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Developing Social Skills In Your Toddler

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Babies have impressionable minds. They carefully observe each and everything that happens around them and learn from it. From their earliest days they begin to try to connect and communicate with their parents by giving particular signals and trying to imitate their facial expressions. Children from 0-2 years form strong ties with their parents and family by relying on what they observe. They get deeply attached to people who provide them with a sense of security, optimism and well being. Up till 9 months of age, babies usually interact only with their parents and close family.

Between 9-12 months of age, babies start becoming curious and are interested in exploring the world around them. They begin to learn to walk and talk which brings them closer to the things which were previously outside their reach. At this age, it is necessary to start setting limits for your baby around the house. They may not fully understand the meaning and purpose behind your not letting them do something but it will establish in their mind the difference between right and wrong. Babies look up to their parents as role models and will do as their parents advise them. Parents should also encourage their babies to interact with others at this age to expand their social skills. At this age, babies generally get along well with everybody.

Between 12-18 months of age, babies tend to develop a better understanding of the things and people around them. This is the age where they should be taught social skills like how to talk, how to behave in public, etc. by the parents. Babies tend to imitate their parents so the parents should be very careful of their actions and habits. Babies at this age will pick up their parents’ ways and make a habit out of them so if you do not want your baby to pick up any bad habit them make sure that you do not do so yourself. Babies in this age group also tend to be shy among people they do not meet regularly so parents should teach their babies how to talk to others and what to say to the lesser known adults.

Babies between the age of 18-24 months start becoming autonomous. They start developing their own mindset and want to do what they feel is right. They start wanting to do thing themselves like they want to eat by themselves, dress up by themselves, etc. They might get obstinate if they are stopped from doing something and start throwing temper tantrums. It is a very crucial age so parents should make sure they do not punish the child harshly or be over critical of them because instead of improving their temper, it will only push them towards stubbornness. It is extremely necessary to be patient with your child at this age. You should try and understand why they are doing what they are doing and then try and modify their behavior towards the right accordingly. Social skills like making friends, learning manners, public behavior can be taught effectively at this age only by setting examples. Children will imitate their parents so if you want to improve your child’s social skill then you have to make sure that you pay close attention to your behavior and habits all the time. If you behave properly in public, talk respectfully to others, then your child will learn from you and do the same.

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