Lifesaving Tips To Help You Sail Through The Third Trimester

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There there! At the home stretch! You have sailed the two trimesters of pregnancy- with hues of happiness and anxiety, discomforts, and some beautiful moments like those first baby kicks. Now you are in the third trimester and your world has already changed completely. And it is only a couple of months now that you will be holding your precious angel in your arms.

The Third trimester can set off a whirlwind of emotions, and physical discomforts are at their zenith. However, these are also the most vital months for you and the baby. And here are some helpful tips that can help you sail smoothly through the third trimester of pregnancy.

12 Awesome Tips to Help You Sail Through the Third Trimester Smoothly

Here are 12 lifesaving tips for every pregnant woman to get through the third trimester easily:

1. Start with YOU

start with you

As crucial as these months are for your baby’s development, they are also important for you. You need to take care of yourself more than ever before, and the more you take care of yourself, the better you take care of the baby. Do not stress yourself about the things that you can no longer do. Take ample rest, and place your comfort before anything else. On weekends, indulge in reading and long baths, bond with your baby and spouse, and spend some quality time with yourself.

2. Pamper Yourself

pamper pregnant woman

The third trimester would make your body look like never before. Treat your body like a temple and accept the changes coming through. Your body is working very hard to nourish the baby and you should respect that. Indulge in some self-pampering with safe pedicures, manicures, prenatal massages, and the like. The better you feel, the better your body and happy your baby.

3. Chalk Out Your Maternity Leave

maternity leave

If you are working, chalk your maternity leave calendar carefully. Work with your superiors and colleagues and arrange handover meetings to make things easier for whoever is covering for you. Make sure all vital information is passed on so that you are not disturbed during the leave. Reach out to your human resources department and work out all necessary details to avoid last-minute confusion.

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4. Eat a Healthy Diet

healthy diet

The third trimester of pregnancy comes with quite a lot of digestive issues, and heartburn is one of them. To keep it at a bay, eat 6-8 smaller meals frequently and ensure that you are getting enough carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, and minerals. The better you eat, the better nourishment your baby gets.

5. Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is vital for you in the third trimester. Water carries all the necessary nutrients to your baby through blood, and proper hydration is a must. Drink plenty of plain water, though juices and herbal teas may also be counted as fluids. However, juices carry a lot of calories and unless you are very sure of your herbal concoction, avoid them the same. Drink coconut water and include water-rich fruits and vegetables.

6. Exercise Carefully

exercise carefully

The third trimester is all about playing it safe. Though exercising is a must, you must refrain from starting anything new. Gentle walking, low-impact aerobics, Yoga, swimming, etc. are some safe bets.

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7. Learn the Signs of Labor

know the signs of labor

Yes, it would be wise to know and learn the early signs of labor, though we wouldn’t suggest you watch videos of delivery if they upset you. Just textual knowledge and some signs should be enough for you to call the doctor at the right time.

8. Pack Your Hospital Bag

packing hospital bag

From your favorite toiletries to some makeup to maternity pads and some disposable pants, make sure you pack them well in advance. Carry your phone charger, and make sure your camera is charged. Some loose pair of clothes, comfortable slippers, and socks, warm clothes if it is winter, your medical records, etc. should be well packed before the time strikes.

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9. Discuss With Your Partner

discuss with husband

You need to decide on a hundred things now. Whether you’d like to breastfeed, how you’d like to parent your child, what childcare methods you’d want to adopt, will your baby be circumcised, the financial implications of you leaving the job, etc. Now that both of you are sane, it is wise to bring these things up and clear the issues. Would be a tad easier now than when you have a little soul to take care of and a sleep-deprived body.

10. Ask the Doctor

discuss with doctor

Now that you are in the third trimester and close to delivering your baby, discuss labor and pain management options with your doctor. Ask about epidurals and other pain management techniques like Lamaze, hypnosis, sedatives, etc. The more you are aware of what you’d like and what your options are, the better you will be able to control the situation.

11. Go Through Your Insurance


Grab those insurance papers and read the clauses so that you know when to inform your insurance partners. Do not keep doubts and clear all of them within time and keep your spouse informed.

12. Cord Blood Banking

Cord Blood Banking

In case you plan for stem cell banking, do check out the companies that offer the same and reach out to them. Shortlist them according to your preference and do quick research on the subject. Because it is mostly offered as a paid service, understanding cord blood banking is important to making a viable decision.

Needless to say, with so much going on, it is important for you to find time for rest and relaxation. Do not stress yourself with loads of information, do not panic, and do not worry. Meditate, spend time with your partner, enjoy your physical changes and prepare yourself for a beautiful change in life.

Following the above tips will help you to get through the third trimester smoothly and will also pave the way for happy delivery and great motherhood ahead.

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