Infused Waters During Pregnancy – Benefits and Side Effects

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You are tired of following the advice of drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day. Relax, preparing infused waters during pregnancy gives a treat to your boring taste buds. At the same time, it enhances your mood, while keeping your sugar intake balanced. To make infused water, all you need are some sliced fruits or veggies tossed into a jar filled with water.

Watermelon basil, citrus cucumber, and strawberry lemon are some combinations that are safe for a pregnant mother. Plus, they have loads of health benefits. Leave the jar full of water and slices of fruits or vegetables for a few hours, and you’ll get some delicious infused water. It’s best to drink it at room temperature, and not too cold to avoid catching a cold. Lets dive in to know more about infused waters during pregnancy. 

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What is Infused Water?

Infused water is plain water blended with a range of delicious flavors and goodness of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Sliced veggies and fruits are dipped into the water stored in a jar or bottle, as per your preference. After a few hours, the water gets infused with tastes. Unlike juices, fresh products are not mixed in a juicer but are only kept in water.

Is Infused Water Safe During Pregnancy?

woman drinking infused water during pregnancy

Infused waters are safe during pregnancy, because if you think of the ingredients that go into your infused water. They are what we normally eat. Cucumbers, apples, and so on are completely safe for you during your pregnancy.

Staying hydrated while you’re pregnant is a very crucial thing. And infused water is so tasty and healthy that you won’t even realize that you’re getting optimally hydrated while simply sipping your yummy water throughout the day.

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How Often Should You Drink Infused Water During Pregnancy?

Infused waters during pregnancy do not harm even if you take them many times a day. But it’s obvious that there’s no replacement for a plain old glass of water. Follow your natural inclinations and drink water when you want the taste of normal water. And when you feel too bored by the taste, sip some infused water. During your pregnancy, staying sufficiently hydrated with 8-12 glasses of water (counting infused water as well) is recommended by experts. However, take a step ahead and ask your doctor before you want to start on anything new during pregnancy. 

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Benefits of Infused Water During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman drinking water

Drinking infused has many benefits simply because it’s water. Homemade infused water is much better than buying it from stores. This way, the calories, protein, fats, and carbohydrates will be zero.

Here are some great benefits of infused water during pregnancy

1. Less Sugar Intake

Pregnancy and crazy cravings go hand in hand. If you are finding sweet treats, candies, and icecreams irresistible, you’re not alone. While healthy sugar consumption is not a problem, these cravings, if not handled well, could create some problems. Some studies reveal a strange link between highly sugary beverages like diet sodas in pregnant moms and a bit lower cognitive skills in their children.

However, this tingling for sweet flavors can easily be satisfied with infused water. Some fruit-infused water will really keep your sugar cravings in check.

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2. Maintains a Comfortable Body Temperature

When you’re expecting, the temperature seems really hot. Therefore, infused water will keep you sufficiently cool. Infused or detox water will supply a good amount of enjoyment to your taste buds while keeping you hydrated behind the scenes.

3. Gives You a Good Mood and Energy Levels

Your doctor advised you to drink plenty of water, and now you have a big frown on your face carrying that heavy water bottle all around. Why not replace it with an exciting bottle infused with flavors? Flavors have an impact on our mood and they can also reduce our anxiousness. Furthermore, your energy levels also change when you maintain yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Are There Any Side Effects of Infused Water During Pregnancy?

Infused water is free of any side effects unless you add any artificial sweeteners to them. You shouldn’t ignore good old water while you’re falling for infused water. But it’ll be very natural for you to crave the plain taste of water throughout the day as well. Avoid drinking ice-cold infused water as they increase the risks of catching a cold or having a cough. It’s fine, as long as it’s at room temperature.

Wash the fruits and vegetables nicely before you dip them into the water. Consuming infused water during pregnancy is safe but don’t avoid plain water. As the water is delicious now, you may feel like drinking too much. Therefore, be careful to drink not more than your thirst. Moreover, don’t miss out on actual fruits and vegetables while you’re taking them in the infused form daily.

What Kind of Infused Water is Suitable During Pregnancy?

infused water in a glass

Before you give birth to your little one, you should use every possible thing to make your childbirth the most healthy one.

Here are a few kinds of infused water combinations you can prefer making during pregnancy

1. Watermelon Basil

The sweet taste of watermelon will make your day. And thanks to its watery nature, you won’t have to wait for long to let it infuse into the water. Although the watermelon content is minimal, it’ll still contribute its fair share to prevent constipation. Additionally, some basil will also do fine to make the taste more balanced rather than too sweet.

2. Strawberry Lemon

The new mixup of sweet and sour tastes will add refreshment to your mood when you feel too hot. You are free to decide the number of strawberries and lemons to change the flavor as per your inclinations. Lemon works great to relieve your vomiting, and strawberries help your body absorb more iron. This is very vital for your body to keep making blood for you and your little one.

3. Raspberry Citrus

Raspberry Citrus water is not only flavored but also healthy. Vitamins C, A, and K in this fruit greatly benefit you while you’re expecting. Moreover, adding some Citrus makes the water a little more balanced in terms of taste.

4. Citrus Cucumber

Make it your priority to drink citrus cucumber water regularly. The freshness of cucumbers mixed with citrus fruits is unmatched. If you drink cucumber-infused water routinely, your skin will start glowing, your bone health will improve, and your blood pressure becomes low healthily. However, cucumber’s taste is not everyone’s favorite. So, tossing some citrus fruits helps while giving you all the benefits of cucumber.

5. Coconut Orange

Coconut is full of macronutrients suitable for your baby’s healthy growth in the womb. The slightly nutty taste of coconut becomes flavourful if taken with some orange infusion. The delicious taste of this simple glass of water will amaze you in every way.


1. Can I Drink Mint-Infused Water While Pregnant?

You can drink mint-infused water during pregnancy. But to stay on the safer side, don’t consume more than 2 cups a day.

2. Does Infused Water Help Detox During Pregnancy?

Although infused water is full of health benefits for a pregnant woman, there isn’t any scientific evidence supporting this claim.

3. What Infused Water is Good For Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, lemon, watermelon, and cucumber are very healthy if taken as infused with water.

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