Baby’s First Food Carrot Puree (6-8 Months)

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Carrots And Your Baby

Carrots can easily qualify as your baby’s first foods, given their nutritional benefits and easy digestion. Abundant in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium. Carrots are very rich in beta carotene, a Carotenoid that converts into vitamin A – which is very essential for a growing baby. Carrots are also rich in fibre and prevent constipation in babies, and also promote a strong immune system.

When Can I Introduce Carrots To My Baby?

Though carrots are often a baby’s first food, yet the recommendations on their introduction vary greatly due to the issue of Nitrates. Generally, carrots are best not introduced to babies younger than 7 months. It is best to check with your paediatrician and take his opinion.
When making carrot puree for your baby, pick ones with bright orange color and minimal sprouting at the top. Avoid the ones with lots of hairs as it means that the carrot has been growing and sitting there for some time now. Below is the step-by-step process for preparing carrot puree for babies

Carrot Puree Recipe (6-8 Months)

Recipe Type: Baby food Category Puree Age: 6-8 months Cook Time: 15-20 Minutes Prep Time: 30 Minutes


A medium size carrot should give you about 3 ounces of carrot puree, so you can decide how much you need

carrot puree

Directions For Preparing Carrot Puree For Babies
  • Wash and rinse the carrot in cold water, peel it with a vegetable peeler and remove the green sprouts. Always peel the carrots for your baby as the layer can be contaminated with chemicals
  • Cut the carrot into small pieces, something like bite sized pieces
  • Put the pieces into a steamer or pressure cook the carrots in a small bowl for 15-20 minutes or until the carrots are tender and soft to touch. Steaming is the best way to cook carrots as the process retains beta carotene
  • Drain the carrots and the water – because of nitrates, this water should be discarded and not used to adjust the consistency of the puree
  • Place the drained carrots in a blender or an appliance of your choice and blend until smooth. You can add formula milk or breast milk to adjust the consistency of the puree
  • Always use sterilised bowls and spoons to feed your baby
  • You can store any leftover carrot puree in an airtight container in the refrigerator for about 3 days

Additional comments: You can opt for organic carrots, and to retain the freshness, crispness and vitamins of the vegetable, always refrigerate them until you use them.

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