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Dressing Your Baby For Bed – Safe Dressing Tips

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Once your little darling comes into your world, you find your entire life turned upside down. It is not easy taking care of your little angel during the first few months unless both the mom and baby come to a routine comfortable for both of you. In the beginning, you will find your little one’s waking hours are much less compared to sleeping time and this makes it imperative you ensure your angel is made most comfortable before putting him or her to sleep. The two most important things that need to be just perfect to ensure your baby sleeps well is the right room temperature and perfect clothing that is most comfortable and snug too.
Newborn baby sleeping

The Basics Of Dressing A Newborn For Bed

Very often, you are quite apprehensive about what you need to dress your little one in before going to bed at night time to ensure he or she sleeps fitfully and you get the much needed rest while they sleep peacefully. You need to make sure the sleepwear you opt for is extremely comfortable as well as safe and also maintains the ideal body temperature. It is very important you opt for clothing that fits snugly as this is ideal to ensure undisturbed sleep. A baby needs to be neither too cold nor too hot when put to sleep, and her body should just be maintained at the right temperature. If you have a newborn, here are some great tips to help your baby sleep well.
Read on to find some useful tips that will be quite helpful for you to choose sleepwear wisely.

Tips To Dress Your Baby Comfortably For Bed
    • Always look around for “snug-fitting” sleepwear that molds snugly onto your baby’s body making it very cozy and comfortable for him or her
    • It is advised to steer clear of clothing that come with ties, strings or ribbons that have every chance of getting untangled and even presents the threat of choking your baby
    • You also need to ensure you do not overly bundle up or wrap your baby as this may cause overheating of your little one that can even be fatal in extreme cases
    • Adorn your little one’s feet with booties if it is winter time as th is helps to ensure the baby’s toes and feet remain warm
    • Never wrap them in comforters of very fluffy blankets as they can get tangled into their heads and even suffocate them
    • A light cap on the skull is also a nice idea during the cold season as most of the heat from the little one’s body gets away via the head
    • You may opt for sleepwear that is flame resistant too so that your baby is safe in case of any untoward happenings. If that is not available, do ensure that your baby’s clothes fit snugly
    • It is always better to buy sleepwear that has a zip up or snap up all the way down in front rather than the back
    • Ensure the sleeves are not very tight as you need to feel your hand inside to make sure your little darling is neither too warm nor too cold

mom dressing a baby

  • Do not over dress your baby in layers, overheating can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Going for night wear that has snap up or zip even down the entire legs is recommended as this makes the ordeal of diaper changing so much faster and easier
  • If you plan bundling up your little one while putting him or her down to sleep, choose light muslin or cotton cloth wraps as they do not become too stuffy or uncomfortable for the baby. Also ensure you provide enough space by not bundling him up too tight as the little one to move her legs while sleeping. Also remember that your baby does not need a pillow
  • Remember you need to leave the head, ears and chin out while bundling as a wrap too high can even choke the baby
  • If your baby happens to be premature, it is advised to dress your little mite in an extra layer of clothing till the baby’s weight increases and they are able to easily adjust to the temperature changes
  • There are “infant sleeping bags” available now a days which is quite a wonderful option to dress your baby going to bed. But check out the size of the bag and go for a perfect fit rather than too big or small in which your little darling may not be cozy in
  • Dress your baby according to the weather and temperature outside as this is vital to ensure the little one sleeps well
  • Chuck the extra layers when the weather is warm, however, it is wise to keep your baby away from the direct air from air-conditioners and fans
  • Avoid hats and bonnets when you put your baby to sleep, as in this case baby will not be able to cool herself is she feels hot. Keeping your baby’s head uncovered will enable the heat to escape through the head, avoiding the risk of overheating. Plus, hats and bonnets can be a choking hazard

All the above mentioned guide lines are sure to help you choose your little one’s sleep wear smartly and also make sure the baby has a good and undisturbed night that also presents you with enough time to take a break and sleep too. Apart from clothes, you also need to adjust the room temperature and make sure the air conditioning is not too high and remains within limits. When putting a baby to sleep, use your own body as a guide. If you are co-sleeping with your newborn, do take these precautions to make the most of it.
In short, babies should neither feel too cold nor to hot in his or her clothes when putting them to sleep. This should indeed go a long way to ensure the little one sleeps through the night and becomes well rested to face the next day.

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