A Word About Special Needs Children

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True, every child is special and unique in himself, and grows in his own pattern. Also, every child comes with some or the other special ability, and we say that the child is “blessed” to have a beautiful voice or “blessed” to have a passion for drawing. In the same way, we have other “blessed children”, who may need some special care and might have some unique needs owing to some medicinal, hormonal, emotional or sociological problem. The blessed children, or children with special needs require assistance, medicine or even therapy – which a lot of other children may not require. The special children might have a combination of mild disabilities or a single disability like cognitive impairment, delayed or quick development, learning or reading disabilities, difficulty in speech and language, physical disability or mental retardation, psychiatric issues or allergies and illnesses – which may not let them perform daily activities as other children, thus requiring special needs. However, each weakness is often complemented with some sort of strength – which needs to be harnessed.

A blessed child may not be able to perform daily chores with ease and efficiency; if you have a special child at home, as a parent, you will need to be more proactive and vigilant attending to the needs of your child. They also need extra attention, more of your time and a lot of support and love; and a combination of all this will ensure that the child realises his true potential. The parents need to be understanding, and be able to comprehend the child’s growth pattern, in order to recognise any special needs and thus act promptly. It is always wise to seek the help of a medical practitioner. Be calm, supportive, practical and most importantly, be PATIENT.

To have a blessed child also implies that you will have to spend a lot of time detailing things. Some special children may require additional help or assistance, but with time and an effort from your side, they can independently handle a lot of daily jobs on their own. It’s all about giving time and being calm, and your child may just be self-reliant.

The blessed children lead an exemplary life, which is highly challenging and hard. Sometimes, the impairment may not be visible, but the child might be seeking treatment to cure something emotional or psychiatric, privately. The common motive of all such treatments is to make the child feel and be independent, with the understanding that he may not have everything like others, but he still has something that others do not have. Parental sensitization is a must – being a parent of a blessed child is a God’s way to make you spread more love, care and affection, and it must be understood that the biggest triumphs in life are only found in challenging situations. Similarly, society needs to address the blessed children with friendliness and compassion. Everyone needs a friend, and being friends with a blessed child makes sure each one of you gets a companion.

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