Help Your Toddler Breeze Through Maths With Abacus

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Mathematics is not an easy subject for everybody and teaching Math to your little one can turn out to be a nightmare if you are not good at Math yourself. Most teaching techniques in schools are quite ineffective in helping children master the technique of quick and easy calculations. One needs to learn the art of carrying out calculations mentally and this will surely help your child love this subject once he learns an easy method for calculations. Find out how to Help Your Toddler Breeze Through Maths With Abacus.
A simple and effective solution for this is teaching your child Abacus. This wonderful method of calculation, which has been prevalent for centuries is ideal to help your child develop a love for this subject and help him find calculations so much simpler and easier.
Mom and child using abacus

What Is An Abacus?
How To Use Abacus For Teaching Maths To Toddlers?
How To Teach Counting With An Abacus?
Using Abacus To Teach Addition?
Teaching Money With Abacus
How To Use Abacus To Teach Multiplication?
Abacus As A Tool To Teach Place Values

What Is An Abacus?

An abacus or a counting frame is essentially a calculating tool constructed as a bamboo frame with beads sliding on wires. It is used around the world to teach the numeric system and arithmetic to pre-schoolers and elementary children. Abacus ensures your child learns simple arithmetic and is the best substitute for memorizing tables which most children dread learning. This is also a wonderful tool for helping the child develop an excellent base of various numbering systems. Bear in mind the fact children have an immense potential of brain power and energy and if tapped in the right manner, it can help your child excel in Math. When we talk about excelling in Maths, using an Abacus is the perfect solution. No age is too early to familiarize your child to the abacus. You can start here, even as early as three years. Find out how to teach your child odd and even number here.

How To Use Abacus For Teaching Maths To Toddlers?

You can begin teaching your little one how to handle an abacus from the very beginning itself. The abacus for toddlers comprises of beads of various colors which aid to make learning interesting and fun. It is ideal to help a child begin counting and also upgrades to higher mathematical concepts like addition and subtraction. At higher levels, an Abacus is even ideal to learn multiplication, division and fraction concepts as well.

How To Teach Counting With An Abacus?

Given below are some simple tips which will help you teach your child to count with an abacus-

  • Matching moves: Start by moving all the beads on each row to the same side. You move a particular number of beads to the other side in one row. Then ask your toddler to move the same amount of beads on another row to match your move
  • Play a game of counting: You begin by changing two or three beads to one side of a row and ask your little one to count how many beads have been moved. You can also ask them to count the remaining beads in that row. In this way, your child will soon learn the technique of counting
  • Learning numbers: You can play another game by just randomly calling out a number a telling your child to show that number on the abacus. In the same way, she can tell you a number and you do the same

How To Help Your Toddler Breeze Through Maths With Abacus To Learn Addition?

It is extremely simple to help your child learn addition with an abacus tool. Simple addition problems like 4 + 2, can be taught very simply. For example, just move four beads to one side place your finger in-between and then move the next two beads. Removing your finger and letting your kid count all the beads together, makes addition a simple concept to grasp.
Girl with abacus
However, more complex addition strategies can also be taught effortlessly via an abacus once you yourself learn how to use the abacus.

Teaching Money With Abacus

Money can also be taught quite easily with the aid of this tool. The hundred beads can be taken as one dollar or a rupee and each bead can be given the denomination of a penny or a paisa. While five beads can be calculated as a nickel and an entire row of ten beads can be treated as a dime, calculation becomes so much easier to comprehend for your child.

How To Use Abacus To Teach Multiplication?

Teaching multiplication with the aid of an abacus is also not as hard as you imagine. Just asking your little one to represent 4 on the abacus three times helps him to understand 4×3 =12. This aids in ensuring they understand the principle behind multiplication 4×3= 4+4+4 =12.

Abacus As A Tool To Teach Place Values

This lovely tool is perfect to ensure your child learns place values without any difficulty.  You need to teach them ten ones becomes one ten and ten tens are one hundred and so on. This makes the concept of place value quite simple for the child to comprehend.
As your little toddler grows older, you can get him introduced to the actual abacus tool with which all kinds of calculations however simple or tough can be done easily. They gradually upgrade to a situation where they can do all arithmetic calculations in their mind without the tool itself. For this it would be best if you could enroll your child in an abacus class which will help him master the art of using an abacus for all his mathematical calculations ever so effortlessly.
Now you know how to Help Your Toddler Breeze Through Maths With Abacus. So go ahead and purchase an abacus today either online or otherwise if you want your child to excel in arithmetic and develop a keen interest and love for this subject. This wonderful tool is a sure shot for making Mathematics easy and simple for your child.

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