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Games always fascinate the kids. Football is much loved by children. This sport is a good relaxing and stress-relieving game. Football is a good game that helps to keep one healthy and fit. This game helps the kids to learn team spirit and discipline. Football gears are important to prevent possible injuries. Football gloves for kids are a must-buy gear.

This game is played with two teams. Each team has eleven players. Each player tries to kick the ball towards the goalpost. There is a goalkeeper on each side. He is the sole player in the game who uses his hand to catch and stop the ball from hitting a goal. The goalkeepers have to wear gloves that are tough and sturdy as the ball comes with a great force.

The main aim of wearing football gloves is to shield the kid’s hand from injuries. It is important to know about the key features of a good football glove if you are planning to buy one for your kid. Find out the best ten football gloves for the kids. Find out their prices, places to buy and salient features of the gloves and their variety.


football gloves for kids


Importance Of Football Gloves For Kids

Gloves have been used for the grid for many years now, and they have shown very impactful results. It is important to wear football gloves, and some of the reasons are as under:

  • Wearing football gloves improves the performance of the game. It provides a shield on the game front.
  • Gloves foster a strong grip and help in catching up the ball in the air and offers force to uphold it.
  • It helps to offer an extra layer of protection to shield against any wounds or cuts.
  • Wearing gloves boost the confidence to play in the toughest game possible.

Key Features Of Good Football Gloves For Kids

After having discussed the importance of football gloves, let us now understand what the main features of a good football glove are. Find out some important features of a good football gove:

  • Fitting- The football gloves should fit one comfortably and should not be too tight or loose. They should not be shifting too much or hinder the agility that one needs for catching or throwing the ball. Few gloves even have flexible cuffs at the wrist that can customize the fitting.
  • Stickiness- The gloves should be sticky. Sticky ness increases the grip.
  • Padding- The gloves should have a padding feature. This offers extra protection to the hands and the fingers against injuries.

Top Ten Football Glove For Kids

Adults and kids who play football must wear football gloves. Let it be for a school team, college team, recreational or on a national or international level. The gloves offer a stronghold on the ball and even offer protection to the hands. The goodness of the Football gloves for kids depends on their:

  • Fitness
  • Level of Stickiness
  • Level of protection offered to hand and fingers

Find out the top ten football gloves for the kids, their features, price, and availability:


1.The Ultra Stick Sports Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Receiver Glove


  • It is available in all sizes
  • These are extra sticky at the fingers and palms and offer a good grip.
  • These can be found in several colors.
  • It has a wonderful grip for all dry and wet weather.
  • These are very easy to clean and not priced too high.

These are available on Amazon and can be bought at INR. 1050


2. Battle All American Youth Football Gloves


  • These Football Gloves for kids are made with high-quality material for optimum support and comfort.
  • This glove has a wrist strap with a Velcro closure.
  • Battle all American youth football gloves are made of durable material.
  • It has tough stitching which prevents wearing off.

These are available at Amazon at INR. 2450


3. Battle Youth Double Threat Football Gloves


  • It is machine washed and dried.
  • It is made of a flexible material and is lightweight.
  • The stickiness does not fade even in the dryer
  • These can be used in any weather.

These are available at Amazon at INR.2100


4. Battle Ultra Stick Gloves


  • These gloves offer style and comfort
  • They are flexible and made with the highest quality material.
  • They help to stay cool and comfortable

These are available at Amazon and ranges from INR. 4000-6500


5. Under Armour Boys F5 Football Gloves


  • These are made from a lightweight fabric that keeps the hands dry and cool.
  • The grab track palm helps in getting a good hold of the ball.
  • It is flexible and comfortable.

These are available at Amazon at INR. 2870.


6. Adidas YouthTechfit LinemanFootball Gloves


These gloves can be used by both the lineman and the receiver side.

  • It is made of a heavy elastic wrist band.
  • It has a breathable mesh and made of lycra.
  • A portion of the palm is made of tough synthetic leather material.

These are available at Amazon at INR. 2100


7. Elite Tek RG-14 Football Gloves Youth


  • They offer a tight fit without slipping off.
  • They help in a proper grip.

These are available at Amazon at INR. 1750


8. Franklin Sports Youth Football Receiver Gloves


  • They are available in one size which can fit all
  • These are stretchable as well as breathable

These are available at Amazon at INR.1750


9. Nike Youth VaporJet Gloves 4


  • They are comfortable and sleek.
  • They offer a comfortable and good grip
  • Can be used under all types of weather
  • They are made with100% of textile

These are available at Amazon at INR. 4200


10. Adidas Youth Filthy Quick Football Gloves


  • These offer good comfort and are made with lycra material.
  • They have a hook and loop feature which can help in adjusting the wrist for a proper fit.

These are available at Amazon and range from INR.1330 to 2800.

It is not mandatory to wear football gloves. Nevertheless, it offers proper grip and adequate protection to the fingers and hands. It helps to prevent cuts, wounds or injuries. They even help to keep the hands warm and do not offer any obstacle in the agility to throw and catch the ball.

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