Brown Discharge During Pregnancy

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Discharge during pregnancy
Women often report brown discharges during pregnancy. This can happen during very early pregnancy, mid-term, or close to labor. It is usually nothing to worry about, and it may not even contain blood! Complications do happen, but only in the rarest of the rare circumstances.

Do not panic

It is important never to arrive at the worst condition and panic. Instead, note the nature of the discharge. Take a swiped sample if possible. Look up other symptoms. The discharge can be odorless and painless. However, it can also have a pungent odor and be accompanied with severe cramps. Dizziness and fever may also accompany in rare circumstances. Always make it a point to contact your doctor whenever you have an issue. The pain may just be a sign of a fallopian tube cyst, and the doctor takes care of it.
It is a great idea to look up online resources (like, right now). Besides reading blog posts, look up the pregnancy forums on the internet. These are amazingly comforting as expectant mums from all over the world share your troubles! The following sections offer you an idea on why the discharges may happen. In this context, do remember that pregnancy is largely mysterious and always unique for every woman. The medical science is still trying to figure out the exact causes, but the crazy hormones do make it a bit difficult for doctors.

Brown discharges are usually harmless

The discharges caused by the following reasons are usually fully harmless. However, you should still consult your clinic for an ultrasound and pelvic exam. In almost all the cases, the baby is completely safe. Serious complication is actually the rarest circumstance.

Brown discharge during pregnancy

  • Breakthrough bleeding: This is actually one of the most beautiful mysteries of being pregnant. Many women report slight brown spotting during early pregnancy and mistake it as a period. It is, in fact, a sign of the embryo implanting itself on the uterine wall
  • Crazy hormones: Doctors report the menstrual hormones act unexpectedly and trigger discharges from the uterus. This again, is not to be read as a miscarriage
  • Cervical stimulation: Your cervix is super sensitive during this time. A cervical test can trigger brown discharges. Having sex can also trigger some reddish-brownish discharge. Your doctor will suggest against having intercourse for some time
  • Artificial colors: In fact, the discharge can be coloring from all those antibiotics you are taking. Food preservatives and also certain foods (like beet) can also show up as colored discharges
  • Polyps or fibroids: It is actually completely natural for your body to develop fibroids and polyps during pregnancy. Do recognize that you are undertaking the most difficult task of the world, and it is a complex scenario
  • Infections in the cervix: This can be a little serious, but it has amazing treatments. Your doctor will provide the antibiotics to take care of the infection. Also, have a healthy diet to strengthen your immunity
  • Imminent labor: The mucous plug of the cervix releases a few days before labor. Just a few days before delivery, you may note the famous ‘bloody show’. Contact your doctor soon, and have a safe delivery
  • Old blood: Old blood turns brown in your body and may be expelled as a brown discharge

The serious causes of brown discharge during pregnancy

    • Miscarriage: Pregnancy is a highly delicate and complex phase. Your body has to undergo a lot of duress. Although most women face no issues, yet unfortunately a miscarriage is also real. Instead of panicking, note the associated symptoms with the discharge. Fear often sends wrong symptoms, so it is important to keep your calm
    • Placental issues: Placental abnormalies also happen in the rarest circumstances. Placental abruption is a critical condition as the placenta detaches from the uterus. Consult your doctor immediately. Placenta previa refers to painless and heavy vaginal discharges. They can be brown or bloody
    • Ectopic pregnancy: This is yet another rare condition where the embryo implants in the wall of the fallopian tube instead of the uterus

Brown Discharge

You know the routine. Keep the contact number of your doctor/midwife in the speed dial of your phone. Also, stay in touch with friends and family members who have been through the experience. Most of the times, the situation is quite normal and without any serious consequence. The discharge may suddenly stop, or it may continue to happen. Soon, you will be a happy momma with a bundle of joy to take care!

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