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Reading is a good habit for everyone. Now, this habit should start at an early age. Reading gives many benefits to a child. Also, if the child becomes habituated with reading, it will make him or her a better person. There are so many things to learn in this world. You can learn by reading books. If a child becomes a voracious reader, it will benefit him or her in the longer run. So, parents try to encourage their children to read books. Nowadays, books are available online for reading. Children can access books at their will because of the internet. You can find free books to read for children. So, in this article, let’s discover 12 websites where your child will find free books ideal for kids reading.


Free books to read for children

Advantages Of Free Books To Read For Children

The main advantage of free books to read for children is, obviously, it saves you a lot of money. You can also try different genre and find what your child like most.

Here are some benefits of reading books for your kids:

  1. A Good Brain Exercise: Reading is a very good exercise for the brain. Once your child becomes habituated with reading, his or her brain will work in a much sharper way.
  2. Better Concentration: To understand the story or the content of the book, a child needs to focus on reading. It helps to improve the concentration level of a child.
  3. Attain Knowledge: Reading books is a great source of knowledge. So, as your child starts reading more and more books, he or she will attain more and more knowledge.
  4. Enhances Vocabulary: Reading a book means coming across so many unknown words. So, it is quite obvious that reading books will improve the vocabulary of children.
  5. Helps Imagination: While reading a story, your child will imagine everything happening inside his or her head. So, your child will learn to imagine things by reading various books.
  6. Achieve Good Grades: As children start to fall in love with reading, they tend to do better in their academics. You will see your child scoring good grades once he or she starts reading books regularly.
  7. A Fun Activity: Children love to do fun activities. Reading is also very much fun. Thus, once you give your child a book and encourage him or her to read, your child will fall in love with reading.
  8. Enhance Empathy: If you want your child to be a good human being, he or she needs to show empathy to the distress of others. Reading books will help your child to develop empathy in his or her heart.

12 Sites That Offers Free Books To read For Children

1. FreeBooksy

It is a nice place to read books for your kids for free. They update their book library often.

Key Features

  • A wide selection of genres of books
  • Provides updates of new free books through newsletters
  • Has books ideal for kids

2. Project Gutenberg

A great place to find free classic books to read for children. Your child will love reading books here.

Key Features

  • A wide number of choices for kids’ books
  • Books are arranged in an alphabetical order
  • Find non-English books as well

3. Amazon’s Free Kids Ebooks

Your child will find good books for kids to read here. Amazon is a reputed name, and so you can rely on them for good books.

Key Features

  • 100 free books under each subcategory
  • Sync Kids Fire Edition Tablet
  • Separate section for kids’ books

4. eReaderIQ

Your child will find close to 20 subcategories of books ideal for his or her reading. So, it is a nice place to find ideal books for kids.

Key Features

  • A great number of choice for kids’ books
  • Information about the books is available
  • Easy to search a book using filters


Your child will have thousands of books from which he or she can choose the book to read. It is a great place for a child to read books.

Key Features

  • Great collection of books for children
  • Supports multiple languages for reading
  • Find classic books easily

6. Freebook Sifter

A variety of books are available here for your child to read. This place is a great choice for your kids.

Key Features

  • Alerts when a new book arrives with sign-up
  • 100 titles are projects for each page
  • Various types of books available for reading

7. One Hundred Free Books

New books are added quite frequently on this website. So, your child will have new books to read all the time.

Key Features

  • Addition of new book quite frequently
  • Various types of old and new books available
  • Children’s books section has a good collection

8. BookBub

On this website, you can find free, as well as discounted books for your kids. It is an ideal place for the kids of middle grade.

Key Features

  • Multiple download options available
  • Suggestions on reading for kids through an active blog
  • Great selection for kids of Middle Grade

9. DigiLibraries

The Juvenile Non-Fiction section of this website has a great collection of free non-fiction books for kids. So, your child will have plenty of knowledgeable books to read.

Key Features

  • No need to sign-up to the website to read
  • Provides a great collection of non-fiction books for kids
  • Guides children with the FAQ section of the website

10. eBook Daily

On this website, three new books are updated daily. It allows reading the description of the by hovering the mouse over the cover of the book

Key Features

  • Social media widgets are available to information about books
  • Prompts you whether the book is free or not before reading
  • Updates the collection of books quite frequently

11. Centsless Books

With this website, you will only find those books for your kids, which will not cost you money. It is a great place to find free books for your kids.

Key Features

  • Books for children are available on a single page
  • No advertisement to disturb the reading
  • A nice interface to facilitate reading


It is an ideal site to read free books for kids. It has books according to the age-group of children, which makes this site perfect for reading kids’ books.

Key Features

  • Many different books available for kids
  • No sign-up required to read or download books
  • Categories are available as per the age of the child

Wrapping UP

Now you know the 12 sites that provide free books to read for your child. You can use these sites to help your child in creating a reading habit. Your child will find many books that will increase his or her interest in reading. Therefore, encourage your child to read as it will benefit your child in the future.

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