Hair Changes During Pregnancy – Causes, and Home Remedies

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Ajanta Biswas

hair changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy changes you from head to toe. Literally, you can see changes in almost all of your body parts starting just from the hair. You can see your hair growing faster, getting more volume, and looking shinier as you proceed in your pregnancy. Though the effect of pregnancy on hair varies in different women, most feel positive changes in their hair before delivery. And it is only after 3 to 4 months post-delivery that they feel a sudden hair loss known as postpartum hair loss.

So it is very likely that you may get curious about what makes your hair change so rapidly during pregnancy. What sort of hair changes can you witness during your pregnancy and how to handle your hair with proper care during this sensitive period of your life? Chemicals are harmful to the baby inside you, thus you need to avoid them using on your hair. There are various effective home remedies that you can apply to protect your hair. Here are all the small tips and tricks that can be helpful for your hair during pregnancy.

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Is It Common to Have Hair Changes During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is very common to witness changes in your hair during pregnancy because of the changes in your hormone levels. The main hormone responsible for this is estrogen. As in all women, the levels of estrogen hormone will surge during pregnancy to preserve and nurture the baby it is very likely that all pregnant women will get stronger hair and nails during pregnancy.

Causes of Hair Changes During Pregnancy

Causes of Hair Changes During Pregnancy

There are a few factors responsible for pregnancy hair changes besides the hormone estrogen. Such as the increased levels of blood circulation as well as your revved-up metabolism. Moreover, the vitamin tablets you are taking, and the healthy diet you are following for a safe pregnancy also contribute to it.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, 10% of our hair enters into a resting phase after its growth phase is over and every two to three months these resting hairs are shed to give space for new hair to emerge and grow in its place. This process goes on in a cycle where you can see 50 to 100 hair in your comb daily on average. During pregnancy, the duration of the resting phase of the hair grows. As a result, they stay in your head for far more time than they are supposed to.

Most Common Hair Changes During Pregnancy

pregnant woman holding hair

The most common changes that you can see in your hair during pregnancy are

  • Thicker volume from and after 15 weeks of pregnancy
  • Less hair fall
  • Healthy and strong hair
  • Your hair can get oilier if it is already oily
  • Your scalp and hair can get drier especially in the third trimester if it is already dry in nature

One can experience thinner hair during pregnancy because of malnutrition, hormonal imbalance due to stopping oral contraceptive pills, or if experiencing a miscarriage or abortion.

So, in general, pregnancy will result in less hair in your comb and more in your head. This is a great feeling but you also need to know that all this extra hair will eventually shed when your estrogen levels will go back to normal after delivery. Do not panic then as it is a part of your hair growth cycle and you will get your normal hair volume back before your baby turns one.

Home Remedies to Maintain Hair During Pregnancy

Home Remedies to Maintain Hair During Pregnancy

Applying home remedies for hair care is the best option during pregnancy as chemical treatment may cause harm to your baby. Avoid straightening your hair with chemicals and even dying your hair at least for the first trimester. Here are some home remedies you can try

1. Methi Seeds

If you want to strengthen your hair during pregnancy without using hard shampoos from the market, try methi or fenugreek seeds. It will make your hair healthy from the inside and add natural shine to your hair. Soak one tablespoon of methi seeds in one cup of water overnight. Grind the soaked seeds to make a fine paste. Apply the paste to your hair and leave it for one hour at least.

2. Henna

Applying henna can provide a natural brownish color to your hair that you can opt for instead of using chemical dyes.

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3. Curd

You must include curd or yogurt in your daily diet to ensure enough calcium intake. Besides, applying curd to your hair will retain its natural glow and moisture. Use a mild shampoo that is free of parabens and sulfates. Use cotton towels to dry your hair and avoid hair dryers and other heated hair instruments.

Effect of Pregnancy on Body and Facial Hair

The effect of pregnancy on your hair growth will not be limited to your head only. You can witness hair growth also in some not-so-wanted areas like your face, arms, chest, around the nipples, and below the belts. So you may have to shave or wax more frequently than ever before.

The good thing is that it is not permanent. All of these will go back to normal after delivery.

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When to See the Doctor?

Pregnancy hair change is a very common change that in general does not require the supervision of your doctor. But you can consult with your doctor if you suffer from excessive hair loss during pregnancy. This can be a sign of underlying problems such as hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, fungus attacks, and a stressful lifestyle. A timely visit to the doctor can cure your problem from the root.

Pregnancy in some women can cause strong and lustrous hair whereas for some it may not be so satisfying. Whatever it is, embrace your hair as it is unique and beautiful. Do some efforts to apply trusted home remedies and make your hair healthy from the inside instead of applying chemical hair care products.

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1. What Does Pregnancy Hair Look Like?

Your hair during pregnancy will definitely look thick, strong, and wavy. It can add more beauty to your beautiful face. But some women can notice changes in hair texture that leads to frizziness.

2. Can Pregnancy Make Your Hair Curlier?

Yes, hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause some waves in your hair. As pregnancy hormones can change the hair texture you may notice your otherwise straight hair now having some curls that you can flaunt.

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