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Art plays an important role in the development of a child. Every child has an artist inside of him or her. The parents should nurture a child’s artistic-self and help him or her to develop it well. Relying too much on schools for artistic development is not enough. A child needs proper guidance for learning the art. It is where Art for Kids Hub comes into the fore. You would want your child to have the right guidance for learning the art. Art for Kids Hub is a perfect platform to get such guidance. So, in this article, let’s discuss Art for Kids Hub.


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What Is Art For Kids Hub?

Art for Kids Hub is a platform where your child can learn the art from the experts. Mr. Rob and his wife run this platform along with their four children Hadley, Olivia, Jack, and Austin. All of the family members create art together. In the process of creating art, they also share it with others. The best thing is you don’t need many things to start drawing with them. You can start drawing with them with some paper and some color pencils. They will show you how to draw, how to fold origami, and many more in art Step By Step.

Advantages Of Learning Art For Kids

Here are some advantages of learning the art from Arts for kids:

  1. Enhances Creativity: Creating art is all about creativity. You can say it is the exercise of your creative-self. Therefore, learning art will nurture the creativity of your child.
  2. Confidence Building: When your child can create a masterpiece with a pencil and paper, his or her confidence will go to the very next level.
  3. Problem-Solving: While drawing on the piece of paper, a child learns how to overcome obstacles mentally that also enhances his or her problem-solving skills.
  4. Determination & Patience: To create a splendid piece of art, a child needs to have determination and patience. These are two things that can help your child in the future as well.
  5. Increases Dedication: Without dedication, finding success in life is impossible. By learning art, your child will also learn how he or she can be dedicated.

Disadvantages Of Learning Art In School?

Most parents rely on schools heavily for their child’s art learning. It may seem wise to so that, but there are some disadvantages of learning the art from schools. Here are some of those disadvantages;

  1. Incompetent Art Teachers: If the art teachers of the school are incompetent, then your child cannot learn the art properly. Many art teachers of school art, in reality, are makeshift art teachers.
  2. Lack of Creativity: When a child learns the art from schools, he or she does not find the scope to showcase creativity. The child will have to conform to what the teacher is doing.
  3. Expensive Charges: Many art schools charge heavily to teach their craft. So, many children don’t get the opportunity to learn from there. They look for other sources of leaning the art.

What Supplies Does A Child Need To Learn Art?

To learn the art from Art for Kids Hub, a child does not need to have a huge collection of supplies. Only a few limited supplies will be enough. Those who teach art, Rob and his family, use some simple art supplies which are;

  • Sharpie markers
  • Marker paper
  • Color pencils
  • Bianco Markers

These simple art supplies will be enough for your child to learn the art from Art for Kids Hub.

Where Can A Child Learn Art?

  1. YouTube (Free with Ads): Art for Kids Hub has its YouTube channel. Your child can watch their videos to learn the art. It is free of cost, and your child can watch their videos from wherever YouTube streaming is possible.
  2. YouTube Kids (Free with Ads): Many parents feel concerned about their child watching YouTube. But, you can also download the YouTube Kids app from where your child can watch the videos of Art for Kids Hub and learn the art free of cost.
  3. (Free with Ads): Your child can visit the website of Art for Kids Hub and learn the art from their blog page. Your child will find embedded YouTube videos there. So, it is also a fee of cost learning option from Art for Kids Hub.
  4. (Payable with no Ads): Your child can become a member of Art for Kids Hub by paying a fee. It will eliminate the ads shown while learning the art. Also, your child will get exclusive lessons as a member of Art for Kids Hub.

Benefits Of Leaning Art From Art For Kids Hub

Here are some of the benefits of learning the art for a child from Art for Kids Hub;

  • The child can learn art when he or she wants to
  • Interactive lessons will make art learning more fun
  • The child can learn art in the simplest of ways
  • The child can rewind and watch the videos over and over again to clear confusions
  • Even those kids who cannot draw or who don’t have a good sense of art can learn fast the art of drawing and origami in Art For Kids Hub. 

Finally, Art for Kids Hub is a nice platform that enables your child to learn art interactively. Rob and his family will encourage your child to learn the art by making the lessons more fun. So, if your child has an interest in art learning, then Art for Kids Hub is a platform that you can consider for his or her learning.

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