Top 10 Best Tricycles For Kids in India, 2023

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Smita Srivastava

Tricycles For Kids

It is a wonderful sight to watch little kids ride their tricycles. They can spend hours together just riding around, especially if they have the space and the company. Tricycle is the first ‘vehicle’ a kid drives. Once they get a hang of it, there is no stopping them from going exploring their surroundings. If you are planning to buy one, you need to know about the top 10 tricycles for kids in India.

Investing in the right tricycle for your child can make a big difference in their development. Learning to cycle does not only develop their gross motor skills, but will help develop their spatial awareness, teach them to control speed, and have control over something that is not their body. Pick up the best tricycle for your child from our carefully curated list.

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List of Top 10 Tricycles For Kids in India

Today, in India you have many foreign brands as well as home brands that sell good tricycles for children. Here is a list of the top 10 models for the year 2023-

1. Baybee Mario Tricycle

Baybee Mario Tricycle

(Image Source)

A smart-looking tricycle that is comfortable for both parents and children.

Key Features

  • Sun protection canopy
  • Adjustable parental handles
  • Metal finish
  • EN 71 certified
  • 180-degree swivel seat
  • 5-point safety harness
  • 6 different colors

  Canopy to cover the kid’s head

  Can double up as a stroller

  Parental control handle for easy maneuver

  Basket for storage

  Metal finish looks attractive and easy to maintain


  Can be a little bulky and heavy

  Not easy to transport

  Fitting in a restless baby can be challenging with the seat handles

  May not be comfortable for big 5-year-olds

Ages: 1.5 to 5 years and Max Weight: 25 Kg

2. R for Rabbit – Tiny Toes T30 Ace Tricycle

R for Rabbit - Tiny Toes T30 Ace Tricycle

(Image Source)

R for Rabbit is known for its safe and ergonomic designs when it comes to kids’ tricycles. T30 Ace is one of their best-selling models.

Key Features

  • BIS safety certified
  • Plug-and-play model
  • Basket in front and back
  • Footrest
  • Comfortable seat with protection and safety lock

  Easy to install

  Good storage space

  Easy for parents to steer

  Canopy protects kid’s head

  Children can rest their feet on the footrest when not pedaling

  Seat is very comfortable for long rides and prevents the child from falling


  Pedal may not be reachable for young children

  The seat safety lock can make it difficult for children to get in and get out without help

Ages: 1.5 to 5 Years and Max Weight: 25 Kg

3. Toyzoy Maple Grand Kids Tricycle

Toyzoy Maple Grand Kids Tricycle

(Image Source)

A lightweight, beginner-friendly tricycle that is comfortable for kids and convenient for parents.

Key Features

  • Two baskets for storage
  • Footrest
  • High back support
  • 2-point safety harness
  • Parental control handle for easy steering

  Removable and adjustable parental control handle

  Good back support that can support small children’s heads too

  Good storage space


  Requires assembling

Ages: 2 to 5 Years and Max Weight: 25 Kg

4. JoyRide Tricycle

JoyRide Tricycle

(Image Source)

A 4-in-1 convertible tricycle suitable for children at different stages as they grow.

Key Features

  • 4-in-1 convertible model
  • Sun protection canopy
  • Parental handle for control
  • 3-point safety harness

  Ergonomically designed handlebar prevents the child from bending too much

  Plastic seat is easy to clean

  Aluminum body is lightweight and anti-corrosive

  Canopy blocks out harmful UV rays


  Cycle is heavy and can be difficult to carry

Ages: 1 to 5 Years and Max Weight: 20 Kgs

5. Fun Ride Razor Tri-Cycles

A simple and neat design for children who know to pedal.

Key Features

  • Simple design
  • Ergonomic handles
  • High backrest

  Suitable for older toddlers who can pedal on their own

  Comfortable handlebar

  Easy to carry


  No seat rail for protection

  Not suitable for children who can’t pedal

  Seat material may not last long

Ages: 3 to 5 Years and Max Weight: 25 Kg

6. Amardeep and Co Baby Tricycle

Amardeep and Co Baby Tricycle

(Image Source)

This long-lasting tricycle made in India is perfect for children of various ages.

Key Features

  • Sun protection canopy
  • Attractive design in bright colors
  • Storage basket
  • Movable seat rail
  • Durable
  • Music
  • Removable footrest

  Cartoon design attracts kids

  Long and narrow seat for comfortable seating

  Can lift the seat rail when not needed

  Parental control handle is comfortably shaped for long-duration use

  Music helps calm down children when restless


  Body contains a lot of plastic

  Bright colors can fade due to sun exposure

Ages: 1 to 3 years and Max Weight: 30 Kg

7. Luusa GT-1 Tricycle

Luusa GT-1 Tricycle

(Image Source)

A standard tricycle to help kids learn to pedal without help or injury.

Key Features

  • Parental control handle
  • Storage baskets
  • Footrest
  • Safety seat rail

  Openable seat rail suitable for children who don’t like the restriction

  Seat cushion can be removed


  Plastic body might damage easily

  Product can be heavy to carry or transport

  Handlebar design may not be comfortable for usage beyond a few minutes

Ages: 2 to 4 Years and Max Weight: 30 Kg

8. JoyRide Learn-to-Ride Trike

JoyRide Learn-to-Ride Trike

(Image Source)

A comfortable tricycle perfect for young children and beginners.

Key Features

  • Non-slip pedals perfect for beginners
  • Removable parent handle for easy maneuver
  • Large seat with back support
  • 2-point safety belt to keep the child safe

  Parents can steer very easily

  Parent handle height can be adjusted or removed when the child starts cycling

  Aluminum alloy frame makes the cycle light and rust proof


  A flat and straight handlebar requires the child to lean forward

  The seat railing cannot be removed

Ages: 1 to 5 Years and Max Weight: 30 Kg

9. Luusa TFT RX-500 Plug N Play Kids Tricycle

Luusa TFT RX-500 Plug N Play Kids Tricycle

(Image Source)

A simple tricycle that can help your child start cycling soon.

Key Features

  • Cushioned seat for better comfort
  • Plug-and-play model for quick assembly
  • Parental control handle for easy steering
  • Footrest, bell, and storage basket

  Parental handle can be removed when the child starts cycling on their own

  Full metal frame lasts longer

  You can assemble it quickly


  Not suitable for very small children as it has no seat harness or railing

  Rubber wheels can get damaged on rough terrains

Ages: 2 to 4 Years and Max Weight: 30 Kg

10. Fun Ride Tricycle For Kids

Fun Ride Tricycle For Kids

(Image Source)

A compact tricycle that can make cycling fun for beginners.

Key Features

  • Music
  • Parental control handle
  • Safety belt
  • Bell and light
  • Bottle holder

  Small-sized cycle is easy to carry and store inside the house

  Plastic material is easy to clean


  No canopy or seat railing to protect the child

  Parental handle cannot be removed

  Not suitable for very small children who can lose balance when on the move

Ages: 1 to 4 Years and Max Weight: 25 Kg

A tricycle can help children learn to pedal and ride a cycle. It can boost their confidence, and develop gross motor skills among many others. Choosing the right tricycle is very important.


1. How Old Does a Child Need to be to Pedal a Tricycle?

A child as young as 2-year-old can start pedaling. Each child is different and some children may take longer. If the pedal is within reach and not too hard, children might show interest in learning.

2. How to Choose a Tricycle?

You should choose a tricycle that is big enough for your child rather than going with the age recommendation. The handlebar should be easy to maneuver and the seat should have enough protection around it, including a backrest, to prevent your child from falling.

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