How Ovulation Test Kits can help  you get Pregnant

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Are your trying to get pregnant but not been able to conceive for few months now? If so, then you must try out an ovulation kit which is also known as a fertility monitor which will literally predict you the best time to get have sex with your partner. That surely improves your chances of being pregnant and you can thus enjoy the best phase of your life – motherhood.

What is an ovulation testing kit?

An ovulation testing kit is quite similar to a pregnancy checker kit, that comes with a small white box and a dropper which can predict the ideal time to have intercourse through colored lines after urine is put in it. Women can use it around their time of ovulation or release of egg from the ovary and the hormonal surges will signify whether a woman is fertile or not.

How do ovulation prediction testing kits work?

Ovulation occurs around 14 days after your first day of your periods, and continues for a day or two, which is the fertile window of a woman. LH is hormone which is found in a woman in general but during ovulation, there is a increase of the same in her body which can be detected in her urine. So the ovulation kits can detect the surge of LH in urine and thus predict that woman is likely to conceive if she has sex at this time.

How do I use them?

It is apt easy to use a OPK. You need to buy the strip and put your urine on it and wait for colored lines for around 5 minutes. In case you get the results as positive (two double pink lines obtained upon putting few drops of urine at the specific area on the kit) it is understood that you will ovulate within the next 24 hours since there is an increase in LH inside your body. In case you don’t have two double lines on the first day of test, repeat it for the next couple of days till you get positive results.

When Is The Best Time To Use Ovulation Kits?

A woman with an average 28 days cycle, is most likely to ovulate around day 14 of her menstruation cycle. That means she needs to start checking by day 12 of her cycle since the increase in LH in body starts around that time. So it is better to continue checking from day 12 till day 16 of menstruation cycle, on a regular basis for a better chance of getting positive results. The logic is simple-the increase of LH starts from 12th day of cycle and continues till the 16th day, and ovulation occurs within this fertile window only. Regarding the time, unlike pregnancy predictor kits, the right time is not early morning since LH might not trigger up at this time, so results might turn negative. Later morning or early afternoon is the correct time to check since you can get more accurate results during this time phase.

How Accurate Are Ovulation Tests?

As per women, ovulation tests through OPK are 99 percent accurate and detect the right LH surge or increase inside a woman’s body. However, a woman must know that ovulation may occur at any time within 24-72 hours after positive results are obtained, and some women have also come up with theories where they have had increase in LH without any change of releasing eggs.

What if, You got a Surge?

If you get a surge or an indication of increased LH in your body, after being tested positive on OPK, be rest assured that it is the right time to have sex, if your planning to conceive. You can continue checking for few consecutive days and have sex for every day to increase your chance of getting pregnant.

What if, You don’t get Surge?

If you don’t get positive results even after repeated attempts, you can understand that ovulation is not occurring and it is the time to seek medical help, to detect the problem, if any.
OPK is a great tool for women to understand when to have sex while trying to be pregnant, especially if she is busy and doesn’t indulge into sex on a regular basis.
Whether a professional or a homemaker-motherhood is desired by everyone-isn’t it?

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