7 Month Old Baby Sleep Schedule – Sample Schedule, Problems and Tips

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7 Month Old Baby Sleep Schedule

Your 7 month old is growing up very fast. Some babies can sit up unassisted and continuously talk in the baby language. It would suddenly feel like your little one is grown up. With so many developmental milestones, it is also essential that the little one sleeps well. The brain and the body work together and develop well only when they sleep. So, what does a 7 month old baby sleep schedule look like?

Our seven month old baby’s sleep schedule is a comprehensive overview of what we did (and didn’t do) to help our baby learn the skills they needed to sleep through the night. Finding a 7 month old baby’s sleep schedule is not difficult, and this article will show how easy it can be to establish a routine for this age group to help the baby. In this article, we shall discuss all you need to know about the sleep schedule of the seven month old. Let us get started.

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How Much Should 7 Month Old Baby Sleep?

The 7 month old should be sleeping for 14 hours a day. It may be separated into 11 hours of sleep at night and two to three naps ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours during the day. This is just an estimate. The actual sleep hours may vary from baby to baby, depending on their requirement.

At this stage, some babies might sleep a little longer, and some love to stay awake a little more. These are common sleeping patterns. While 14 hours of sleep a day is recommended, it is normal for your baby to sleep from 12 to 16 hours.

Can You Sleep Train a 7 Month Old Baby?

grandparent sleep training baby

By 7 months, you might have a good grip over the baby’s sleeping pattern and follow a good sleeping routine. Bathing them, singing lullabies, and reading stories help you to put them to sleep. But you might suddenly feel that the baby does not go to sleep that quickly from the 7th month. The sleep routine becomes tougher day by day. That is when sleep training can help you do wonders.

Experts and pediatricians would recommend sleep training your 7 month old. By this time, the babies have developed well to self-soothe and go back to sleep by themselves. There are several types of sleep training, including,

  1. Cry it Out Sleep Training Method:bThe parents would leave the baby in the room and never come to intervene in their sleep.
  2. Ferber Method of Sleep Training:The parents check the baby, but in longer intervals.
  3. Chair Method of Sleep Training: Parents sit in the chair alongside the crib and slowly move the chair away from the baby.

Make sure you follow any of the above methods consistently. You might notice that your baby picks up well and masters the art of self-sleeping quickly.

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7 Month Old Baby Sample Sleep Schedule

The sleeping pattern differs for each baby. The following sample sleep schedule assumes that the baby takes two naps during the day for 2 hours. In reality, the babies might require a shorter or longer third nap.

Sample Time Awake/Nap/Bedtime
07:00 AM Stays Awake
09:30 AM Nap Time
11:30 AM Stays Awake
02:00 PM Nap Time
04:00 PM Stays Awake
07:00 PM Bedtime Routine
07:30 PM Bedtime

What is 7 Month Sleep Regression?

Sleep regressions are very common in the 4th month, 6th month, 8th month, and 12th month. But it can happen at any time. Sleep regressions happen when your baby tries to achieve a new developmental milestone. In the 7th month, they can scoot, crawl, babble, and sit up. They might be very excited to keep trying all this even their sleep and wake up.

During sleep regression, babies find it difficult to fall asleep or resist sleeping. You may feel that you are back to the initial days of sleepless parenting. Please remember that it is pervasive and a more minor phase. It will pass away sooner, and you may find your baby sleeping well soon.

Top Sleep Problems Expected From a 7 Month Old Baby

baby with clock

The 7 month old is growing and becoming independent day by day. Alongside, there are several sleep problems that you need to tackle and let us look at each of them.

1. Resistance at Bedtime

A 7 month old might fight bedtime. They are growing well and can understand the difference between nap time and playtime. You may notice that they can play continuously and never feel tired. But remember that an overtired baby can never be seen but can be felt when we find it difficult putting them to sleep. Never miss the bedtime routine, even if your baby is still in the mood to play. If your little one fights bedtime, it is the best time for you to introduce sleep training methods.

2. Teething

Teething can be the primary culprit that makes your little one cry out at night. If you find your 7 month old drooling, pulling ears, and crying badly at night, teething is the reason. You can offer a teething ring. But, if that does not provide relief, talk to your pediatrician and give the prescribed medication.

3. Early Waking

Some babies can wake up early between 06:00 AM to 07:00 AM. But, if your 7 month old is waking earlier, keep an eye on their nap schedule. Early wakings can happen when the baby gets too much or too little sleep. Check their nap schedule and make the necessary changes if any are required.

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Top 6 Tips to Help Your Seven Month Old Baby Sleep

mom and baby reading book

You can help your little one pass through all the sleep problems and get back into the sleep routine. Here is how you can help them.

  1. Make sure to follow an extended bedtime routine. Apart from a bath and feed, make sure to involve music and reading into the bedtime.
  2. If your little one has the white pearls sprouting out, try brushing them softly with a wet cloth or your hand.
  3. Check your child’s requirement for a good sleep and adjust the room accordingly.
  4. During the initial day’s clean room, diaper, and safe place might suffice. But, as the babies grow, they might need much more, including white noise and good music to sleep.
  5. Keep your little one as active as possible during the day. Make sure they get plenty of time to practice the new skills during the day so their sleep does not get disturbed.
  6. It is common for babies during the 7th month to drop the third nap. In that case, ensure he gets quality sleep during the other two naps without any disturbances.

When Should You Consider Calling a Doctor?

If you think your baby is not responding well to the sleep training and you have been stuck with sleep regressions for more than two weeks, you may consider calling your doctor to check the reason.

By 7 months, your baby has developed a personality and a schedule of their own. With their high activity levels, it can become difficult for parents to get them to sleep. It is vital to have a bedtime routine to encourage them to sleep well.


1. What Should be The Number of Naps And Nap Duration For a 7 Month Old Baby?

A 7 month old may sleep up to 11 hours at night and two to three naps of 30 minutes to two hours during the day.

2. What Are The Average Daytime Sleep Hours For a 7 Month Old baby?

A 7 month old can sleep for 4 to 5 hours during the daytime.

3. What Are The Average Nighttime Sleep Hours For a 7 Month Old Baby?

A 7 month old may sleep for 11 hours at nighttime.

4. At a Stretch, How Much Should a 7 Month Old Baby Sleep at Night?

At a stretch, a 7 month old can sleep for 8 to 11 hours at night.

5. What is The Average Total Sleep Hours Per Day For a 7 Month Old Baby?

On average, a 7 month old needs to sleep for 14 hours a day. But, this may range between 12 to 16 hours depending upon each one’s requirements.

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Her experience in impactful writing combined with her background in Home Sciences makes Aparna the perfect candidate for content writing in the pregnancy and parenting niche.Read more.

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