your body. Miso soup is entirely safe to consume during pregnancy. It is nutrient-rich and a balanced meal for the body. That does not mean that one should consume it in excess. Always consume miso soup in moderate quantities, and have a safe pregnancy!


1. Is Miso Soup High in Folic Acid?

Yes. Miso soup contains an adequate amount of folic acid that is required for pregnant women to support the baby. Folic acid is the essential nutrient required by all pregnant women.

2. Can I Drink Miso Soup Every Day?

Yes. It is totally safe to have miso soup on a daily basis. The primary reason is that it is rich in nutrients. However, do remember that it is high in sodium and hence should be taken in moderation by people who have to limit their salt intake due to any underlying medical condition.

3. Who Should Not Consume Miso Soup?

People who have the following difficulties need to avoid consuming miso soup- 

  • People at risk of heart disease or blood pressure must avoid miso soup due to high sodium levels.
  • Those allergic to soy need to say a big no to miso soup as it’s made from fermented soy.
  • Individuals who have gluten sensitivity need to stay away from miso soup as well.







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