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bradley method of childbirth

Pregnancy for women is a roller coaster ride full of excitement and anxiety of labor pain. It’s no surprise that labor pain or childbirth is a nerve-wracking time. Being a new mother, you get lots of advice from grannies about normal childbirth and its significance. If you’ve decided to give birth to your little one without any medicinal or surgical treatment, you should probably think of the Bradley method of childbirth.

It’s a complete course designed by an expert American obstetrician to minimize labor problems and manage pregnancy complications. The method is valuable for couples to learn about normal childbirth practices and build an emotional bond between themselves. Let’s explore more about the Bradley method and how it helps ease your labor time.

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What is the Bradley Method of Childbirth?

Bradley’s method of childbirth was designed by Dr. Robert Bradley (The Famous American Obstetrician). The technique aims to motivate women to avoid the fear of labor and practice exercises to ease labor. This practice helps deliver a child normally without any medication or cesarean delivery. Moreover, it also prepares women mentally and physically about all the circumstances women face during labor and how to be prepared for each stage of labor.

This method has been designed for 12 weeks in which couples learn about diet, relaxation techniques, nutrition, labor stages, nursing, postpartum experiences, and the husband’s role in delivery. The method is more complex and elaborate compared to other prenatal course programs. The program is often called husband-coached childbirth because the partner is essential in managing the wife during labor. They also help learn breathing exercises, postures, and techniques for labor pain management.

What is the Right Time to Attend The Classes?

pregnant woman in birthing class

Ideally, pregnant women should start attending classes from the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy. Starting early gives you enough time to learn about labor techniques and understand the complications that may happen during childbirth.

This is a 12-week course where you and your partner learn about exercises, a nutrition-rich diet, and the emotional bond between you and your partner when you are in labor. Generally, Bradley method instructors conduct sessions at home, so women should feel comfortable asking queries and practicing safely in a home environment.

What Will You Learn in Bradley Childbirth Classes?

pregnant couple attending birthing classes

Bradley’s childbirth classes mostly focus on relaxation for a normal birthing experience. But at the same time, it prepares couples mentally and physically for unexpected complications and cesarean deliveries. Here is a brief overview of what you learn in Bradley’s childbirth classes.

  • Women learn about breathing exercises, nutrition, and pregnancy. Most of Bradley’s methods include Dr. Brewer’s diet (a specific pregnancy diet), Kegel exercises, squatting, tailoring sitting, and pelvic rocks. 
  • It also focuses on understanding a partner’s role and helps couples adapt to changing attitudes and new habits by providing the right information about the labor process and implementing practices they learn in class.
  • It teaches about birth plans and prepares mothers for unexpected delivery situations. The 8th class also teaches about postpartum preparations.
  • It also teaches about different pain management techniques for the first and second stages of labor.
  • Husbands of pregnant women learn about how to help their partner and ask her to rehearse practices that they learned in the classes.
  • An optional session covers topics about newborn baby care, breastfeeding, and parenting, which is a necessary education once you birth your baby. 

Relaxation Methods in Bradley’s Childbirth Classes

Along with the diet, exercise, and pain couple involvement in labor, Bradley’s method of childbirth also concentrates on relaxation methods.

Some of the relaxation techniques that you learn in Bradley classes are as follows

1. Sleep Imitation

Women should practice this technique during the beginning of labor pain. Start this practice by resting calmly on your bed with closed eyes and tension free face. Slowly start deep breathing and consciously with a relaxed belly. It helps to sleep peacefully. The practice helps to get enough strength to prepare you for the vigorous contraction stage of labor.

2. Breathing Techniques

Bradley’s methodology also helps to learn breathing techniques. When practicing this technique, be sure that the length of breath that you exhale must be longer than the breathing length you inhale. This helps to relieve labor pain.

3. Creating a Pleasant Environment

Aside from this, you may learn about creating a pleasant environment in a room with soft music and light. This helps to stay calm during the first stage of labor. Combine the pleasant ambiance practice with breathing techniques to deal with labor effortlessly.

Benefits of Bradley’s Method of Childbirth

pregnant women noting down points

Bradley’s method is an excellent approach if you want an unmedicated childbirth. This also helps to maintain good health during pregnancy. Here are some of the benefits of Bradley’s method.

  • It helps a woman to know how to stay calm and relax during childbirth
  • Women learn about the anticipated and unanticipated complications during childbirth
  • It also informs about the risks associated with medicinal drugs during childbirth and the necessities of cesarean delivery.
  • It also helps women to stay focused on good nutrition during pregnancy
  • It teaches pregnant women how to reduce the risk of complications and stay healthy during pregnancy
  • Bradley’s method involves partner support during delivery and labor
  • This helps to nurture a strong bond between partners and an emotional connection

Wrapping is here with a handful of information about Bradley’s method and how it helps women ease labor. You should join the Bradley method if you want a normal childbirth without any medication. This could be a great initiative to know about labor pain stages and how to reduce pain. It’s a style of preparing your mind for complications that may or may not occur during childbirth. The earlier you start, the more time you get to learn about the process and practice it.

Have a happy and safe pregnancy.


1. What is the Difference Between Lamaze and Bradley?

Both Lamaze and Bradley mainly focus on birthing techniques. Bradley’s method focuses on relaxation to control labor pain. On the other hand, the Lamaze technique involves distraction practices to forget the labor pain.

2. When to Start the Bradley Method?

You can start learning Bradley’s method once you are ready to prepare yourself for the upcoming process of birthing. Experts suggest starting Bradley’s practice at the beginning of the fifth month. Right nutrition and appropriate exercise help to reduce labor pain.

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