Chocolates for Kids: Health Benefits & Side Effects

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Kids love chocolates. And for any mood swings in children, chocolate is the guaranteed solution to pacify their mood. Also, there have been specifically directed movies based on chocolates for kids; like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Mr. Moll and the Chocolate Factory, and many more. So do spare some of your precious time in understanding the history and related facts behind the first love of every child – the eating chocolates

A Sweet History of Chocolate for Kids:

Some say chocolates have been in existence for the past 2000 years and some say it’s 4000 years old. It is said that in the historical days, Ancient Aztecs and Mayans used to celebrate their special treats with chocolates. Cacao bean (beans from which chocolate is made ) drinks were offered to high-status people of ancient times. And these drinks were not sweet but bitter. Not only this, but chocolates were also used as a token of appreciation offered to Gods. And surprisingly, at one point in time, cacao beans were used as currency for trade transactions.

It was during the 17th century that chocolate became so popular in Europe, that in England special chocolate houses opened up. Chocolate houses were the shops where chocolates were made and were also available to people like wealthy aristocrats.

Some More Chocolate Facts for Kids:

  • There is not one but multiple types of chocolates available. The unsweetened pure chocolate is called baking chocolate and consists of cacao solids and cocoa butter. It is an unadulterated form of chocolate, used to make other forms of chocolate recipes. Sweet chocolate consists of chocolate and sugar. Sweet chocolate is the majorly consumed chocolate by kids. Milk chocolate is made with milk and chocolate or condensed milk and chocolate. Dark chocolate is the one having fat and sugar in the cocoa mixture.
  • Based on ingredients, white chocolate is technically not chocolate. It does not have cacao.
  • Chocolate is the only known edible product in the world to melt below the human body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. This is why chocolate melts even before it rests on our taste buds.
  • The first chocolate bar was made in 1842 by the kid’s favorite Cadbury brand.
  • Do you know that it takes approximately 2-4 days to make one single edible chocolate bar?
  • The French people celebrate April Fool’s Day with chocolate-shaped fish.
  • Chocolate is so popular worldwide that it has two special days especially for it — July 7th as the World Chocolate Day and October 28th as the USA’s National Chocolate Day.
  • Halloween is the holiday when the maximum number of chocolates are sold worldwide as compared to Easter or Valentine’s day.

chocolates for kids

Health Benefits of Chocolates for Kids:

The general perception of people when it comes to chocolates for kids is that they should not be made accessible to children, as it results in tooth decay or other health issues. But this undertaking does not hold in every case. So let’s identify the brighter side of kids eating chocolates.

  • Chocolate consists of elements that affect the mood-regulating hormones in the human body, especially dark chocolates.
  • A quick bite of chocolate is enough to rejuvenate the tiredness in your child and provide energy.
  • Surprisingly true, but dark chocolate consists of flavonoids that stimulate and enhance memory effectiveness and concentration in kids.
  • Kids eating chocolate are benefited from it as it reduces the chances of being diabetic in the future. Also, chocolate consumption increases the antioxidants and improves blood clotting properties.
  • Milk chocolate and dark chocolate, when blended in proper proportion, provide a balanced composition of flavonoids and caffeine to kids.
  • Chocolate consumption in kids takes care of their skin-related concerns and gives them healthy acne-free skin.
  • Chocolate consists of antioxidants, which when consumed in balanced quantity, takes care of the child’s immunity level.
  • Dark chocolate is a healthy consumable product for your kid because of its list of nutrients which consists of vitamin B, calcium, potassium, and iron.
  • Believe it or not, but chocolates do lead to a reduced level of plaque formation and hence reduced tooth decay.
  • The tryptophan present in chocolates is great for reducing the stress level in kids.
  • Chocolate helps in losing weight by boosting metabolism. Chocolate fastens the rate at which the body transforms fats and sugars into energy.

Side Effects of Eating Excessive Chocolates:

Kids eating chocolates can not be a wrong undertaking, till the time it is taken without any over-indulgence. So here are certain side effects of chocolate for kids:

  • Excessive intake of chocolate in kids robs them of sleep, which is otherwise very essential for their growth.
  • Because of excessive intake of chocolate, the kids start avoiding healthy foods and get driven by the sweetness of chocolates.
  • Certain chocolates consist of nuts or other ingredients, to which your kid might be allergic. And in case of blind choice of chocolates, a situation of medical emergency may arise.
  • The bladder capacity in children develops over time, which is why they need to go to the toilet more often. The presence of caffeine in chocolate increases your child’s bladder capacity because it is a diuretic. As a result, either your child will end up wetting the pants or pay frequent visits to the loo.
  • Chocolate addiction is for real if not controlled with time.
  • Excessive intake of chocolates might make your child hyperactive and reduce their attention span.
  • Indulgence in chocolate with less cacao and more of other dairy products and sugar increases the chance of getting obese, when over-consumed.

chocolate for kid

How to Choose the Right Chocolate:

  • Opt for small-sized chocolates in smaller quantities.
  • Chocolates that are low in fat, sugar, and milk content are considered good.
  • Caffeine-free chocolates need to opted for.
  • Chocolate-flavored biscuits or ice cream are considered better than pure chocolate bars.

You can share this article with your kids too, either by reading aloud or in your own words after you complete your read. Once you tell them the history of chocolate for kids and facts about chocolate for kids, they will love you more for understanding their chocolaty bond in a better way. So next time this sweet indulgence comes to you, do play chocolaty quiz with your kids based on the above-mentioned information!

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