Cleaning During Pregnancy – Do’s And Don’ts

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cleaning during pregnancy

If you are pregnant that does not mean you will have to rest all the time. You can do any work you want to but of course, after measuring its safety concerns. Pregnant women often worry about basic household chores like cleaning, mopping, washing clothes, etc as they require physical strength which leads to exhaustion. Not everyone can afford house help for all these cleaning jobs and not everywhere maids are available. Besides cleaning is a healthy way of keeping your body active and your surroundings tidy and organized. And if you are a cleanliness freak then not even pregnancy can keep you away from cleaning.

Household cleaning is one such job you can do when you are pregnant but there are some precautions you need to follow. You need to know how much strain your body can bear and when to take a pause. You need to know what types of cleaning jobs you can do yourself and where you will need the help of your partner. And you must know what sorts of cleaning tools and chemicals are harmful to you and what could be their substitutes. So read this article before taking the broom in your hands.

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Is Cleaning When Pregnant Safe?

Yes, regular household cleaning, dusting, mopping, etc. are completely safe for you and your baby. But it is better to minimize cleaning in the first trimester as it is the most sensitive period of pregnancy. If you have a dust allergy then you can assign the dusting part to your husband.

To avoid exposure to chemicals used in cleaning liquids you can swipe right to organic cleaners. You can also use medically tested antibacterial liquids in water to mop the floors for safe cleaning.

Dos And Don’ts of Cleaning During Pregnancy

pregnant woman wearing gloves before cleaning

The cleanliness of your house is extremely important when you are pregnant. But for cleaning during pregnancy you will have to follow certain dos and don’ts to avoid any mishaps.


Here are the things you must follow during cleaning

  • Keep the air circulating. Keep your doors and windows open while dusting to let the dust move out of your house. Doing so will also let the chemical odors of the cleaning product pass away.
  • Instead of market buys use homemade cleaning products. Vinegar and baking soda can be used excellently for this purpose.
  • Wear full-sleeve clothes, gloves, and a mask while cleaning to protect your skin and respiratory system from dust and chemical contact.
  • Take immediate rest whenever you feel exhausted as your health should be your priority at this time


  • Do not mix one chemical with another such as bleach with ammonia as inhaling this can be very dangerous for your health
  • Avoid exposure to cleaning products that contain glycol ethers and phthalates as according to APA, these two chemicals can cause miscarriages, male infertility, and congenital anomalies in male children.
  • Do not use spray cleaners as the ingredients used in them such as chlorine, ammonia, alcohol, sodium hydroxide, glycol, terpenes, and acrylic polymers can potentially increase the risks of asthma.
  • Avoid using air fresheners as they can also cause respiratory problems. The artificial fragrance of these room fresheners can contain phthalates which you should avoid during pregnancy.

Benefits of Cleaning During Pregnancy

Maintaining hygiene is the most important thing during pregnancy.

Here are a few benefits of cleaning during pregnancy

  • Cleaning activities will keep you active
  • Decluttering and organizing are great stressbusters
  • An organized and clean house is filled with peace and positivity which is very important during pregnancy

Precautions to Take While Cleaning During Pregnancy

pregnant woman lifting laundry basket

Here are the precautions you need to keep in mind while cleaning during pregnancy

  • Keep your skin away from direct exposure to cleaning products, dust, and grease as during pregnancy your skin gets extra sensitive.
  • Read the instructions and warning section at the back of the cleaning product
  • Wash your hands and face properly after cleaning. It will be best if you take a bath after the cleaning is done.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects such as a bucket full of soap water or shifting heavy furniture in your house
  • Avoid bending again and again for cleaning as this can lead to contractions

So maintaining cleanliness around you is quite important when you are pregnant. Do not take it as a duty or else it will bore you. Take it as a fun activity and involve everyone in your family in it. Choose holidays to clean up so that you can get more hands for help.


1. Is it OK to Mop The Floor While Pregnant?

It is okay to mop the floor during pregnancy if you use a mopping stick. Mopping with hands will require bending which is not recommended during pregnancy.

2. Can a Pregnant Woman Do All House Chores?

You can do household chores that do not include lifting heavy objects and bending. Mild dusting, cleaning, and washing is perfectly alright during pregnancy.

Suma rp,M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) Rayalaseema University B.Sc (Biotechnology) Sri Krishna Devaraya University.

Suma is a passionate content writer with a strong keenness to understand the miracle of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Suma has successfully transitioned into a full-time content writer and a key contributor at Being The Parent. She leverages on her experimental background in chemistry and experience in writing to come up with well-researched content that helps parents struggling to deal with various medical conditions of their children.Read more.

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