A Mom’s Guide to Capturing Every Important Baby Movement

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Nothing brings more joy to a new mother than the sight of her new baby. After all, it’s one of the most invigorating moments of a mother’s life.
If you’re a mother yourself, you’ll know the feeling. You want to record every single “first” your child accomplishes. From the first words, the first notes of that sweet laughter, the first haircut, the first soccer goal, the first birthday….and the list goes on.
Pretty much every single “first” your baby achieves is reason enough for celebration and, as much as humanly possible, document it for posterity. They make great memories – that’s all there is to it.

A Mom's Guide to Capturing Every Important Baby Moment

A Mom’s Guide to Capturing Every Important Baby Moment

So you snap photos of these memories or record them on tape, in the hope that you’ll be able to compile all of them into a video, or a baby book.
Thing is, it’s not always easy to document things when you’re busy dealing with everyday life.
It’s safe to say that every parent wants to document every milestone his or her child accomplishes – but it’s the organizing, printing, and compiling that makes it the last item on their reminder list.
Well, that’s where technology comes in – there is no shortage of tools that will help you be ready to record at the drop of the hat. 
Every parent wishes they can hold on to every single “first” their baby does – from smiling, crawling on all fours, to the first steps, and to the first tantrums, and everything in between.
We’ve got a list of tools and techniques that will help you capture those priceless, once-in-a-lifetime milestones that, somewhere down the line, will be a source of great joy and memories, as precious as the most expensive jewels you can find.

1. Smartphone

It’s no surprise that your trusty smartphone should rank first on this list – because it’s just so convenient and useful for taking photos, videos, and other recordings of your child. And they fit right in your pocket! While photo quality may vary from smartphone to smartphone, there is a wide array of photo manipulation apps for your smartphone, or otherwise desktop software solutions like Adobe Photoshop, among others. This will ensure that you capture baby’s first moments at their best, as these things can happen at a drop of a hat.
PROTIP: Ditch the zoom whenever you can – this will ruin or otherwise blow up your photo or video into grains. Just move to your subject while you hold your phone firmly as you keep your arms and elbows tightly against your sides.

2. Digital Camera

A digital camera is an excellent choice for professional-quality photo and video. Its handiness is a plus, and their storage functions (allowing you to share and backup photos) is pure gravy. No need for messy, complicated photo sharing workarounds.
Natural lighting is all you need to take great quality photos. Refrain from using the flash as much as possible. If you’re wondering what setting to put it on to capture fleeting moments that don’t end up as blurs, consider using the continuous shooting or sports modes.
BONUS: Your child will get used to the camera, the lighting, and the patience you sometimes need to capture a perfect image. This could stimulate them to pursue a modelling career later on.
 More information: https://www.beingtheparent.com/child-into-modelling/

3. Video Camera / Baby Monitor

The most vivid memories we have are often the ones we’ve frozen in a moment in time – including the entire milieu and zeitgeist of the time. Video cameras allow you to do that. Just think of memories your childhood videos on tape still are – video cameras give you that in the highest definition. A great tool to break out at family events like birthdays and reunions, too!
PROTIP: Many parents have video “chats” with their babies online – no matter how far their distance is. Want to record those adorable “conversations” into a possible eternity? There are plenty of screen recording apps you can use at a drop of a hat: Call Recorder, Vodburner, or Evaer. The easiest option however, is clearly a baby monitor.
More information: https://allthestuff.com/baby-monitors/

4. Hire a Photographer

There’s absolutely no need to take your child to an expensive studio – it’s better to just hire a professional photographer or an experienced hobbyist friend of yours to take photos in a comfortable setting. Why not take photos at the ancestral family home? Or the comfort of your very own sofa? This will ensure that you get a great photo in surroundings that your child will be comfortable and settled in, as opposed to a studio that can be expensive.

More information: https://www.beingtheparent.com/maternity-photoshoot-tips/

5. Sound Recordings

Baby sounds and random “conversations” always bring up memories. If you’re the type of parent who’d enjoy listening to these memories on recorded sound, a voice recording app can be used to consign those vocal snippets on your smart device. Turn it on every so often so you can document how your child’s personality, speaking, and conversation skills are developing – and if you’re lucky, catch the first word baby says!
That’s all you need to make sure those priceless memories remain as treasured as precious jewels – forever immortalized in media.

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