10 Tips To Have A Great Maternity Photo Shoots

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10 Tips To Have A Great Maternity Photo Shoots

Maternity photo shoots have become the fashion these days, and all for good reasons. As soon as you see two parallel lines on a pregnancy test, you start dreaming about holding your newborn. There’s no doubt your friends and family are sick of hearing about your aching back, sleepless nights, and frequent heartburn. Despite the fact that pregnancy is hard, there is also something magical about it. When you are growing a new life, you feel every headbutt, every hiccup, and every kick. You are inseparable from it.

It’s inevitable that once the event is over and done with, you’ll find yourself wandering down memory lane and remembering all those baby kicks. Since you won’t be pregnant forever, and your pregnancy will go by faster than you expect, it’s especially meaningful to capture these moments.

10 Tips To Get A Beautiful Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity photo shoots are a great way to keep those memories etched in print, forever and ever. But haven’t we seen enough on social media channels about those funny or worse maternity photo-shoot ideas? So that you do not go that way, we have for you some beautiful ideas to make you have a great maternity photo shoot. Following are 10 tips to get a beautiful maternity photo shoot.

1. Move Outdoors

Move Outdoors

A lot of maternity shoots are done in well-lit studios with colorful backdrops. Give them all a skip and head for some outdoor locations. A blooming garden, A seaside, a flat ground, anything that catches your fancy and makes you feel closer to nature. Being a mommy is the most natural thing, capturing the essence in all-natural landscapes highlighting the skies, the flowers, the seas, the greenery.

2. Get The Belly Captured

Of course! That is what this shoot is all about. Accentuate the shots on the belly with the touch. Use your hands to rest on the belly or just in the pockets or elsewhere. The hands will further bring attention to the bump, so touch it in different ways.

You can stand and get the frame captured as a straight shot, or you can ask the photographer to capture the picture from a higher angle. A higher angle will highlight the belly but not bring out focus on other body parts that might have grown in pregnancy

3. Keep it Natural

Being a mother is such a natural thing, it is creating a new life purely out of you. Avoid going overboard with makeup or emotions. Keep it simple, with just a gloss or a tint of sunshine on your face. Do not think of the shoot as one, but just be natural, walk like you normally do, let your hair loose and glow naturally in pregnancy.

4. Get the Emotions Captured

Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride of emotions and hormones. Making the best use of them at this time makes a lot of sense. Talk about your baby like you normally do and your emotions will reflect in your eyes. A good photographer will never miss those streaks of love in the eyes and on the lips. Get your hope, your love, your anxiety, and your bonding captured in that frame forever.

5. Get Close With Your Partner

Get Close With Your Partner

In limits, tough! Hug each other, look into each other’s eyes, let the man place his hands on the belly, try a soft kiss on the forehead or the cheeks, hug face to face with both your hands on the belly, accentuate the power of your touch and affection for each other.

Get closeups, half-body, and full-body shots with basic couple shots. Makes for most beautiful moments, and the same when captured, can send you on a dreamy journey over and over again.

6. Select a Convenient Location

Though outdoors is great, make sure you do not have to travel long distances to get the shoot done. Try places that are close by, else you’d lose all your energy in just reaching there. Your health is important, do not choose a location that involves a lot of walking around or has any other danger lurking close by

7. Get the Siblings and Pets

Though capturing the siblings and the mother’s bump could seem like a task, because getting those aww expressions from kids could prove to be difficult, remember that they make for the most beautiful memories in the years to come.

Ask the dad to do the running around behind the kids, and tell the photographer well in advance so that he comes prepared. Got some dogs or pets in the family? Get them along too!

8. Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and Accessories

A pregnant woman’s biggest accessory is her smile and beautiful bump. To focus on the same, it is suggested that the clothes you wear highlight the bump and fit snugly around the waist.

Opt for bright colors and stretchy fabrics, and shun those loose clothes so that the bump can be seen. But because that could also be somewhat uncomfortable, so make sure there is a changing room close by at the location you chose

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9. Timing

The late second trimester is the most favorable time for a maternity photoshoot, followed by the early third. Too early and the bump won’t show enough, too late and you’d detest pretty much everything, forget the photoshoot. Get it done before 35 weeks as after that you’d be uncomfortable most of the time, and nothing would really appeal

10. Use Props

Tiny-weeny shoes and clothes, the letters and date cards, etc., all make the photoshoot an interesting affair. Remember to keep things cute and cuddly and not overly cheesy. Ask your photographer’s input and let him help you decide the best!

When it comes to maternity photo-shoot, a good photographer can make a lot of difference. Tell him clearly that you do not want to shoot what has been already shot. Share your ideas and ask him to tailor them out for you. There might be a million mothers, but this one, you, are special and what you are experiencing, is unique to you.

Happy photographing!


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