How To End Homework Hassles

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Homework HasslesDo you feel sad seeing your child struggling with his homework?? We all do. But our responsibility does not end there. Feeling sad for the child and thinking we cannot do anything about it as he has to do his homework all by himself is definitely not the solution. We can help our child always by making it a simple and enjoyable task for him. Wish to know how!

Be a part of his assignment: It is not advisable to do your child’s homework but you can always be by their side. Sit with your child when he does his homework so that he feels confident that someone is there to help him in case of any problems that he might have and the sole burden does not lie on him.

Divide responsibilities: Divide responsibilities with your spouse. You can take some subjects and the others can be taken up by your spouse. This will not put pressure on you alone and you will feel happy teaching the subjects that you are good at. Everybody is not equally good at everything. If say, maths scares you then let your husband take up maths while you teach the other subjects. pregnancy pillow

Set the timetable: It is always easy for you and your child if you have a set time table for the day and also for each subject during the day. If you know which subject you have to teach each day, you will waste less time planning for it.

Don’t make mountains out of a mole hill: Remember and also keep reminding your child that it is just a bit of home work that he has to complete which is not a big deal. Don’t keep repeating” Have you done your homework “or “homework still not done” instead say” first complete your homework and then relax” making it appear like a normal and simple task.

Motivate your child: You can motivate your child to finish his homework by telling him stuff like all his friends must have done it by then or he can watch his favourite cartoon as soon as he finishes his homework. This way he will be keen to complete his work and will concentrate on it more.

Explain things that are complicated for him: Help your child to understand things, if he faces a problem. If he fears doing his homework, it surely means he is finding it difficult to do it or he is not understanding what is being taught in the class. Don’t shout at him for such things and always keep in mind that your IQ is not the same as his and he may take time to understand a few things. If it is easy for you, it does not mean it is equally easy for him. If you help him in understanding his chapter better instead of wasting time scolding him, you will make the process hassle free. Once he understands everything, he will take pleasure completing his work without being forced for it.

So don’t just depend on the school or the tuition teacher for your child’s studies, share some responsibilities with him to make things easy for your child. With a bit of planning and a holistic approach, homework will become an enjoyable part for both of you.

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