Colicaid Drops Vs Gripe Water – Which is Best For Your Baby?

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Rathnavalli Pradeep

Colicaid drops Vs Gripe Water

Being a new mother comes with many challenges. Initial days may be slightly difficult, but as days progress, you adjust to the new routine and get in tune with your little one. One common problem which most mothers face is colic pain in babies. Colic often occurs due to the formation of gas and is not very serious. But finding the right remedy for it can be confusing for mothers. Colic aid drops and gripe water are the two commonly used remedies. This article focuses on the comparison of Colicaid drops Vs Gripe water for colic in babies.

Colic pain is a very normal occurrence in babies between 0-4 months. But, doctors do not know the root cause of these kinds of spasms. While most doctors recommend colic aid, gripe water is a popular home remedy. In this article, we discuss the composition of both these remedies and discuss their positives and negatives. Colic aid contains fennel oil, dill oil, and sodium bicarbonate as the main ingredients whereas Gripe water is made of herbs.

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Colic in Babies – What is it?

Simply put, colic is stomach pain. It happens due to a variety of reasons such as indigestion, gas, etc. A newborn often cries out of some discomfort. Rocking or holding the baby can help manage the situation. But, if the baby starts crying suddenly and continues to cry for a long period without any reason, it can be due to colic. It is difficult for the caregiver to understand the cause of it. Sometimes a sudden fall or an injury can trigger the cry. Babies with colic pain cry mostly in the evenings and may continue all night. Babies with colic cry at around the same time every day.

Doctors do not know the exact cause of colic in babies. Some doctors suggest that colic can happen due to the formation of gas in the stomach because of an immature digestive system. Their digestive system is still developing and any new food can cause problems. The unacceptance of food can result in indigestion. This eventually results in gas formation and pain. Colic usually starts when the baby is 3-4 weeks old and subsides on its own after the 4th month. 20% of newborns experience colic.

What is Gripe Water?

gripe water

Many people suggest Gripe water as a good home remedy for gassy babies. Gripe water is contains ingredients like fennel oil, dill oil, and herbs. It also contains an ingredient called sodium bicarbonate. This sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) reduces the acidic environment inside the stomach and eases the pain.

Doctors do not recommend gripe water for babies. However, you can give a small amount of gripe water with mild herbal ingredients occasionally. Always check the ingredients properly before use. Some gripe waters may contain alcohol in them as one of the ingredients. Also be very careful with the dosage. Baking soda affects the acidity of the blood and can cause complications for your little one.

What are Colicaid Drops?

colicacid drops

Colicaid drops or gas drops have fennel oil as the main ingredient. Fennel oil has several health benefits. Simethicone is another vital ingredient in colic aid drops. Simethicone will break the gas bubbles inside the stomach and help the baby relax.

How do Colic Aid Drops Work?

  • Colicaid drops help in reducing tummy discomfort in babies.
  • Simethicone, an ingredient in colic aid drops, helps break the gas bubbles.
  • Fennel oil is a natural ingredient. This relieves gassiness in babies.
  • Colicaid drops for a 1-month baby are safe to use in the prescribed dosage.

After a long journey of pregnancy, there comes another phase of looking after the newborn. One of the major problems that can become quite worrying is colic pain in babies. However, this phase is only for months and eventually, babies will outgrow this trouble as their digestive system slowly starts to develop. Talk to your doctor if the condition worsens and if you are feeling extremely overwhelmed and helpless in managing your little one.

Why is My Baby Always Gassy?

A baby can develop gas for many reasons

  • A baby’s digestive system is not fully developed. Sometimes it might not accept external food as it is still developing.
  • Babies gulp a lot of air and this can cause the gas to enter the abdominal area.
  • A breastfeeding mother must avoid eating acidic foods like cabbage, onion, and caffeine. Breast milk carries whatever you eat.
  • Not helping the baby burp after feeding.
  • Improper feeding positions.
  • Gulping air from baby bottles.

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How to Prevent My Baby From Getting Gas?

  • Hold the baby in a slant position. The must not be flat while breastfeeding or formula feeding.
  • Keep giving a gentle tummy massage.
  • Try to feed the baby little by little in small intervals of time as it will help the baby digest the food easily.
  • Ensure that your baby is following the right sleeping patterns.

How to Reduce Colic Pain in Babies Without Medicines?

mom burping her baby -colic relief

Gassy babies can be fussy and the situation may be overwhelming and frustrating to the caregivers. Here are some tips that can help a baby relax.

  • Make sure the baby burps twice a day properly after feeding.
  • Bicycles or the circling motion of legs can help the baby to expel gas.
  • Hold the baby and give a gentle back rub. This will help them burp and once they burp, the chances of forming gas go down considerably.
  • Do not force-feed the baby. Sometimes the protein content that comes from the milk might become excessive and intolerant.
  • Babies relax with a pacifier in their mouth.

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Colicaid Drops Vs Gripe Water – Which is best for my baby?

To help a gassy baby, keep track of the reasons that cause gas. The two widely suggested options are gripe water and gas drops. So which one is better? Colicaid or gripe water?

Gripe water contains herbal ingredients and sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is a base and it neutralizes the acidic environment inside the stomach. As a result it helps reduce pain. However, many doctors and medical experts do not recommend gripe water. The sodium bicarbonate present in gripe water might affect the acidic levels of blood. Some gripe waters may contain alcohol as one of the ingredients.

Colic acid is definitely a better option for babies since it is a medicated product and goes through multiple tests. So, is colic aid safe for babies? The answer is yes. But always consult your doctor before giving any new medication to your little one. They will be the right person to guide you.


1. Are Gripe Water and Colicaid the same?

They might differ in composition, but both are used for the same purpose. Both can help in the treatment of gassy babies.

2. Can You Give a Newborn Colicaid?

Colicaid can be given to babies with worsened conditions of colic pain. It is always a better idea to talk to your doctor about the dosage according to the age of the baby.

3. Can You Use Gripe Water For Colic?

Gripe water is used to treat colic in infants as the baking soda in it helps reduce the acidity.

4. Which Gripe Water is Best For Babies?

Gripe water with completely natural ingredients and zero alcohol content are suggested for babies with colic.

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