Can Baby’s Movements Predict If Its Boy or Girl?

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Baby’s Movements Predict If Its Boy or Girl

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Pregnancy can be a beautiful journey filled with new realizations and anticipations. One of the biggest expectations an expecting couple experience is the gender of the baby. While many countries allow you to find the gender of the baby through the scans, it is illegal in India. Can a baby’s movements predict if it’s a boy or a girl?

This has led many expecting parents to guess what the gender would be, based on various aspects throughout the pregnancy. Have you ever wondered if the baby’s movements inside the womb can indicate whether it’s a girl or a boy? Do you think that’s a myth? Let’s find out!

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Can Baby’s Movements Predict If It’s Boy or Girl?

There are many families which believe that the baby’s movements inside the womb can predict gender. As a would-be-mother, you would have also wondered if those beliefs are true or not. So let’s look at some of the common beliefs regarding gender prediction based on a baby’s movements. Please note that this is not scientifically backed and is just some beliefs that have been passed on through generations.

1. The Baby Lying on the Left Side is a Boy!

It is a common belief that if your baby is lying on the right side (placenta on the right), it is a boy. Though this is a theory believed in by many, it has no scientific backing and has only a 50-50 chance to come true.

2. Do Baby’s Movements Indicate Gender?

  • The baby’s movements are felt stronger on the side the placenta has attached itself to the womb. As mentioned above, if the placenta is attached to the right side and you feel more movement on the right side, you could be carrying a boy.
  • If your placenta attaches itself to the left side of your uterus, you will feel more baby movements here. This is believed to indicate you could be pregnant with a girl baby.

3. Active or Inactive Baby in the Womb Indicates Gender!

Many people, over generations, believe that if the baby is very active in the womb, it could be a girl. Similarly, if the baby has long periods of inactivity, it could be a boy.

In reality, this really depends on the mother and her pregnancy journey. You will feel the movements differently in your second pregnancy when compared to the first.

4. Boy or Girl – Who Kicks Harder?

baby kicking

Ask a mother who has had both a girl and a boy baby, and she will tell you she got kicked equally by both. However, it is a popular belief that the girls kick harder than the boys. In reality, if this is your second pregnancy, you are more aware of the movements and the muscles are not as tight as before. This can cause you to feel the movements and kicks much harder than the first time around. Read here to know more on baby kicks.

So, you could still be carrying a boy instead of a girl even the second time, but you might feel the kicks to be stronger. Baby’s movements may not actually be the predicting factor here!

5. Baby Boy Bump Vs. Baby Girl Bump

Many people in various cultures take one look at the baby bump and predict the gender right away. It is a common belief that if the bump is firm, round, and located around the upper half of your abdomen, you are carrying a boy. On the other hand, if the bump is not very round and tends to sag lower, it is a girl that you are carrying.

Hope you have a lot of fun guessing the gender of the baby until you meet them face to face. Just don’t rush to buy things or decorate the nursery based on the movements you are feeling in the womb.


1. How Can You Tell if a Baby is Male or Female?

Some of the common beliefs are – if you experience more morning sickness if your baby is in breech position or if you are craving sweets or suffering from gestational diabetes, you could be carrying a girl baby. In reality, this question can be answered only through a scan or after birth.

2. Are You More Tired When Pregnant with a Girl?

It is believed that a baby girl in the womb can cause a lot of hormonal fluctuations, causing you to be moody and tired all the time. A boy on the other hand may not tire you out so much.

3. Are You More Sick With a Girl or a Boy?

It is a common old wives’ tale that being pregnant with a girl baby can cause more morning sickness than a boy baby. The reason behind this belief is that girl babies produce more hCG than boys, thus causing the mother to feel sicker.

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