Gas in Babies: Signs, Symptoms, and Relief

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Written by Ajanta Biswas

Ajanta Biswas

Baby having gas and crying

Generating gas is very normal in human bodies and is a part of our digestive system. So it is very likely that your small baby will also produce gas as soon as they start digesting food. But when this gas does not release properly, it causes trouble. In small babies, these tiny gas bubbles develop in the intestines or stomach and cause pressure and pain in their tummies.

Due to this irritation, they cannot sleep well and cry in pain. So as a parent you need to know the signs of a gassy baby and also understand how to relieve gas. A few leg movements and breastfeeding guidance will give your baby gas relief. Let’s know about this in detail.

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Why is My Baby so Gassy?

The main reason for baby gas problems is their immature digestive system. Their body is learning how to digest milk so naturally, they produce more gas than an adult. Also if you bottle-feed your baby then the chances of swallowing air increase and this causes gas in their tummy.

What are the Visible Signs & Symptoms of a Gassy Baby?

You can easily detect gas in babies. The symptoms of gas in babies are-

  • Continuous crying, especially when passing gas
  • A balloon-like swollen tummy
  • Lifting legs to the chest
  • Arching backs or showing restlessness and irritation
  • Not eating and sleeping well
  • Belching or passing too much gas

What makes the Baby Gassy?

The causes of gas in babies are-

  • The immature digestive system. The underdeveloped digestive tract of a newborn allows the food to pass too quickly through it. So, the food does not get the chance to break properly.
  • Babies swallow air while feeding and crying. This causes babies’ gas pain.
  • Sometimes a gastrointestinal virus can cause digestion problems. In this case, vomiting and liquid poop will be accompanied by gas.
  • After 6 months when the baby starts having solids, then the new food can cause gas. The baby may be hypersensitive to some food that can cause gas and other problems like allergies.

Natural & Home Remedies to Comfort the Baby:

Now if you notice the above signs of gas in newborns, then you need to know how to get rid of baby gas fast so that your baby does not suffer any pain. Fortunately, there are a handful of home remedies to provide gas relief for babies:

Burp Your Baby After Feeding Them

mom burping her baby

As we have already said, newborns tend to swallow air while feeding, so you need to burp the baby twice after each time you feed. This will release the air and not let it cause newborn gas pains. Even while feeding, a gentle occasional back rub or back pat will release the gas before it travels on towards the baby’s bowels.

Feed The Baby In An Upright Position

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you need to keep the head of the baby above on the line from his/her stomach. This will let the food easily glide downwards. While bottle-feeding, keep the bottle in a tilted manner to make sure that the nipple is full of milk and there is no air to suck on.

Avoid shaking the bottle as it causes air bubbles in the milk. Also, you can use liquid or ready-to-use formula milk instead of powdered milk and also an anti-gas nipple or bottle for better results.

Don’t Let Them Cry

As crying causes swallowing of gas in babies, you need to be careful and not let them cry too much. You will have to learn the early signs of hunger and feed them in time to prevent crying and thus causing gas.

Try Baby Bicycle Movement

mom doing bicycle movement on baby to relive gas

For newborn gas relief, this is a very effective method. For this, lay your baby on his/her back and cycle the legs gently towards the tummy. This will push the trapped air to pass. You can also hold the baby’s knees on the tummy for 10 seconds and straighten the legs and repeat this 4 to 5 times

Breastfeeding Norms for Gassy Baby

In the case of a gassy breastfeed baby, you can restrict yourself from having cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower, and spicy food. Though a 2017 study shows that restricting the mother’s diet is unnecessary and not needed unless the baby reacts adversely to the food.

What are Baby Gas Drops? Are they Safe?

mom giving gas drop to baby

Even after doing the natural home remedies, if you are not getting enough success then you can try gas drops for babies. There are various infant gas drops easily available in the medical stores that you can purchase, but only after consulting with the doctor. It contains simethicone which breaks the gas bubbles. It is a common anti-gas medication and is usually safe for babies.

How can a Parent Prevent Gas in Babies?

To prevent gas, you need to improve the latch and keep the baby upright while feeding. Also, slow down if your baby drinks too quickly, use a slow flow nipple, keep the bottle upright, and burp the baby every 10 minutes of feeding for the baby’s gas relief.

These gas relief techniques are quite common and widely appreciated by moms all over. You can try them and we are sure you will get a positive result. If not, then it is better that you consult with your doctor for further help.

Ajanta Biswas,MA (English)

Studying English literature has been highly instrumental in creating a love for English and World Literature for this writer. Ajanta has been writing for more than two years. She specializes in creating short and crisp blogs that can create awareness among women about healthy pregnancy and among parents about better parenting.Read more.

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