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Why Do Babies Spit Up Through Nose?

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Being a new parent is no easy task. One tends to get worried even on the simplest things that a baby might do. From continual hiccups, spitting and burping to varying color of poop, everything holds the potential to worry all parents. And one such issue that has been a concern to a lot of parents is why babies spit-up through nose. Why Do Babies Spit Up Through Nose? Read on.
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Why Do Babies Spit Up Through Nose?
Is It Normal For Babies To Spit Up Through Nose?
What Is The D ifference Between Spit-up And Vomit?

Why Do Babies Spit Curdled Milk?
Is It Normal For My Baby To Spit Curdled Milk?
What Causes My Baby To Spit-up Curdled Milk?
How Do I Get My Baby To Stop Spitting Up?

Why Do Babies Spit Up Through Nose?

Well, David Geller, a reputed pediatrician says, that just like adults, the babies’ nose also unites with the end of their throat. That is why; spit might sometimes come out of her nose and not mouth. Furthermore, sometimes swallowing becomes a little awry due to hiccups or sneezing, leading to spit-up through nose. For the same reason, one could vomit out of the nose.
This usually stops once the baby starts sitting-up (usually around 5-7 months) and the swallowing becomes better. Though, for some babies it might continue till they are 1. But there is absolutely nothing to worry!

Is It Normal For Babies To Spit Up Through Nose?

The reflux, more commonly known as spitting up, is extremely common in little ones. And this largely continues till the baby gets a hang of feeding. Some air is natural to get trapped with the food consumed by the baby. And in an attempt to let out the air, some food also comes forth up.
First, your precious one might consume extra due to overfeeding, which results in food coming back up. And his digestive system is still trying to settle with the food, so a little mishap is pardonable. But still if you want to avoid all the laundry that it is creating, try the useful tips given at the end of the article.
By the way, this might be the same reason why vomit also comes out of the nose. But there is difference between spit-up and vomit.

What Is The Difference Between Spit-up And Vomit?

Both spitting-up and vomiting are very common in little ones. However, the former is more common out of the two. Babies spitting-up is not really a cause of worry, unless it happens so frequently that it hampers any kind of weight gain in the kid.
Apart from that, though both spit-ups and vomits might appear to be the same, they are not. The difference lies in the amount of food coming back up and whether the action is forceful or not. In case of vomit, the kid seems to be in discomfort, straining or in pain to forcefully expel the food. Whereas spitting-up relaxes and provides comfort to the kid.
Uncomfortable milk

Why Do Babies Spit Curdled Milk?

Another thing that parents are usually worried is babies spitting up curdled milk. Well, it is again as common as spitting itself. It’s just the matter of for how long did the milk stay inside the tummy. If it comes out immediately than it would be plain milk. But if spitting happens late, the milk gets mixed with stomach juices, resulting into curdled spitting.

Is It Normal For My Baby To Spit Curdled Milk?

Curdled spitting is alright. But if it gets mixed with vomiting and the amount seems to be greater than the daily spitting, that is the time to be alarmed. In such a case, you must without any delay, visit an experienced pediatrician for an opinion.

What Causes My Baby To Spit-up Curdled Milk?

Spitting up curdled milk is quite common and happens to one out of three babies. But, in case you feel that there is an excessive spitting of curdled milk, then these might be the reasons:

  1. Lactose intolerance: Some babies are intolerant to lactose or milk proteins. However, one can still continue to breastfeed even if the baby is lactose intolerant. All that you must take care is to avoid consuming cow’s milk
  2. Acid reflux: Another common occurrence in newborn babies is acid reflux. In this, the gastric juices, that contain acid, can travel back into the throat, resulting into spitting. One can switch to formula since it is quite thicker than breast milk to avoid this situation
  3. Pyloric stenosis: In this the outlet between the stomach and the intestine is too narrow. Hence it is difficult for the food to pass. Some signs are curdled spitting, weight loss, and constipation. The situation needs a regular visit to the doctor and in some cases, surgery might also be recommended

However, common spitting might be, it is not pleasant in any way. When a baby spits continuously, she will have to be cleaned again and again using water, which might give cold to the baby. Apart from that, it may spoil every new pair of dress that the baby is wearing. The reasons might be any, but the good news is that it is possible.
Burping a baby

How Do I Get My Baby To Stop Spitting Up?

  1. Try to feed him before he gets too hungry. If the baby is hungrier for long, he may try to take everything at once which might create overflow
  2. Give your little one a calm environment while feeding. Avoid noises and distractions for him to consume food with concentration
  3. Try and hold your baby upright while feeding. This can really help in a smooth flow of food to his tummy
  4. In case you are feeding bottled milk to the baby, make sure that the nipple hole is big enough. As small hole might irritate the baby, and in a haste he will consume air, resulting into spitting
  5. Make sure to burp your baby after each feeding. Because burp implies that food has reached its destination

In a nutshell, babies love to be messy (if you know what we mean) and spitting up is just a way to do so. As a parent, you must be aware of these little happenings and changes that occur in your baby. But taking an undue tension on even the smallest of the issue would just toughen up the path of parenting for you. So be relaxed, because your baby is enjoying his happy spitting hours!

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