Hindu Lord Ganesha Names For Your Baby Boys

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Lord Ganesha Names For Your Baby Boys

Lord Ganesha is also known as the vighnaharta and is given extreme importance amongst all the five devtas. The five devtas are Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Surya, Shakti and Ganesha. These five devtas together constitute the universe also known as the Brahman and it is a supreme one. Lord Ganesha  is Lord Shiva and Parvati’s son and is given the first invitation or worship  whenever anything auspicious takes place in the households of our country be it a marriage, the birth of a baby etc.

In Hindu Mythology, and in some families 10 lord Ganesha names in Sanskrit are taken prior to starting a new task. Lord Ganesha is worshipped in all parts of the country and yet is more famous in Maharashtra, and Ganpati names for baby  boy in Marathi are used there. Even in today’s time, this practice is followed and the modern Ganesha names for baby boy are sought after. It is the belief of the parents that their little one will have the magnanimous qualities of Lord Ganesha if they name their baby after him.

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300 Names of Hindu Lord Ganesha For Your Baby Boy

It is common in our country to name a new-born baby after a god and Lord Ganesha is worshipped in almost all parts of the country. He is powerful, the destroyer of evil, full of knowledge and wisdom, loveable and modest. So, it is the first choice of the parents due to so many attributes he possesses. The list given below is a mix of different types of names, modern, traditional, and even a mix as different parents have different choices. There are more than 100 Ganapati names or Ganapati bappa names that can be chosen from and 300 names of Lord Ganesha for baby boy are given in the table below. The baby boy names meaning Lord Ganesha are also given in the table.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aaradhya Blessing of Lord Ganesha
2 Aatesh The one who symbolizes Lord Ganesha
3 Aathesha It refers to a king
4 Aatish A dynamic person
5 Aayog One who has a strong bond with Lord Ganesha
6 Achyuth Is the undestructible one
7 Adhrav Lord Ganesha
8 Adhyaksha The great presider
9 Adidev The first god
10 Advaith One who is unique
11 Agranya It refers to the first born
12 Akhuga The one who rides a rat
13 Akurath It refers to Lord Ganesha
14 Alampata Ever eternal Lord
15 Amay Dismayed
16 Amegh The invincible one
17 Amey Refers to an eagle and a name for Lord Ganesha
18 Ameya It means limitless
19 Amit It means limitless
20 Amiy Lord Ganesha
21 Amod It means delight and pleasure
22 Amog The precious one
23 Amogh Lord of wisdom and wealth
24 Anaimuga Another name for god
25 Anant Admirable
26 Anantachidrupamayam Infinite and Consciousness Personified
27 Anav One who has love for mankind
28 Anavit Leader
29 Anaye Another name for Lord Ganesha
30 Aneek Someone filled with splendour
31 Ankish Lord Ganesha
32 Anmay One who cannot be broken
33 Anmay The unbreakable
34 Annay Leader of god
35 Anough Name of Lord Ganesha
36 Anuj It means younger brother and the name for Lord Ganesha
37 Anvit Leader
38 Anwith It means full of love
39 Aparajit It means the undefeated one
40 Arhat Worthy
41 Ariket Lord Ganesha
42 Arvik Universal
43 Ashrith The one who protects
44 Ashu It refers to the innocent one
45 Asit It refers to the peaceful one
46 Asy Lord Ganesha
47 Atharv It means knowledge
48 Atharva The god who fights against all obstacles
49 Athruv Lord Ganesha
50 Atvar One who is knowledgeable
51 Avaneesh It refers to the lord of the entire world
52 Avneesh Lord of the earth
53 Avnesha It refers to the entire world
54 Ayaan The one who shows the right way to live
55 Ayan It means watchful
56 Bahuliya Abundant
57 Balagnapati Little Ganapati
58 Balchandra The moon crested Lord.
59 Balesh It refers to Lord Ganesha
60 Benak Another name for Lord Ganesha
61 Bheema The mighty one
62 Bhuvanpathi It symbolizes God
63 Buddhinath God of wisdom
64 Buddhipriya The one who bestows knowledge
65 Buddhividhata God of Knowledge
66 Chaturbhuj One with four arms
67 Chinmay Is the one full with knowledge
68 Chintamani The Philosphers stone
69 Darseel Lord Ganesha
70 Daywa One who is divine
71 Devavrata One who accepts all penances
72 Devendrashika Is the protector of all gods
73 Deyva Name of Lord Ganesha
74 Dhaarmik One who is as charitable as Lord Ganesha himself
75 Dhoomravarna Refers to the hued lord
76 Dignesh The lord of direction
77 Durantadeva The one who removes all obstacles
78 Durja The invincible
79 Dvaimatura One who has two mothers
80 Ekadant It refers to the one-toothed god
81 Ekadrishta Another name for lord Ganesha
82 Eshanputra Son of lord Shiva
83 Gadadhara It refers to the powerful one
84 Gadin Lord Ganesha
85 Gajadev Lord of elephants
86 Gajakarna One with ears like that of elephant
87 Gajanan One who has a face like elephant
88 Gajananneti It refers to the elephant faced lord
89 Gajaraj King of elephants
90 Gajavakra Trunk of The Elephant
91 Gajavaktra Ine with mouth like elephant
92 Gajdant It refers to the elephant teeth
93 Gajpal Lord Ganesha
94 Gajrup Like an elephant
95 Gajvadan Name of lord Ganesha
96 Ganadhyakshina Leader of all celestial bodies
97 Ganan It refers to the fair one
98 Ganapthi Lord of all Gods
99 Ganesha Lord of the army
100 Ganpat Lord Ganesha
101 Gansh Ganesha
102 Ganvith The Independent one
103 Gattani Lord Ganesha
104 Gaurik It refers to the son of Goddess Gauri
105 Gaurinandan The son of goddess Gauri
106 Gaurisuta The son of Gauri
107 Ghanesh Derived from Ganesh
108 Ghanya Powerful
109 Gopesha Lord Ganesha
110 Gunatita Transcending all
111 Gunina One who is The Master of All Virtues
112 Haridra Inspired by lord
113 Harsha One who is happy
114 Heramb A calm and respected person
115 Heramba The beloved son of mother
116 Hetuka Lord Ganesha
117 Ibhaan The god whose face resembles an elephant
118 Ikshu Something sweet and desirable
119 Indraneel It refers to blue colour signifying emerald
120 Jainish Lord of Ganesha
121 Kabilaan A saint who worshipped Lord Ganesha
122 Kahaan Name of Lord Ganesha
123 Kajaraj Anothher name for Lord Ganesha
124 Kamesh Lord of Love
125 Kanish Caring
126 Kanraj Lord Ganesha
127 Kapil It is the name of a sage
128 Kapila The one who is yellowisg brown in colour
129 Karata A name for Lord Ganesha
130 Karthika Son of Lord Shiva
131 Karunya Calm and peaceful
132 Kaurik Lord Ganesha
133 Kaveesha King of all poets
134 Kavesh A shield
135 Kavish Another name for lord
136 Keenan The ancient one
137 Kenil Name of Lord Ganesha
138 Keyansh Person with all qualities
139 Khelan Lord Ganesha
140 Kripalu The merciful lord
141 Krishapingaksha Yellowish-Brown Eyed
142 Kriti It means fame
143 Krshang A mix of K for Krishna, S for Shiva and G for ganesha
144 Kshamakaram The place of forgiveness
145 Kshipra Easy to appease
146 Laavin One who carries the fragrance of the Lord
147 Lambodra It is the one with huge belly
148 Lapaya Lord Ganesha
149 Lolaksi The power of Lord Ganesha
150 Lovik Lord Ganesha
151 Mahabala The one with super strength
152 Mahabali One who is strong as god
153 Mahaganapati Supreme lord
154 Maham It refers to a full moon
155 Mahamati One with a big brain
156 Maheshwaram Lord of the universe
157 Mahimn Lord Ganesha
158 Mahodar Kind and generous
159 Mandar A mountain
160 Mangal Auspicious one
161 Manomay Winner of hearts
162 Mayrush It refers to lord Ganesha
163 Mohit It refers to the attractive one
164 Morya Devotee of Lord Ganesha
165 Mrityunjay The one who conquers death
166 Muktidaya Bestower of eternal bliss
167 Muktidaya Bestower of Eternal Bliss
168 Mundakarama Abode of happiness
169 Munistuta Is the one praised by sages
170 Musikvahana One who has a mouse as his charioteer
171 Nadapratithishta One who loves music
172 Naitik Lord Ganesha
173 Namasthetu Vanquisher of sins
174 Nandana An achiever
175 Natik It is inspired by Lord’s name
176 Nibhish Lord Ganesha
177 Nidheeshwar One who bestows wealth
178 Nidish Giver of wealth
179 Nimish It refers to the gleam of eyes
180 Nirmal Pure and spotless
181 Nitikh Master of justice
182 Nyrvig One who removes obstacles
183 Ojas One who shines brightly
184 Omkara Blessed with new beginnings
185 Parin Another name for Lord Ganesha
186 Parvatinandan Son of Parvathy
187 Pradnyesh The Lord of all knowledge and wisdom
188 Pragnay Famous
189 Prahar The one who signifies the correct beginning
190 Prajith The kind one
191 Pramod It refers to growth
192 Pramoda The lord of all abodes
193 Pranav The divine sound
194 Pratam The first one
195 Prathemshwara First amongst all
196 Prathmesh The best amongst all
197 Priyank It refers to the moon and a name for Lord Ganesha
198 Purush The omnipotent one
199 Rajan The powerful one
200 Ranesh Lord of the battle
201 Riddhesh The god who resides in all
202 Rudhav Lord Ganesha
203 Rudraanush A strong name for the Lord
204 Rudrapreeyam Beloved of  Lord Shiva
205 Rudveda One that signifies the power of Lord Ganesha
206 Saarik Lord Ganesha
207 Sajith It is the superior one
208 Sanmukh One with bright destiny
209 Sarvadevatman Acceptor of All Celestial Offerings
210 Sarvambh Lord Ganesha or the universe known as sarva
211 Sarvasiddhanta One who bestows wisdom and skills
212 Sarvatmaka God Ganesha
213 Sarvatman It means the protector of the universe
214 Saswata Lord Ganesha
215 Saurjyesh The lord of valour
216 Shambhav It refers to son of Lord Shiva
217 Sharwath It means wealth
218 Shashivarna One who looks like the moon
219 Shashivarnam One who has a moon-like complexion
220 Shataneek Another name for Lord Ganesha
221 Shetty Lord Ganesha
222 Shivatmaj Born from the soul of Shiva
223 Shivsunu One who overcomes all odds in life
224 Shoorpakarna Large eared lord
225 Shreeda The one bestowed with wealth
226 Shreeja A godly person who is creative and communicative
227 Shreyas The superior one
228 Shrijai The victorious one
229 Shriniketh Abode of beauty
230 Shrinil Lord Ganesha
231 Shubhagunakanan One who is The Master of All Virtues
232 Shwet It means the lovable
233 Siddhidhata Bestower of Success & Accomplishments
234 Siddhivi Bestower of Success
235 Sidheshwar It means the successful one
236 Skand The son of shiva
237 Sohil The handsome one
238 Sreenoy Lord Ganesha
239 Sreesh Refers to Lord Ganesha
240 Sriganesh Lord Ganesha
241 Srinay Lord Ganesha
242 Subhayu The auspicious one
243 Sumith Good friend
244 Sumuk It is another name for Lord Ganesh
245 Supash Lord Ganesha
246 Sureshwaram Lord of all gods
247 Svarna Lord Ganesha
248 Svojas Strong and powerful
249 Swaminath The lord almighty
250 Swamy The mystic one
251 Swanand Name of Lord Ganesha
252 Swaroop The one with a lovely face
253 Swastik Conducive to well-being
254 Takashy Lord Ganesha
255 Taksh Beautiful and creative
256 Takshay Another name for Lord Ganesha
257 Takshesh Ruler of Daksa
258 Tanaya Lord of Ganesha
259 Tanush It refers to the one with the brilliance of a god
260 Tarak The protector of all
261 Tarun Ageless
262 Thhnush Lord Ganesha
263 Tridhatri Lord Ganesha
264 Umpautra It refers to the son of Goddess Parvathi
265 Vadant Blessed with vedas
266 Vajasi Equal to Lord Ganesha
267 Vakrabhuja Lord Ganesha
268 Vakratund Lord Ganesha
269 Valda It means the ruler
270 Varad It refers to the strength
271 Varadavinayaka Bestower of Success
272 Varagnapati Bestower of boons
273 Varaprada Bestower of boons
274 Varsith Knowledgeable and adjustable
275 Vedansh Part of Lord Ganesha
276 Vedant It means holy wisdom
277 Veeraganapati Heroic Lord
278 Vibudheshvara The lord of the wise
279 Vidhyadhar One with knowledge and wisdom
280 Vidyavaridhi God of wisdom
281 Vighnajit Conqueror of obstacles
282 Vighnarajendra One who removes all obstacles
283 Vignesh The one who removes obstacles
284 Vikat Another name for the Lord with magnificent personality
285 Vinay Good Manners
286 Vinayak It refers to a leader
287 Vinayakam Lord of all
288 Viratapati It refers to the big god
289 Vishwanetra It means the eye of the world
290 Vishwaraja King of The World
291 Visvak It refers to the treasurer of the entire world
292 Visvamukh Is the master of the whole universe
293 Vivek It means wisdom
294 Vratpati It refers to the god of all fasts
295 Vyom Atmosphere
296 Wriddhish Lord Ganesha
297 Yashaskaram Bestower of Fortune and Fame
298 Yogadhipa The Lord of Meditation
299 Yunay It means the powerful one
300 Yuvan Youthful

Unique Names Inspired by Lord Ganesha For Baby Boy

baby boy

Some parents prefer to not keep very common names for the child, they are always on the lookout for unique names which makes their child stand out amongst the others. Some such names have been compiled in the list as under:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadidev The first and prime god that is worshipped
2 Advaita Unique one
3 Akhuga The one riding on a rat
4 Akhurath The one whose vehicle is a mice
5 Alampat Eternal like god
6 Ambikeya One who hails from the mountains of the world
7 Amit Indestructible and infinite
8 Ayan Two solstices
9 Balesh One who fights the evil
10 Bhaalchandra Used in relation to Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva
11 Bhupati One loved by all
12 Devavrat One who does not judge
13 Durja One who cannot be destroyed
14 Ishanputra Lord Shivas son, and Lord Shiva is also known as shan
15 Kapil Brownish yellow skin
16 Kavish King of poets
17 Lambakarna Large ears like Lord Ganesha
18 Mahamati Full of wisdom as the lord himself
19 Manomay One who wins the heart
20 Muktidaya Eternal bliss and charm
21 Nitya Something thats everlasting
22 Ojas Brilliant as the god himself
23 Shardul The king of all Gods
24 Shubhan The Auspicious one
25 Taksh Eyes like the pigeon
26 Uddanda Enemy of all evils of the world
27 Varad Strength like Ganesha
28 Visvak The treasurer of the world
29 Yashvasin Large number of believers
30 Yunay The most powerful

Lord Ganesha Names For Baby Boy in Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the base of most of the languages spoken in our country. Some Sanskrit names sound very different and have a beautiful meaning attached to it. Some such names are compiled under:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Ajit Someone whose presence causes evil to tremble in fear
2 Akuratha One who has a mouse as his charioteer
3 Arhat A person who is respected by all
4 Avnish The God who rules over all the worlds
5 Chaturbhuja The God with four arms
6 Gajaanand The happy God with the face of an elephant
7 Ganesha The very name of the Lord, who is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
8 Gajavaktra One who has a mouth like an elephant
9 Haridra Someone who has a golden-coloured skin
10 Heramba A person carrying the calm and respect of Lord Ganesha
11 Kavish Another name for Lord Ganesha, for his prowess in poetry
12 Keerthi Someone who carries fame and popularity as the Lord himself
13 Kshipra The Lord who is appeased by many
14 Lambodaram The Lord with the big belly
15 Mahabali Someone who is as strong as Lord Ganesha himself
16 Maham The greatest God
17 Nandan The Lord of celebration and happiness whose abode is in Kailash
18 Namasthetu Vanquisher of all evils and vices and sins
19 Pareen A traditional name for Lord Ganesha
20 Purush Quite literally the man who is capable of anything
21 Rakta One who has red coloured body
22 Rudrapreeyam Lord Ganesha, who is quite dear to Lord Rudra
23 Shambhu A reference to Lord Ganesha by praising Lord Shiva
24 Shoorpakarnna Large-eared Lord
25 Sumukh The one who is born with an appealing face
26 Swarup The Lord of all truth and ultimate beauty
27 Tarun The God who is ageless and young forever
28 Vinayakam The leader of all Gods
29 Vighnahara Remover of all obstacles
30 Vighnarajendra Lord of all obstacles
31 Yogadhipa The lord of meditation
32 Yashaskaram Bestower of fame and fortune
33 Yashasvasin The Lord who brings happiness and success

Lord Ganapati Names For Baby Boy in Marathi

boy baby

Lord Ganesha is worshipped all over the country but is most popular in Maharashtra and South India. Ganesh Chaturthi shows splendour, rigour and excitement to get him home and then bid farewell after a few days. The nine days when he is bought home are celebrated with feast and puja ceremonies. Due to his loving, affectionate, powerful, knowledgeable and generous nature, people in these parts of the country prefer to keep the baby boy names in Marathi and other languages are spoken there. Few such names are given below:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Amey Eagle
2 Anuj Younger brother
3 Ashu Innocent
4 Asit Unlimited
5 Asy Lord Ganesha
6 Durvang Lord Ganesha
7 Ijay Lord Ganesha
8 Mayrush Lord Ganesha
9 Ojas Full of light
10 Subh Auspiciou
11 Sushank Lord Ganesha
12 Svojas Very strong
13 Swanand Name of Lord Ganesha
14 Taksh Strong
15 Tanay Son of wind
16 Tarun Youth and tender
17 Varad God of fire
18 Vedant Holy Wisdom
19 Vivak Name of Lord Ganesha
20 Yagnesh Religious Leader

Modern Lord Ganapati Names For Baby Boy

In today’s time, parents prefer to have names for their kids that are not too long and boring to hear. The idea is to have something short, sweet and with a strong meaning attached to it. Some similar names have been compiled as under:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aathesh Lord Ganesh, King
2 Aayog Having a strong bond with Lord Ganesha
3 Amod A God that signifies pleasure
4 Amogh Fruitful, unerring
5 Anav The elephant-god filled with love for mankind
6 Anaye Without a superior, another name of Lord Ganesh
7 Avnesha The entire world inside a single God
8 Ayaan The God showing the right way to live
9 Gaurik Someone carrying the beauty of white mustard like the God himself
10 Ibhaan The God whose face resembles an elephant
11 Kabilaan A popular saint who worship Lord Ganesha
12 Laavin Someone carrying the fragrance of the Lord himself
13 Parin Another name of Lord Ganesha
14 Riddhesh The God who resides in the heart of all people
15 Rudraanush A powerful name for the Lord housing pure fire
16 Rudveda A name that recalls the power of Lord Ganesha
17 Shreeja A Godly person who is creative and communicative with everyone
18 Tanush A boy with the brilliance of a God
19 Vighnesh A destroyer of evil, this name is popular in South India
20 Vikat Another name for the Lord having a magnificent personality

Naming boys after lord Ganesha can be very beneficial as he had many qualities and was even an obedient son. Parents believe that the name can have a great impact and there are chances that the boy can grow up to be a respectful and obedient son. It is hence the responsibility of parents to check the meaning and then decide on a suitable name for their baby boy.

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