Fennel Seeds During Pregnancy – Are They Safe?

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Once you discover you have conceived, it becomes imperative you think twice about what you drink and eat. You find that foods that were once safe for you may no longer be safe for the little life growing inside you. This makes it important that you can scan it thoroughly what goes into your system, ensuring it is perfectly suitable for both the mom to be and your baby. Pregnancy is one time all kinds of minor issues or complications rear their head, making you feel uncomfortable all the time. And simple home remedies like herbs from the kitchen can provide you with relief for various kinds of uneasiness you experience during this period. Fennel seeds during pregnancy are one of the most commonly used such herbs, but whether they are absolutely safe and effective for your needs to be examined in detail.
Fennel seeds during pregnancy
What Is Fennel?
Benefits Of Fennel Seeds During Pregnancy
Is Fennel Safe To Be Consumed While Pregnant?
Fennel Seeds In Pregnancy Side Effects of Eating
How to Consume It in Pregnancy Period
Does Eating Fennel Seeds During Pregnancy Lead to any Miscarriage?
Fennel Tea For Nausea During Pregnancy

What Is Fennel?

Fennel, which has its roots in Europe, is a plant that is a part of the parsley family. Armed with feathery leaves and yellow flowers, this plant has a nice aroma. With a crispy and slightly sweet flavor, this seed adds a special taste when added to the food while cooking. This herb, which is extremely common in everyone’s kitchen, especially in India, is known to have excellent medicinal properties which help to get rid of various health issues. It has also been proven to be a useful remedy for tooth pain and gum issues apart from being an excellent mouth freshener—benefits of Fennel seeds during pregnancy are given below. 

Benefits Of Fennel Seeds During Pregnancy

  • Fennel seeds tea has been found to be extremely effective in combating nausea and morning sickness which is one of the most common issues most moms to face during their first three months of pregnancy
  • It has been proven to be quite effective in getting relief from bloating symptoms, which the majority of pregnant women suffer from.
  • Fennel seeds are also known to help you develop an appetite if you are not feeling hungry
  • They are also found to be quite effective in helping to relieve indigestion symptoms that pregnant women face during this period.
  • They also offer you respite from gas pain and heartburn during the pregnancy period
  • They have been found to be useful in treating various lactation and pregnancy disorders

Is Fennel Safe To Be Consumed While Pregnant?

Quite a lot of studies have been conducted in the above-mentioned area, and it has been found fennel seeds are not extremely safe to have during conception. Given below are some of the side effects that fennel seeds may trigger when you use them while you are pregnant.

  • Fennel seeds have been found to make your blood clotting properties sluggish. This makes people who are victims of any kind of bleeding disorder prone to more bruises and bleeding which is quite risky during this period
  • Women who have sensitive skin should also steer clear of fennel seeds during their conception period as your skin tends to get drier and extremely sensitive when you have fennel seeds
  • Fennel seeds are found to have emmenagogue effects which imply these seeds can trigger your menstrual cycle which is a big threat to having a miscarriage during this period
  • If consumed in excess during your pregnancy, fennel seeds can trigger unwanted side effects for both you and your baby

From all the above mentioned, it can be inferred that it is alright to consume fennel seeds in limited quantities as overconsumption can cause dangerous repercussions while you are pregnant. And like any other food, the best course would be to ask your doctor whether fennel seeds are completely safe and beneficial for you at this stage to ensure you steer clear of unwanted side effects during this crucial period. If your doctor proclaims fennel seeds as safe for you, you could begin having fennel tea when you feel like it. However, make sure you stick to the dosage your doctor has recommended and never go overboard.
Fennel tea during pregnancy

Fennel Seeds In Pregnancy Side Effects of Eating:

Now that you can know about the benefits of fennel seeds during pregnancy, it is time you can see the side effects of it.

  • Fennel seeds during pregnancy will affect the ability of the blood to coagulate, make the process of clotting slowly. So, if you are suffering from a bleeding disorder, it is better to avoid eating this – if you are especially susceptible to bruises and also bleeding.
  • Having fennel seeds can make the skin dry and also a more sensitive manner. If you already have sensitive skin, then avoid eating fennel seeds during pregnancy period.
  • The Phytoestrogenic, antispasmodic, and also anti-inflammatory properties in fennel seeds are found to stimulates the uterus, which leads to premature contractions too. But, eat it in little amount throughout the pregnancy period. It won’t do any harm to the fetus, and either it won’t make it to any premature contractions.

So, fennel seeds are good for the pregnancy phase? There is not enough evidence to say about the fennel seeds are unsafe at that time. In the same manner, there is no enough evidence that says fennel seeds are safe completely. There is the aspect to consider that food reacts in different ways in different kinds of bodies also. So, it is better to ask your doctor before you eat them and also check on the doses of having fennel seeds during pregnancy.

How to Consume It in Pregnancy Period

If you can allow to having fennel seeds during pregnancy time, there are some ways you can eat them. Fennel seeds have a good aroma and are sweet slightly. If they are added to your foods while cooking, they work as a flavoring agent and also impart a subtle flavor to your dish. You can have them in the form of tea as well, or chew some raw after a meal. It is always advisable to make a check with your doctor or dietician before you include these seeds in your pregnancy diet plan.

Does Eating Fennel Seeds During Pregnancy Lead to any Miscarriage?

Many people eat fennel seeds after a meal because it helps with the good digestion process. But it is important to fennel seeds during pregnancy could trigger the menstrual cycle and lead to vaginal bleeding and ultimately causing a miscarriage. It is important to eat it in moderation, and avoid it altogether if your doctor suggests against it.

Fennel Tea For Nausea During Pregnancy

Fennel tea is quite well known all over the world and is known to possess excellent medicinal properties, which are ideal for providing you relief in a lot of health issues. Here’s how to prepare your own cup of tea during your pregnancy.


  • Water
  • Crushed Fennel Seeds
  • Jaggery syrup or honey

Method of Preparing Fennel Tea

  • Crush or powder fennel seeds
  • Heat water in a pan till It begins boiling
  • Add the powdered fennel into your boiling water
  • Close your pan with a lid and switch your gas off
  • Let it stay for around five minutes
  • Now strain the tea concoction and mix either honey or jaggery to it according to your taste preference
  • Sip it while it is still warm and enjoy leisurely enjoying its immense benefits

So go ahead and find out how safe fennel seeds are for you and your little one growing inside and begin having them today if your doctor recommends it.

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