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Written by Bindu Raichura

Bindu Raichura

Expecting a baby can be the best feeling for couples. While it is one of the over the top experiences for all of us, once you are sure that you’re expecting a baby, the guessing game starts early on. All couples want to know whether they are expecting a boy or a girl. Shopping for blue and pink can be really fun when you’re sure of the gender of your baby. Here is the point where different and weird predictions start. Couples, especially mothers, are highly interested in getting over the guessing game with some strong and reliable gender predictor like the Chinese gender predictor to prepare themselves for the most awaited guest. But most of the predictions are raw and don’t carry any supporting evidence.chinese gender predictor

The Guessing Game

Have you heard about the different methods that try to give you a surety whether you’re carrying a boy or a girl? Out of all of the popular predictions, few state that your wedding ring can indicate the gender of your baby. Another says that if you’re feeling good throughout the pregnancy, you’re expecting a girl while feeling low can be a boy’s sign. Blemishes and acne support a growing girl while glowing skin indicates a handsome boy. According to the cravings, there are indications too, like sweet craving stands for girls, while salty or sour foods indicate a boy.

The guessing game doesn’t end at the symptoms of the mother. One of the sayings claims, that if your partner is putting on some weight during your pregnancy, it indicates that you are having a girl. If your wedding ring rotates in a circle around your belly when hung at a height, it indicates that you’re expecting a boy, while back and forth movement of the ring indicates a girl. pregnancy pillow

So is there no strong method to predict the gender of your baby? Gladly there is a Chinese gender predictor that has stronger roots than other sayings.

What is the Chinese Gender Predictor?

The Chinese method, developed over 700 years ago to guess the gender of the unborn baby, is popularly called the Chinese gender predictor. Thus, it is a part of Chinese astrology. The predictor is supposed to be found in a royal Chinese tomb, which assures that it was the only technology used to predict the gender of the baby. It is highly believed that this method has the capacity to deliver the right results, as it is based on the mother-child duo only and hence cuts the corner around the useless myths.

Sex Determination is Banned in India:

While in many countries like India, the sex determination of the unborn baby is illegal due to female foeticide, many western countries enjoy the freedom to hold a gender reveal party. These parties are conducted after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The ultrasound machine requires the same time to detect the sex organs of your baby. Thus, parents in western lands have to wait for at least 5 months before getting the answer to their most awaited question.

Chinese Gender Predictor – Trusted by Parents

The Chinese gender predictor is one of the most preferred methods to get information about the gender of your baby. It is an upbeat tool that is interesting and famous too. All expecting mothers across the globe trust this gender prediction tool. Your baby bump can’t tell you about the gender of your baby, while this Chinese method promises to give many accurate results.

Chinese Gender Predictor Chart – What is it?

Chinese gender predictor uses a couple of the most related concepts to your pregnancy. It takes into account the month of conception and the age of the mother. These factors are closely associated with the baby’s development, as mothers with good health are supposed to have healthy babies. While age has a significant effect on women’s reproductive power, women giving birth at later ages are bound to have pregnancy issues. The month of the fetus’s conception develops the link with the father’s genes that are passed on to the baby. Hence, the Chinese gender predictor is by-far the most relatable gender predictor method. The first-ever Chinese Gender Predictor Chart found 700 years ago is supposed to be stored in the Chinese Institute of Science.

Chinese Gender Predictor Chart – Online

Chinese gender predictor chart is available in traditional form as it used to be and is available online. Going by the technology, all you need to do is enter your age at the conception and the month of the conception. Once you enter both of the details, you have to click on the check button that does multiple calculations and integrations so that you’re ready with the gender of your baby. It is as simple as calculating your body mass index. The online version of this predictor chart is created by unknown sources but has the same efficiency as the original chart.

Chinese Gender Predictor Chart – Manual:

If you love to search the things manually, you can go for the traditional Chinese gender predictor chart that is a grid of rows and columns. The lunar age of the mother at the time of conception is at the row side. It starts from the age of 18 to 45 that is usually the average reproductive age of females. The columns of this chart have the corresponding month of the conception from January to December. Hence, all you need to do is look at the meeting point of your age at the time of conception and the month of conception and that will give you the gender of your baby.

(Blue Box – BOY , Pink Box – GIRL )

Chinese predictor chartchinese gender predictor calculator


Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator

Chinese gender predictor calculator provides ease in calculations of the lunar age of the mother. As it is clear to many of us, that our date of birth determines our gross age, and it is different from our lunar age. Many types of astrology work not on our date of birth but our lunar age only. Hence, it is important to check the lunar age before using the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart. It can be calculated by subtracting your birth year in the Chinese lunar calendar from the current year in the Chinese lunar calendar and adding one to it. It is not a complex formula, but many of us may face issues in doing the maths.

The Chinese gender predictor calculator, on the other hand, frees you from all of the calculations, so that you can simply put your date of birth at the time of conception or your age at the time of conception. The second thing that you have to enter is the month of the baby’s conception that is very much clear after you visit a good gynecologist. The accuracy in the data is the key to success in the calculator. The simple steps involved in it are:

  1. Mention your age at the time of conception
  2. Mention the month of conception of your baby
  3. Click on the “Predict gender” button that will give you the gender of your baby

How Accurate is the Chinese Gender Predictor?

Many researchers claim that the Chinese gender predictor has high efficiency of about 90%. While it is still a claim that is not proved properly, there is something in this gender predictor chart that forces most pregnant women to use it to determine the gender of their baby. The accuracy of the Chinese gender predictor accuracy depends on the patterns established in the chart. But a close look at the chart reveals no set patterns in it, and it is based on randomness only.

It is all in between the egg and the sperm that will make your baby a boy or a girl. If the X chromosome of the mother combines with the father’s X chromosome, you will be blessed with a baby girl but if it combines with the Y chromosome of the father, you will be blessed with a baby boy. Sadly, there are no affordable and easily available chromosomes testing techniques that help you to get an exact prediction about the same. The Chinese baby gender predictor chart is based on the lunar dates that are easy to calculate and mention.

Therefore, the Chinese pregnancy gender predictor is still under the lens for its accuracy. While many claim that it had been positive for them, there are many others with the claim of low accuracy. While there always remains a chance of addition or subtraction inaccuracy or more precisely, having a boy or a girl, there is a requirement of more studies on it.

Chinese Gender Predictor Accuracy Study

To check the accuracy of the Chinese gender predictor, many studies have been conducted throughout the world, and the results were not astonishing at all.

One Chinese gender predictor study at the University of Michigan applied this chart on the single births of more than 2 million children and found that the accuracy of this chart was only 50%. Data was collected from the birth registers of Sweden dating back to children born between the years 1973-2006.

The point here is that it is not only the Chinese gender predictor, but other theories also fail to prove worth in their accuracy. A study at the Johns Hopkins University rules out the link between the physical changes in the body of the mother like the severity of the morning sickness, the shape of the belly of the mother, the swelling in the joints, the cravings of the mother, the mood swings observed during the pregnancy, etc. to the gender of the baby. Hence, it can be safely concluded that many of the gender predictors are only fun games that can be used to turn your stress into something creative.chinese gender predictor accuracy

Chinese Gender Predictor – Uncovering the Myths

Just like many other things related to pregnancy, ancient Chinese gender predictor has its own share of myths associated with it, that is not limited to the following

The Myth :The age calculated through date of birth is the same as that of the age used in the Chinese gender predictor

The Chinese gender predictor is based on the lunar calendar, like most Chinese astrology. Hence, the age calculated through date of birth and lunar age is different identities. You need to calculate your lunar age if you’re using a Chinese gender predictor chart. The Chinese gender predictor calculator can do this work for you.

The Myth: Chinese gender predictor is 100% accurate

As mentioned above, many studies have established that there is no guarantee of the accuracy of the different gender predictors. Chinese gender predictor is highly popular among pregnant mothers, but it too has its limitations

The Myth:The chart predicts the birth of twins correctly

Chinese gender predictor chart can’t predict the gender of twins or more than two babies as it is made for single birth only.

The Myth: Chinese lunar calendar gender predictor is the same as that of the Mayan gender predictor

The difference between the Chinese lunar calendar gender predictor and the Mayan gender predictor is that the first one uses the lunar age while the Mayan one uses normal age only.
Whether you are curious parents who want to know the gender of their baby or want to keep it a last-minute surprise to all, there is no harm in going for this predictor to add some thrill element to your parenthood journey. However, please remember that this is only for fun and the gender of the baby should not be a reason for lesser love towards the unborn. Girl or boy, it is your child after all!

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