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Is It Safe To Carry A Toddler When You're Pregnant?

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When you are pregnant with your second child, your normal routine needs to be slightly altered as the months go by. For instance, you might need to stop carrying your older one who might still be a toddler. While it is perfectly fine to lift things and carry children during the first trimester, as pregnancy progresses, it might get a bit strenuous. To be on the safer side, it is best to get into the routine early on so that the little one gets used to it and understands it better as the months advance. During pregnancy, it is ok to lift about 30 lbs and most toddlers are not heavier than that. However, you must be cautious as you enter the third trimester. At this stage, you might need to limit the number of times you lift your toddler. In this article we talk about safe methods of carrying toddler while pregnant, what precautions you should take. Continue reading to know more about carrying a toddler when you are pregnant and ways to keep your little one happy during your pregnancy.
pregnant woman carryng a t

  • Why “No” To Lifting Toddlers?
  • Safe Methods To Follow When Lifting A Toddler
  • Other Options To Engage Your Toddler

Why “No” To Lifting Toddlers?

During pregnancy, there is an increased production of joint loosening hormone, relaxin. It is this hormone that helps the pelvis expand to aid childbirth. The stepping up of relaxin production could make you experience pain in the joints and cause inflammation. To add to this, your expanding stomach tends to shift your center of gravity. This puts extra pressure on your lower back. In a situation like this lifting anything heavy could make you prone to falls

. Too much pressure on your back and risk of falling can affect your unborn baby badly. Falls during pregnancy can cause bleeding and other complications. Sometimes it can even lead to miscarriage. So, carrying your toddler when you are pregnant can put you and your unborn baby in danger.
Well…there are women who, not knowing they are pregnant, have gone on treks and have still had a safe and normal delivery. Basically, a woman’s body is designed to let us stay active during pregnancy. Recent studies even suggest that women could even do moderate strength training when they are pregnant. The only thing to remember is that anything you do during pregnancy has to have the approval of your doctor. They will give you tips and methods of doing things safely. Don’t go by your instinct. Always follow your doctor’s advice and stay safe.

Safe Methods To Follow When Lifting A Toddler

In most cases, a woman pregnant with her second child is left with no option but to lift her older one. Here are some safety tips to follow:

    • Do not overdo it or lift suddenly giving jerks. This could make you fall
    • Bend your knees and pick them up. Straighten your knees when you lift them
    • Keep your back straight; make sure it’s the legs that take the whole pressure and not the back
    • Once you’ve lifted them, straighten yourself slowly. During pregnancy blood flow increases that could make you feel dizzy if you try to stand up suddenly
    • Carry him/her for a short time if you must. You’ll probably be more comfortable making him/her sit on your hip below the bump

pregnant woman with a toddl

  • Listen to your body always. If it gets uncomfortable, stop it immediately. Sometimes, over-exerting could lead to spotting; that’s nothing to worry, just a signal to tone down on over-exertion
  • As already mentioned, ligaments get softer during pregnancy and therefore the strain is more on the lower back and pelvis. Protect them
  • If your doctor cautions you to keep off weights due to complications in pregnancy (bleeding or early contractions), follow it. If you have a condition like short cervix or have had pre-term labor earlier, it’s better to avoid lifting completely

Other Options To Engage Your Toddler

Sometimes, when we are pregnant with the second child, we might not have a support system at home to allow us to rest. During such times, we cannot ignore our little one because we really need to prepare them for the arrival of the new member mentally. They should not, for any reason feel ignored or neglected. As a mother we are so used to a routine with our kids that any aberration from that makes us feel guilty, especially when we see the little one unhappy. Don’t fret and get frustrated over it. It’s a phase that everyone goes through and is certainly short-lived. Try to get creative to involve with your older one so that neither are they unhappy nor you feel guilty.
Lift your toddler only when you have to. You could walk holding his hand or make him/her sit on your lap to make up for not lifting them. Spend more time with him/her and give lots of hugs and cuddles so they don’t feel neglected. Talk to them more often and play with them sitting on the couch. That way you can take care of yourself and your toddler is mentally prepared to welcome your new bundle of joy. After all, there are million ways to entertain your toddler sans lifting. Try them!
Did you carry your toddler while you were pregnant? What precautions did you take when lifting your first born during your pregnancy? Please do share your experience in the comments section below.

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