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Exercise Ball During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the time when the mother needs to eat and be fit. Fitness could be yoga, meditation, or exercising with the ball. While using Exercise Ball During Pregnancy you have to take care of some factors, though. Buying a birthing ball is a great investment, and it can be of use in many ways.

As indicative of the name, the ball is not used for the birthing purpose only. It can be of use at all stages of pregnancy and even post the delivery. It is a great exercise to sit on the birthing ball as it helps in strengthening the back as well as the abdomen. It helps in improving the posture and even help to get the body ready to deliver.


birth ball

There are many other benefits of using an exercise ball. Let us now see different facets of the exercise ball, its safety, benefits, exceptions, etc., as below.

Is Birthing Ball And Exercise Ball Same?

Birthing balls are no different than the exercise balls. They are both made from long-lasting material. This makes the balls tough, and one cannot puncture them. The only small difference is that exercise balls at gyms are smaller in size than the birthing balls. The birthing balls are bigger in size as they offer more comfort and are non-slippery.

How To Use Exercise Ball During Pregnancy?

Even though the exercise ball is of durable material, it is anti-slippery as well. Yet, to use the exercise ball, one needs to set it up right by following the steps:

  • It is important to have legs apart, feet in a flat position.
  • Position yourself in the center
  • The hips need to be higher than the knees.
  • In case one does not get the balance, the back of the chair is of great support.

Can Birthing Ball Help Turn Breech Baby?

Yes, sitting in an upright position on a birthing ball helps in changing the position of the baby. It helps to turn from posterior to an anterior position. Birthing balls offer a good posture when sitting for long. Apart from that, one can play good music for the baby to lure down to the pelvis.

Can Bouncing On A Ball Break Your Water?

Yes, bouncing on a ball has chances for breaking the water. Using a birthing ball at the time of labor will help to reduce the pain. Even if the water breaks, the birth ball can of use. One needs to ensure, though, that a towel or an absorbent material covers it.

What Are The Advantages Of Exercise Ball During Pregnancy?

Comfort is of utmost importance for the mother during pregnancy. This phase is full of physical and emotional changes. Getting comfort at any stage of pregnancy is a tough deal. Fitness keeps one going, and pregnancy is no exception. Trying too many new things is, although not a great choice. It is best to use the exercise ball, which is safe and full of benefits for the expectant mother.

An exercise ball helps in enhancing the posture. This is important in the later stages of pregnancy. This ball also helps in sitting for prolonged hours while watching TV. It helps in even distribution of the body weight.  Additionally, the exercise ball is advantageous in the following ways:

  • It helps to relieve the spinal pain as well
  • It offers support to the ankles as well as the knees.
  • It enhances proper blood circulation to the baby through the placenta.
  • Sitting in an upright position helps the baby to descend to the pelvis.
  • One can try to lean forward, bounce, rock to help the baby go down.
  • It helps to position the baby in the correct position before birth.
  • It is also known to relieve stress, pelvic, or abdomen pain.
  • It helps in maintaining a good posture
  • It even offers support to the thighs.

When Should You Not Use Exercise Ball During Pregnancy?

Exercise ball though, is beneficial at all stages of pregnancy. It helps the mother to maintain a good balance and posture. At the same time, it helps to relieve stress and aches. Yet there are certain exceptions where one needs to take medical consultation and then go ahead. The cautious situations are:

  • Any severe heart disease
  • Lung disorder
  • Cervix issues
  • Many gestation issues.
  • Premature labor symptom
  • Heavy bleeding or spotting
  • Placenta previa post 26 weeks gestation.

Thus, pregnancy, labor, and delivery are not easy for the body. Since all women have different bodies, the experiences differ as well. Still, the problems are almost similar. Using a birthing ball helps in a smooth delivery. It relieves from stress, aches, or other issues. The only important thing is to be vigilant and do exercises while pregnant. One needs to be careful while sitting on the exercise ball and have proper balance.  It is prudent to be fit, eat healthily, and be active for a healthy and happy child.

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