Top 10 Beauty Products To Avoid During Pregnancy

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Once you realize you are pregnant, your entire lifestyle undergoes a complete change. You begin adopting healthy diets and sleeping patterns. One thing you need to ensure is that your beauty regime also requires a total revamping as some of those beauty products that you are using regularly contain traces of certain chemicals that may be harmful to your unborn baby as well as to you during this sensitive phase. Some of these chemicals seep into the skin and in fact crosses the placenta and reaches the fetus leading to unwanted complications and risks. Given below are 10 such beauty products that need to be totally avoided during pregnancy.
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10 Beauty Products To Avoid During Pregnancy
    1. Nail Products: Majority of the nail enamels and other products contain traces of dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. These chemical are extremely dangerous during pregnancy. Adverse effects may result in birth anomalies, still birth and developmental issues in your unborn baby. So make sure you do not use any kind of nail products while you are pregnant. Be happy with just trimming your nails and filing them
    2. Hair Treatment: Hair styling products seep through your skin and this makes it imperative that you steer clear of all kinds of hair treatments during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that most hair styling products and treatments can trigger various kinds of allergies that may even require medical attention which is not at all advisable during this sensitive phase. Even the fumes that you encounter in a hair salon during a hair styling treatment can negatively affect your fetus and cause unwanted adverse effects on your unborn baby once you inhale them. So the best option is to use only natural coloring alternatives like henna which is perfectly safe to use even during pregnancy
    3. Sun Screen Lotions and Creams: Although it is essential to use sunscreen lotion and creams while stepping out in sun, but you need to understand that not all sunscreen lotions are safe during pregnancy. While some have physical protection, some come with chemical protection too. The two main chemicals normally constituting chemical protection sun screen lotions include Avobenzone and Oxybenzone that is normally absorbed by the skin which can trigger all kinds of allergies during this period. So it is advisable to stick to sunscreen lotions that have a composition of titanium oxide or zinc oxide which are comparatively harmless during pregnancy
    4. Bath products and luxury soaps: The best option would be to steer clear of these products till you deliver and finally wean your baby from breast milk. This is because most of these bath ingredients comprise of umpteen dangerous chemicals that may harm your little one. They also contain traces of allergens that can trigger different allergies. The best course would be to use baby soaps and baby products that are perfectly safe in every sense of the word
    5. Skin lightening products and treatments: Pregnancy brings with it all kinds of dark patches and pigmentation and this makes you want to try out various skin lightening lotions and creams. These creams have contents of hydroquinone that is very dangerous especially during this sensitive phase. So the only option is avoid stepping out in the sun as much as possible and make use of natural cleansers like lime or milk cream
    6. Tanning Sprays: All tanning sprays contain traces of DHA that is proven to be very hazardous when used while pregnant. This ingredient can trigger damage to the DNA and can cause various health hazards to the baby growing within you

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  1. Heavy Perfumes: All perfumes contain phthalates that is a chemical that can trigger reproductive toxicity which can adversely affect the proper development and growth of the fetus. The best option is not to use perfumes at all and purchase products that are free of perfume
  2. Sticky or smelly products: If a product has a very strong odor it implies that it comprises of volatile organics that evaporate when inhaled. Sticky products mean that it will be absorbed by the skin. So it is best to avoid both these kind of products that may harm your baby. It becomes imperative that you use only natural products for both your skin and body
  3. Hair Removal Products: All products that are used for hair removal contain thioglycolic acid as their main ingredient and these are proven to be an unsafe chemical when you are pregnant. So it is best to avoid using any kind of hair removal products during this phase. Try using a razor during this period as an alternative
  4. Medicine for acne treatment: Many pregnant women are prone to breakouts during pregnancy due to various hormonal changes taking place in the body during this period. You will be tempted to reach for acne medications but steer clear from these medicines even if it is prescribed to you while you are pregnant. This is because all acne treatment medications like Accutane, tetracycline and Retin-A are offenders that you need to completely avoid during this period as they can cause birth defects and other complications

Pregnancy itself brings a glow from within and makes you look beautiful. So relax and look beautiful naturally during this period without too much of artificial beauty products. So ditch those beauty products for now as you can pick them up again later.
Which beauty products did you avoid during pregnancy? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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