Conscious Conception – What is it, Key Principles and How to Prepare

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Written by Aparna Hari

Aparna Hari

Conscious Conception

Getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby has been portrayed as one of the most natural and easiest things to do for a woman. But it is not quite so simple and straightforward for many. A lot of thought, effort, and planning go into conceiving. When you opt for conscious conception, there is a lot you can do to ensure a safe and smooth pregnancy.

Many couples decide to have a child and start trying. Having regular sex can help you conceive but you can also prepare your body to go through the pregnancy. You can prepare your body, mind, and soul for the pregnancy and ensure a smooth and happy pregnancy, through conscious conception.

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What is Conscious Conception?

Conscious conception is a holistic journey that starts about three to four months before the actual conception. It is the method of consciously preparing not just your body, but your mind, spirit, home, and even your lifestyle for the miracle of childbirth.

You slowly initiate this journey a year or sometimes even more, before you actively start planning for a pregnancy. Then, you actively start your conscious conception journey a few months before you start trying to conceive. Through this journey, you consciously prepare yourself to embrace the parenting and household responsibilities that come with it.

Conscious conception helps you cultivate a deep connection with the baby you conceive. It can be a deeply impacting transformative experience for you and your partner too.

Key Principles Behind Conscious Conception

Conscious conception key principles

The idea of conscious conception is to intentionally create a loving and nurturing space for a baby you are yet to conceive. Whether you conceive or not, this journey teaches and helps you to create the energy to conceive and bring a human into the world.

The key principle behind conscious parenting is that the baby is both planned and wanted by both parents. The parents are emotionally ready to bring in a new life and support it in every way. When the parents are completely ready to meet the needs of this new life, it provides an emotionally secure, healthy environment for the child to develop and reach their full potential.

You should understand that your thoughts and choices will not affect just you, but the baby as well. Your baby will grow inside you for 9 months, absorbing your thoughts, words, and ideas.

How Do You Prepare For Conscious Conception?

The first step in conscious conception is being aware and accepting the parents’ emotional and physical health will play a major role in the development of the child. The parents need to be mindful and prepare themselves to support this new life they are consciously bringing into the world, together.

Let’s break it down for easier understanding.

1. Tracking Menstrual Cycle

The most important step in conceiving is having sex on the right days and knowing when your period is late. For this, you need to track your menstrual cycle. Tracking your cycle will help you stay in tune with your body, hormonal changes, and even your moods. Your doctor can help you track your menstrual and also advise you and your partner about the days when chances of conception are at the highest.

2. Avoiding Stress

One cannot avoid all stress in life. But when you consciously decide to conceive, try to eliminate as much stress as possible. Come up with ideas and techniques to handle these stress creators and identify your coping mechanism. A calm mind is very important for conscious conception.

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3. Consciously Creating Space For the New Life

Create space in your heart and your house for the baby you are planning to bring into the world. If you cannot dedicate an entire room, to the nursery, you can create a space in your room or house. Fill it up with baby essentials like their bed, clothes, toys, and other baby items. When you consciously create and set aside a space for your baby, you are emotionally and mentally getting ready to welcome a new addition.

4. Visualizing the New Life

Everything may not happen as per your wishes or dreams, but that should not stop you from visualizing. Visualize how you want to bring up this baby, what type of parenting you want to follow, what kind of life or facilities you want to provide for your baby, etc. Visualizing the new life enables you to mentally prepare for the various changes.

5. Meditating to Create Mental Clarity

With all the stress and distractions around, it is difficult to have a clear mind. Meditation can help clear your thoughts and restore a sense of calm or peace. A calm mind is a good start for a healthy pregnancy. Mental clarity helps you handle the situation in a calm and poised manner. The chaos and confusion are reduced and there is more space in your mind to think about and welcome the baby.

6. Manifesting Conception to Create The New Life

Manifestation has great power and impact on your life. Manifesting your thoughts will help you get closer to your goal and even achieve them with ease. Think about and focus on the positives rather than the negatives or possible hurdles in your pregnancy. Set your expectations but do not fixate on the outcome, because you cannot control the outcome.

7. Nurturing the New Life

Yes, the baby is yet to be born or even conceived but you can start nurturing the baby in your mind and spirit. It is a new life that will be completely dependent on you. Nurturing it with care and love will shape them as a person.

8. Verbally Welcoming the Baby Through Affirmations

Use positive and nurturing words when you think about or talk about the baby you want to conceive. Verbal cues have a great impact on your mind. When you verbally welcome the baby, your mind will get ready to nurture and support the new life come what may. Your positive affirmations can be as simple as “my body is fertile and strong enough to conceive and carry a baby to term.”

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Should Everyone Choose Conscious Conception?

It is a personal choice. It depends on the person’s beliefs and situation. If you and your partner are ready to welcome the baby emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, you can practice conscious conception. Remember, this is not short or quick. It is a slow journey that requires involvement and commitment. When you consciously choose to do something, like bring in a new life, it is better to be prepared rather than be caught off-guard.


1. What is the Benefit of Conscious Conception?

The main benefit of conscious conception is that you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready to conceive a baby that is fully wanted by both you and your partner. This can make a big difference in both your pregnancy and parenting journey.

2. Can You Manifest Your Conception?

Yes, you can set your mind and intentions and manifest how you want the pregnancy to go on. You can visualize how your pregnancy should be and mentally work towards making those visions a reality.

3. What Can I Eat During Conscious Conception?

There is no particular diet for conscious conception. What you are is what you eat. So, try to switch to a cleaner eating habit. This includes the way you cook, store, or even the materials you use around the kitchen. Ensure you consume life-giving foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, dates, etc.

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