How to Choose the Right Baby Body Wash For Your Baby?

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Aparna Hari

Her experience in impactful writing combined with her background in Home Sciences makes Aparna the perfect candidate for content writing in the pregnancy and parenting niche.

baby body wash for your baby

Do you get confused when it comes to selecting baby body wash for your baby? If so, this article will give an in-depth guide on how to choose the right baby body wash for your baby. Baby washes are packed with Antioxidants and natural ingredients which soothe your precious one’s skin. If your baby’s skin gets dry because of soaps, then, baby body washes are the best alternative – they can easily do the job of removing dirt while maintaining the natural oils in the skin.

Wait for your baby to cross 4-6 weeks after birth. And now, it’s safe to bathe them with a small amount of baby wash 3 times a week. Furthermore, you should ideally ignore baby washes with scents because they can cause skin irritation. And don’t forget to check if pediatricians and dermatologists have given their approval to the brand’s product or not. If you do this, you’ll effortlessly find a great baby body wash with no side effects.

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What is a Baby Body Wash?

A baby has extremely sensitive skin that must be handled with utmost care and love. The fragile baby’s skin is prone to dryness and various skin conditions and they need a product that will keep the skin safe.

The beauty of baby body washes is that they don’t wash out the natural oils from your baby’s body while cleaning off the dirt. They have milder pH levels which means they are safer for your baby’s sensitive skin.

You can easily find body washes for your infant which are free from ingredients and fragrances that are harmful to an infant. Moreover, these baby washes come out as extremely useful for babies having allergies, eczema, baby acne, or diaper rashes. The goodness of baby washes is that they effectively soothe the skin’s dryness.

Can You Use Body Wash on Newborns?

Body Wash on Newborns

Yes, you can. But wait till your baby is about 4 weeks old if you are concerned about any allergies or side effects. You can also speak with your pediatrician for advice.

Baby body washes crafted with natural and harmless ingredients can be used to bathe your little one. Such body washes are toxin-free and don’t steal away the natural tone of a baby’s skin. For this reason, you can safely use baby body washes on newborn babies. You can always opt for well-known branded baby washes.

On the flip side, there are baby soaps or even body washes out there on the market which have synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, sulphates, parabens, and synthetic colours. Keep all of them a mile away from your infant because they can cause dryness and roughness in their skin.

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When Can You Start Using Body Wash on Babies?

Simply use water to clean their hair and body for the first month. And only after crossing the 4-6 weeks period, baby body washes can come into the picture. Besides, you must only apply a small portion of baby body wash on your infant’s body because their skin is now extremely fragile.

What to Look For in a Baby Body Wash For Your Baby?

What to Look For in a Baby Body Wash

Keep these few noteworthy things in your mind when you look out for purchasing baby body washes for your precious one.

1. Ingredients

Observe the ingredient list, as if, with a magnifying glass. The correct combination of ingredients can make a day and night difference. Search for body washes with non-irritating ingredients which don’t suck out natural oils from the skin – Avocado oil, Aloe vera gel, Argan oil, Organic Chamomile oil, and so forth. A gentle baby wash with hydrating ingredients serves the best when soothing dry skin.

2. Scent

You can simply look out for fragrance-free washes or, if you want a touch of fragrance in your baby’s body, prefer fragrances that are the result of natural ingredients and oils. Take, for instance, Lavender, whose fragrance exudes peaceful vibes. Don’t put soaps or baby washes with a lot of aromas in your shopping cart, as your baby’s skin may hate that.

3. Safety

Closely go through the basic information about the baby wash to conclude how safe it is for your infant. Take it as a green signal when you see a baby body wash brand clearly writing down its ingredient list. Moreover, see if any credible dermatologists and paediatricians have tested and given their thumbs up to the brand’s body wash product.

4. Foaming

It can’t be denied that bubble baths are full of fun. But you have to wait a bit more before you can make your baby’s bathing time extra foamy. Right now, foam will make their skin dry. Other than that, you can opt for milky and gel formulas which have lather in very mild quantities.

Amazing Top 3 Benefits of Using Baby Body Wash For Your Baby

Benefits of Using Baby Body Wash

Baby body wash soothes your baby’s skin, and also offers extra benefits.

1. Full of Healthy Antioxidants

The natural ingredients, antioxidants and essential oils are not only mild on your infant’s fragile skin but also provide it with great nourishment. They also shield their body from harm. By scavenging free radicals from the cells, they minimize the harm that occurs because of oxidation.

2. Prevents Skin Problems

Baby body washes are a hundred times better than soaps in terms of suitability for babies. Parents often see their infant go through rashes, eczema, and sometimes even skin diseases caused by the ruthless chemicals present in soaps. Because of its ingredients and antioxidant properties, baby body washes are gold for your dear one’s skin.

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3. Provides Hydration to the Skin

The alkaline nature of soaps puts them in a not recommendable category for babies. And it often leads to dry skin if used regularly. On the other side, baby washes soothe the dryness and balance the natural oils in the skin, which is very healthy for preventing skin problems and promoting hydration in the skin.

Does Baby Body Wash Have Any Side Effects?

You need to be careful with baby washes because some companies use Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) so that it can have lather. But the bad news is that this causes redness, dryness, and coarseness in your precious one’s skin. Further, sulphates such as SLS are potent when it comes to washing off dirt and oil from the skin. Thus, many companies still use it despite its negative effects.

Aside from this, you will find several brands in the market which include the ‘hypoallergenic’ component in their products. So, even if your little one’s skin is very sensitive, they will have almost zero chances of any side effects.

Now that you’re aware of what to look for and what to stay away from while purchasing a baby body wash for your baby, you can give a safe and fun bath to your baby. Baby body washes are certified by experts, and they’ll definitely keep their skin glowing and nourished like you always want it to be. So go ahead, and enjoy a happy-bathing time with your baby with confidence.

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1. How Often Should You Bathe a Baby?

According to the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), the ideal scenario is to give your baby 3 baths a week, until they get around one year old. As they get older and become more mischievous and active, they will have more dirt on them, and will obviously need an extra bath or two.

2. What Should I Wash My Newborn’s Skin With?

Be careful when you wash your baby’s face – only use plain water to clean the region close to their eyes and mouth. And after that apply a small quantity of baby body wash on their body.

3. Do Babies Need Lotion?

Never use products on your baby which are not baby products. If your baby has very dry skin, then you should seek a paediatrician’s advice.

4. Should I Wash My Baby’s Face Every Day?

Yes. It’s safe to clean baby’s face, neck, bottom and hands with plain water every day.

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Her experience in impactful writing combined with her background in Home Sciences makes Aparna the perfect candidate for content writing in the pregnancy and parenting niche.Read more.

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