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Flying Fears During Pregnancy

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It is quite normal to feel overprotective of your baby when you are pregnant. After all, you are the only support system for the beautiful bud growing within you right? While some women may feel completely relaxed and at ease with their pregnancy, there are others who go nuts thinking about all sorts of safety measures they need to take for their little one. One such concern common with paranoid and overprotective moms to be is the fear of air travel. Yes, it’s true and it’s a fact that some women experience a sort of aviaphobia (fear of flying) during pregnancy and refrain from any kind of air travel while they are pregnant. But it’s not necessary that pregnant women stay at home or land to stay safe. By taking simple measures, one can avoid such jitters and maintain the safety of both mother and baby. Let’s see how
Air Travelling during pregnancy

Are Airport Scanners Safe During Pregnancy?

Getting exposed to radiations during a flight may be of concern to some pregnant woman. But the good news is that the amount of radiation that air passengers get exposed to during a single flight is way too small to cause any health concern. But, if you are pregnant and fly frequently due to business or other reasons, your doctor may ask you to cut down on your flying during the pregnancy period.
Some pregnant women would also have concerns whether one trip down the security line would cause any harm to them or their unborn baby. They may be concerned about the scanning machines at airport security points. In order to reveal any hidden items in the body, these machines use X-rays to get the body’s image. However, the Transportation Security Administration claims that the amount of radiation that is produced by these machines is very negligible. Now with a lot of concerns from privacy experts, these machines, were replaced by “millimeter wave units” which use radio waves in place of X-rays and are considered to be much safer than the X-ray machines.

How To Cope With Flying Fears During Pregnancy?

You’re expecting a baby and seem little extra worried than usual about your safety as well as the baby’s safety. It’s completely normal and comes naturally. It’s all a part of nature’s game plan! Our bodies prepare themselves for nurturing life within and outside the body as well.
A mother’s concern for her child’s safety begins the very moment she gets pregnant. It’s because the brain sends signals to her body to make her extra cautious about the welfare of her offspring. This makes her more protective, worried, cautious, and often paranoid about anything that concerns the child. This is exactly why many women start feeling negative about flying because they feel something bad would happen to the baby! That’s acceptable, but it doesn’t mean you become a bed bug right? There are ways to tackle this issue:

    1. Talk to your doctor: Always discuss with your doctor if you are healthy and fit for air travel. In most normal pregnancies, it is Ok to fly until 36 weeks (some doctors advise no travel after 24 weeks too). Not after that. However, special care needs to be taken during the flight to ensure comfort for the baby and mother. Your fitness to travel will depend on your pregnancy type and how well your body is doing during pregnancy
    2. Weigh the need to fly: You don’t necessarily have to fly during pregnancy. Check if you can avoid it in case you are feeling worried. In c ase it is absolutely necessary, only then go
    3. Check for flying policy: Always confirm with the airlines regarding their policies for pregnant women. Different airlines have different policies surrounding the issue of pregnant women air travel. Some airlines have no restrictions when it comes to a pregnant woman flying, there are many which require a medical certificate if you are planning to fly within a month of your due date. Most international airlines have restrictions on pregnant women flying after the 8th month of pregnancy

Travelling while pregnant

  1. Make necessary arrangements: Carry enough quick snacks to keep yourself energetic. Try and stay hydrated and relax as much as possible. This is because the cabin air conditioning and pressure changes can leave you dehydrated, which is an absolute no-no during pregnancy
  2. Fasten the belt below your abdomen: This is to avoid discomfort as any sudden jerks or pressure against the abdomen can be stressful for the baby.
  3. Avoid in-flight drinks: These could make you sick or puckish. Blame the hormones! So stick to your basic home drinks. Carry them along if you can. Drink plenty of water on board to keep yourself hydrated
  4. Make a contingency plan: Plan ahead how you wish to get medical help in case of emergency. One of the most important tasks is to plan ahead and be prepared for emergencies as pregnancy is a highly surprising journey. You never know what happens the next moment
  5. Sit back and relax those legs: You would have to take a seat where you can stretch your legs at regular intervals in order to avoid swelling and tiredness.
  6. Take regular walks: Make sure you take regular walks during the flight in the safe zones when seat belts are not required
  7. Travel with your pack: Always make sure there is someone for your help. Although on flight staff is very helpful but who can be better than family or friends right?
  8. Wear comfortable clothes: This will make sure that you are at ease with your body and those frequent trips to the washroom don’t leave you all tensed. It’s best to wear loose clothes with fewer fasteners. Carry extra clothes just in case you feel cold
  9. Pack wisely: After deciding on the destination and booking your plane tickets, the next thing that you need to take into consideration is packing your luggage. Don’t pack a heavy carry-on bag. Take the advice of your doctor who will tell you how much weight you can safely lift during pregnancy

There’s so much you can do for ensuring a safe travel during pregnancy. But the most important of them all is to yourself, that you can do it! Since there are only months before the bundle of joy arrives, pregnancy is also considered the best time to travel and go for a trip because once the baby arrives, and there are chances you would not want to get out of that bed honey! That’s why many people go for what’s known as a Babymoon – a honeymoon during pregnancy. As long as your body allows, there is nothing that should pull you away from traveling. So go and talk to your healthcare expert today and seek medical guidance!

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