Bananas For Babies-Benefits And Precautions

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Bindu Raichura

Bananas for Babies-Benefits and Precautions

Breast milk is bundled with nutrients that increase the immunity of babies. When infants enter the weaning phase, either self-weaned or otherwise, it is essential to make sure that they maintain adequate nutrients. It is preferred to include the best fruits for babies. Banana for babies is a necessary and easy-go fruit offered by mothers.

Are you confused about whether it is the right time to introduce bananas to your baby? Is banana good for them? Worry not. We will discuss in-depth the health benefits of bananas for infants, their nutritional value, and the risks associated. We also have some simple recipes to try out.

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Introducing Bananas to Babies

Can infants eat Bananas? Yes, bananas can be ideally introduced at six months to babies. At first, you can offer mashed or pureed ripe bananas without any lumps. Once the little one gets comfortable with it, you can start including them in other food items like cereals and porridge.

Nutritional Value of Bananas

Banana is a tropical fruit with high calories. The in-depth analysis of the nutritional value of banana fruit (Musa acuminata Colla) per 100 grams is discussed as below:

  • Banana contains a good amount of carbohydrates, a considerable amount of protein, relatively less fat, and absolutely zero cholesterol.
  • This fruit is rich in dietary fiber.
  • Bananas are enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6.
  • It also contains a considerable amount of iron, sodium, and potassium.
  • Bananas are rich in carotene. It contains Carotene-alpha, Carotene Beta, and Lutein-Zeaxanthin.

Health Benefits of Giving Bananas to Babies

bunch of bananas

You will be surprised to know the following ten banana benefits for kids:

  • Bananas are an excellent combination of essential nutrients.
  • Helps in proper bowel movements.
  • Increases bone health.
  • Helps to boost immunity and energy level.
  • It is rich in fiber.
  • Enhances brainpower.
  • Good for eyesight.
  • Protects against Anemia.
  • Provides good skin health.
  • Protects against urinary disorders.

Ways to Give Bananas to Your Infant

Bananas can be given in different ways depending upon the baby’s age:

  • You can give banana puree to a five-month-old.
  • The ripe bananas for six months olds can be and mashed perfectly with a fork without any lumps.
  • You can either offer it in mashed or chunks form for infants who are nine months of age.
  • You can also give boiled bananas.

For babies who are one year old, you can peel the banana to the middle and encourage them to eat by holding the banana with a grip.

Though bananas are baby-friendly, it is necessary to know the preventive measures before feeding them this fruit:

  • The bananas should be ripe but not raw. Raw bananas are hard to digest.
  • Make sure the mashed or pureed bananas are without any lumps. Unseen lumps may cause choking.

Giving Bananas When Infants Have Cough and Cold

banana puree

Banana is an all-seasonal fruit. There is no problem giving bananas to your babies even if they have a cold and cough.

Side Effects of Giving Bananas to Babies

It is usually said, “Too much of anything is good for nothing.” Similarly, bananas should be given in moderation. Eating one banana a day surely does not bring any problems to your baby.

How Many Bananas Can Mothers Give?

The most common question is how many bananas can a 6-month-old baby eat? Babies can have one small banana every day in proper form. Those infants eating the fruit every day have better health and bowel movements. Sometimes, they may love the flavor and tend to have more of it. However, it is essential to keep control over it because the pectin fiber may result in constipation.

Banana Recipes for Babies

banana milkshake

Let us look at delicious and easy banana baby food:

1. Banana Milkshake

Banana Milkshake is one of the best and easiest ways of preparing banana food for your infant. It tastes out of the world, and the little one will love the magic of the combination of banana and milk.

2. Banana Sheera

Banana Sheera is yet another Indian delicacy. The flavor of banana is induced along with sooji, and your baby will gulp it easily.

3. Ragi Banana Porridge

Ragi Banana porridge is filled with lots of nutrients. It is one of the most loved healthy food for babies. The sweetness of ragi and banana explodes in their mouth and they will want more of it once they begin.

Bananas are one of the easily available and healthy fruit. Are you amazed at the nutritional values and benefits that come along with this widely available fruit? Then what are you confused about? Just follow the portions of control, and your baby is very safe. Let us give a healthy weaning phase for our kids. Happy parenting. Stay safe and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I give a Banana to my 6-Month Baby?

Of course, you can.

2. Can we give Red Bananas to Babies?

Yes. Babies can consume red bananas. It is one of the best choices to begin the weaning phase.

3. What are the Benefits of Red Banana?

Red bananas are rich in nutrients and help prevent constipation.

4. Can we give Yelaki / Elachi Banana for Babies?

Yes, we can give the Yelaki / Elachi bananas to babies. Though they are smaller than the other bananas, this small banana benefits them greatly

5. Is Nenthran Banana suitable for Babies?

Yes. It is suitable for babies to consume Nenthran bananas. But, make sure you boil them well and remove the black seeds.

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