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Soft and seedless fruits make up for an amazing fruit salad for toddlers

If you have begun feeding solids to your little one and have introduced finger foods to him, do not worry yourself out wondering what to feed your baby. We present below a list of top 10 finger foods recipes that can be given to the baby once he is around an year old:

  1. Fruit Salad: Make your little one enjoy various colors and textures by serving him a fruit salad consisting of chunks of bananas, mangoes, peaches, avocadoes and sweet potatoes.
  2. Boiled and Mildly Salted Lentils: Traditionally, moong dal will do the ruling – boiled and somewhat mashed with a little salt is the baby’s protein powerhouse. Let him relish the recipe.
  3. Veggie Surprise: Wash, peel and cut carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower into small and thin pieces; boil and then blanch by adding a bit of salt and pepper.
  4. The Must Have: Khichdi: All of us have grown by eating khichdi, and it still remains one of the best baby foods once he is 8-9 months old. Make it more mash-able and put in less masalas – only a bit of salt is enough.
  5. Small chunks of Tofu and Paneer: Our dear paneer is again packed with lots of goodies, you can fry it a little before letting your toddler feed on it. Make sure the paneer is fresh and soft.
  6. Chunks of Idli: With the goodness of rice, small and soft chunks of idlis are also a big hit with toddlers. They essentially enjoy the texture of idlis.

    Idli - the wonder food

    Idli – the wonder food pregnancy pillow

  7. Semolina or Suji Kheer: Again, the desi way to feed, semolina is known for its easy digestion. With the goodness of milk, it makes up for a healthy snack for a baby.
  8. Dal Soup: Again, moong dal with carrots and peas boiled with a hint of turmeric and salt to a mash-able consistency and then running it in the blender is a healthy recipe for your toddler.
  9. Peas: Boiled and salted peas looking vibrant and all green are surely going to appeal to your little one’s appetite.
  10. Shredded, Boiled Chicken Pieces: If you must, then shredded and boiled chicken, with a hint of salt can also be given to the baby – protein rich meal.

Do follow the guide on solid feeding and finger foods on our website!

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