8 Tips To Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Well

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Congratulations!! New Mommy on your bundle of joy loaded into cuteness as the little bud. While you are all excited to play with your baby, have fun trips with her and just cuddle up with the little one, the initial few days are “handle with care” period. The baby has just arrived outside the world from your womb and it takes some time for the little one to realize that its not mummy’s big belly home anymore. Babies also follow the same patterns of what they were doing inside the womb, the majority of which is “sleeping”.
Baby and mother

Newborn Sleeping Patterns

Pediatricians say that new born babies sleep between 18 to 20 hours per day for the first one month and gradually changes to 12 to 14 hours during third month. But it is not easy, as new born babies have tiny stomachs and they wake up every few hours to feed. Breastfed babies feed every 1-2 hours while bottle or formula fed babies feed every 3-4 hours. Moreover, every baby has different sleeping and feeding schedules and no two babies can be compared. However, the first few months can be especially testing for new parents, especially mothers, who cannot catch enough, continuous sleep. Read more on sleeping patterns of babies here.

8 Ways To Help Your Newborn Sleep Well

Here are 8 sure shot tips to make you settle your baby’s sleep time.

  1. Set the sleep time: Yes, we know that it is night 1 AM and you very badly want the baby to sleep. But the little one chooses to be awake and feel the atmosphere around by 1 AM. Introducing your baby to day-night times is a welcome move that will help the baby associate nights with sleep and days with play. But since it will be some time till your baby grasps the concept, rest while the baby takes rest and save energy to spend time with her while she is fresh. While the baby wants to sleep, she will show signs when you have to sing that lovely lullaby. Be ready! Click here to read about top signs that babies give when they want to sleep
  2. The perfect bath: Can you believe that your tiny princess loves spa; a perfect mild oil massage followed by warm ( NOT HOT) bath and a proper feed will give a tight sleep to the baby. This works best around morning 10 AM. Some mothers also swear by massages that they give their little ones. Read more about bathing and massaging a baby
  3. Sleepwear: If you keep the baby snuggled and bundled up in covers, it may prove detrimental to your baby’s sleep. When the weather changes, it changes for the baby too. Oh yes, let it be summer or winter, it is new for the baby as she had experienced a womb with water till then. So, understand her temperature and try making her wear a regular sleepwear dress especially at nights so that the baby gets comfortable and slowly settles to sleep
  4. Skin to skin: Your baby doesn’t prefer those branded toys or a new wallpaper now. All she wants is the mother’s warmth. So, once you are fresh from bath, cuddle your baby on your bare chest and enjoy the closeness and just tell us how nicely you both fell asleep. And babies feel safe and happy, getting nostalgic about the “womb effect”
  5. Mosquito free zone: Babies developing redness during initial days are quite common and it is humanly not easy to differentiate between a mosquito bite and general redness. This might disturb baby’s sleep a lot and give an uncomforted crankiness to her. So, ensure that your home is insect safe zone
  6. The bum pat: Some mothers do feel that patting the baby relaxes the baby and she tends to sleep better. The best part of the baby’s body to pat is the little bum. Also note, to make the baby sleep, hold her both hands on yours and pat with other hand. You would be amazed to see the immediate sleeping effect. However, if this is done regularly, it might soon become a habit and the baby may need the pat every time she is trying to sleep
  7. Melody mommy: Our ancestors have not documented few of their greatest findings but gave it in practice to us. One such is singing a lullaby. The tunes are composed to make baby’s doze off. The words are to make their mind happy and the tone is to give them warmth. Definitely ensure that you learn lullabies and sing them to make your baby sleep well
  8. The surroundings: Many new parents, out of anxiety, take it wrong that a bright colorful surrounding and loads of soft toys around will make baby’s surroundings cute. But remember, your baby can see only black, white and greys during first two months of her life. As she grows, you have all time to make give her the right ambience. As of now, the new born requirements a cozy bed, a blanket and that’s all. So the best is to make it simple for a nice nap

Newborn baby sleeping
Hope you loved the above tips. A new mother’s sleep and enough rest is very much important to handle the baby and cope up with her new sleep patterns. So, take enough rest new mommy ! And sweet dreams to your little one.


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