Can Asthma Affect Fertility?

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Can Asthma Affect Fertility

The existence of any chronic condition may cause anxiety with regard to conceiving. Will the condition affect fertility? Will the medications hamper conception? These are the questions that couples may have. Asthma is a chronic lung condition that affects the lung airways. So, if you are planning to have a baby and have a baby and have asthma, managing everything can seem challenging.  Can asthma affect fertility? How do asthma and fertility play up when it comes to conceiving?

Asthma is of different types and taking into consideration medications and hormones, the relationship between asthma and fertility may seem more complicated. Doctors advise women with Asthma to particularly pay attention to their asthma treatment before becoming pregnant. In this article we take you through the basics of asthma, how this condition can impact fertility and how you can get pregnant with this condition.

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Asthma Basics: What you need to know

Asthma is a disease of the airways which makes breathing difficult. It causes swelling or inflammation, so the airways tend to become narrow. Hence you have trouble breathing.

The tiny airways have more mucus than usual because of the irritated cells. The function of mucus is to shield the lungs from irritants like bacteria, smoke, and dust. Asthma is different for everyone, and its symptoms vary from person to person.

Normally air flows freely in and out of your lungs but during an asthma attack, the swelling of the lining in the airways increases and muscles surrounding these airways tighten. This makes it difficult for you to breathe. Currently, there is no cure for Asthma, but with proper treatment, you can live a normal and healthy life.

Genetics may play a role in developing Asthma and a family history of allergies, eczema or parents and siblings with Asthma increases the risk of Asthma. The exact cause of asthma has not yet been detected but being exposed to certain things can trigger an Asthma attack. The symptoms are wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and tightness or pain in the chest. Asthma can be managed with proper medications and avoiding the common Asthma triggers.

Can Asthma Affect Fertility?

Asthma and fertility

Long-term asthma can show its effects on the time taken to achieve pregnancy. A research study published by the European Respiratory Journal proves the relationship between asthma and fertility. As per the observations of this study, the presence of asthma can increase the time taken to get pregnant. This time increases with the age and the severity of the condition.

Asthma can have an impact on the various aspects of reproductive health such as menstrual health and the occurrence of abortions. Hence if you are planning to get pregnant and have asthma, you may need to consult your medical expert and take the necessary measures to keep it in control.

Similarly, a research article published by MDPI shows that asthma may affect testicular functioning and sperm count in men, thereby increasing chances of possible infertility or difficulty conceiving.

Asthma Medications And Fertility

According to a research article published by the National Library of Medicine, asthma may have an effect on fertility due to chronic inflammation condition and hormonal imbalances that occur due to the condition. Asthma can throw the sex hormones out of gear and lead to difficulty in conceiving.

But there is little to no evidence to suggest that asthma medications may affect your chances of conceiving. In fact, getting your asthma under control during the preconception period will be a vital step toward trying to conceive, getting pregnant, and having a healthy pregnancy.

However, the use of certain medications long-term and the use of steroids or certain inhalers may slightly affect your chances of quick conception. If you are planning to have a baby, it would be a good idea to consult a specialist and switch to alternative asthma medications that will not affect your chances of conception.

Lifestyle And Asthma Management

Lifestyle and asthma management

If you are planning to have a baby, there are a few essential steps to take during the preconception period. These may contribute to conceiving quicker with the least complications.

1. Well-Controlled Asthma

Talk to your medical practitioner and ensure that your asthma is under control throughout your preconception period with minimal and conception-friendly medications. Avoiding asthma triggers is important. 

2. Regular Exercise

Stay healthy with regular exercise. Talk to your doctor about exercises that you can do. Swimming may be a good exercise for people with asthma. Using a quick-relief medicine ten to fifteen minutes before your exercise may help you tolerate the recommended exercise.

3. Additional Measures.

  • Avoid being around people who are suffering from Respiratory Infections
  • Get your recommended vaccines like Covid-19, Flu, etc.
  • Wear a mask
  • Try to reduce your exposure to allergens like animal dander, pollen, mold, cockroaches, and dust mites.

Seeking Professional Guidance

Talk with your doctor about how asthma may affect your fertility. This includes the necessary adjustments that need to be made to your medications or your lifestyle routine. While seeking professional guidance, ask the following questions.

  • Which allergist or immunologist will be involved in helping with the management of my Asthma?
  • Will medications need to be adjusted?
  • How often will appointments be needed to monitor my Asthma?
  • How to monitor my Asthma at home?
  • What symptoms should I look out for to schedule an appointment? Or to go to the ER?

Asthma may mildly increase your chances of infertility or increase the time taken for a successful conception. Still, it doesn’t cause complete infertility or pregnancy complications if managed properly under regular medical supervision.

So, can asthma affect fertility? Asthma may not directly affect your chances of having a baby. But uncontrolled asthma, on the other hand, may play havoc with your well-laid plans of conceiving. Once you decide to start or expand your family, it is crucial to stay in touch with your doctor and ensure that your asthma is under control. You should avoid all asthma triggers and stay completely safe and asthma-free. This will improve your chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.


1. Is There a Link Between Asthma And Male Fertility?

Asthma by itself does not affect male fertility, but medications used to treat Asthma may have an impact on male fertility.

2. Is it Safe to Get Pregnant With Asthma?

Yes, it is safe to get pregnant with asthma as long as all the symptoms are under control and you do not get any relapses. It is important to note that uncontrolled asthma may not be good for your fertility. If you are planning to get pregnant, it is important to consult with your doctor and take all necessary measures needed to keep your asthma under control during the period that you are trying for a baby.

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