10 Ways To Predict Your Baby’s Gender

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While a lot of parents to be prefer not to know the sex of their unborn baby, there are umpteen impatient parents to be who just cannot wait to know what baby they are going to have. Be it just plain curiosity or the need to decorate the nursery accordingly, it has been found that around more than 50% expectant mothers and fathers try various means to find out whether they are going to have a boy or girl. There are various methods to predict the gender of your unborn baby and read ahead if you want to know more about these techniques.
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10 Ways To Predict Your Baby’s Gender

1. Ultrasound:

This is beyond doubt one of the most resorted means used to find out a baby’s gender worldwide. And it does give accurate results in most cases. Ultrasounds done after 18 weeks, usually are found to yield productive results. However, if your fetus decides to cross its legs and not show your technician its genital area clearly, you will not be able to get accurate results. This method is not legal in India and is, in fact, a punishable offense

2. Chinese gender chart:

Used since more than 700 years, Chinese gender charts have been found to guess your baby’s gender accurately in 90% cases. The fetus’s gender is predicted on the basis of the birth date of the mom to be and the month she began expecting

3. Test using the wedding ring:

This is actually a very old practice that involves stringing one’s wedding ring to a strand of hair or thread. One requires holding and dangling this ring on top of the mom-to-be’s tummy while she is lying flat on her back. Suppose the ring dangles forwards and backwards similar to a pendulum, they say it is a baby boy. On the other hand, if the ring rotates in a full circular motion, all chances are that it is a baby girl. However, there is no scientific proof about this method of gender prediction

4. Depending on whether the belly is low or high:

A lot of people predict the gender of your fetus by just glancing at the tummy of the mom to be. If the tummy appears to be on the higher side, it is predicted to be a girl, while a lower tummy normally implies being a boy

5. Weight of the fetus:

This is yet another means to predict your baby’s sex. They say that one is carrying a girl if the mom to be has put on extra weight on the hips and rear. On the other hand, if you happen to be carrying a boy, the extra pounds are all accumulated in the front portion of your tummy. How far, one can rely on this theory is doubtful as it does go wrong sometimes

6. Morning sickness:

In most cases, it has been found that the moms-to-be who experience intense morning sickness happen to be carrying a girl baby. The reason being that your system is loaded with a lot of girl hormones that tend to make you all the more uncomfortable and add to the intensity of your morning sickness
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7. CVS and Amniocentesis:

Both these tests mentioned here are normally done during your pregnancy if there are any chances of your fetus having the chance of having some kind of chromosomal or genetic anomalies. These tests can also find out your baby’s sex at least 99% correctly. But bear in mind the fact, one has never conducted such tests just to know what the gender of your fetus is

8. The exact position of the mom to be’s linea nigra:

Suppose the pigmentation line on your belly actually called the linea nigra is present only just up to your belly button and stops right there, high chances are that it is a baby girl you are expecting. However, if the linear nigra is present right upwards to your ribs, there is every chance it may be a male

9. Mom’s appetite:

According to most people, if you happen to be really binging of food just like a teenager boy, all chances are that you are expecting a boy. And this is normally proven in the fact that boy babies are always heavier when they are born compared to girl babies

10. Draino gender prediction test:

This is yet another means to find out whether you are expecting a girl or a boy baby. This is conducted by mixing Draino crystal along with a little urine of the mom to be in a small jar. If the mixture happens does not change shades, you are expecting a girl. If the mixture does turn a dark shade of brown due to the chemical reaction involved, then it is said you are carrying a boy. However, this test is not advisable as the poisonous fumes that arise when conducting this test can harm the baby and mother
Thus, there are umpteen means both technical and non technical to find out your baby’s gender. Please note that these ways are just meant to add fun to your pregnancy and do not really imply anything, unless a diagnosis has been conducted medically. While some do prove to be really accurate, some can be wrong too; it is all but a matter of chance.

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