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Postpartum Doula

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The time after the baby is born is a challenging time for the mother and in such a situation if a helper is provided who is well versed in the techniques of handling the mother and the baby and who can guide the mother with the basics is a big relief to all. Thus comes in the picture a “doula” who is an experienced and skilled lady who offers assistance to the new mothers and the families. The doulas are of two types, one who assists the expectant mothers during the birthing process and the others are the post- partum doula who offers data centred evidence on topics like breastfeeding, the repercussions of emotional and physical recovery process after birth, the bond between the mother and the baby, soothing techniques for a new-born baby and other critical areas as well.
The postpartum doula basically offers assistance to the new parents in the initial days and weeks right after the birth as they are trained enough to handle all types of there to help a new family in those first days and weeks after bringing home a new baby. The existence of a postpartum doula assists in bridging the gap between the mother and the baby and makes them more confident. The doulas occupy a special place in the family as they educate the mother to take care of herself as well as her family right after the birth of the baby.
Postpartum Doula

Why hire a postpartum doula?

  • By hiring the services of a doula, they provide result free assistance permitting the mother to mature smoothly.
  • The doula keeps discussing the various kinds of parenting techniques and choices with the family and always assists in all decision which are to be made.
  • Breastfeeding in the initial days is quite a challenge, so with the help of doula all the weariness can be discussed and solution can be sought at.
  • Having a doula can help in nurturing the mother while she nurtures the new-born baby.
  • With a doula by the side, eating and drinking habits cannot be ignored as they are extremely significant for recovery.
  • The household chores are also taken care of by the doulas which gives more time to the mother to bond with the baby and even the partner.
  • Since doula is expert in all areas or spheres in relation to the babies and the mother, the most updated information is shared.
  • Since the doulas are well -trained and educated to identify the symptoms of the postpartum fear and that of depression, the doulas can offer proper suggestions and solutions to overcome it.
  • When one is in the presence of an educated and trained professional, it is easier to have a peaceful sleep and rest as the mother is aware that the baby is in safe hands.

What services are provided by postpartum doula?

  • Support while breastfeeding.
  • Assistance with the emotional and physical recovery post the birth of the baby
  • Few tasks of housekeeping to keep the mom under less pressure.
  • Taking few responsibilities.
  • Providing diapering, bathing, feeding and comforting basics to the new born baby.
  • Preparation of Light meals.
  • Offering comforting procedure to the baby.
  • Offering care to the siblings.
  • Recommendation to resident means like parenting sessions, paediatric practitioners, lactation experts and other similar groups.

Postpartum Doula
Charges of postpartum Doula
The rates of the postpartum doula services differ and is conditional to the location and the kind of service one wants (day time or night hours) even the skill set of the doula. Postpartum Doulas generally charge on an hourly basis and there is a minimum limit of hours they provide service for.
The range may differ from 10$ to 60 $ on an hourly basis. Few doulas even provide discounts if they get paid before or they are fresh from training and are booked for a stipulated time.
Postpartum Doula services are a great benefit for the families who have very less or absolutely no support from any other near or dear ones.
The cost of these doulas is dependent on many factors and the cost is set distinctively by them. During the selection of a doula, price should not be the decision making factor.  Sympathetic and skilled assistance during the birthing process is invaluable.
Where do I find postpartum doula?
The appropriate selection of a doula is a very individual choice. Doulas are the most suitable choice for a woman as they help in nurturing and educating them in all spheres. The best way to select a doula is by choosing a person whom the mother feels happy and comfortable with and asking a set of questions to a few doulas before selecting one.
Questions used for selecting a doula:

  • Trainings undergone and services offered.
  • Fees and availability at the due date.
  • Reasons to become a doula.
  • Viewpoint of childbirth.
  • Other options if the doula selected is not available due to some reason.

There are numerous sites which have a compilation of the doulas who offer their services to the new to-be parents. Some of them are Doula Match, Find a Doula, Birth Doula etc.
Thus, having the services of a postpartum Doula is highly beneficial for a new mother and the baby and it helps in smoothening the whole process and make it a memorable for the whole family.

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