Latest Indian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

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Indian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

The parents of this generation are very particular about their babies. Due to technological advancement, they do a lot of research whether it is related to the diet, clothes, milestones or even deciding on a name. Most parents prefer to keep a trendy name or a name which has a beautiful meaning. These days even a name that has a meaning which is part traditional and part modern is also chosen. The names have an important place in the life of the child as it reflects on his personality.

The Indian culture has diverse customs and languages. So, parents all over the country whether North or South have their own choices and even keeping the names on their gods differ as well. Mostly baby boys’ names in India are kept on Lord Shiva, Krishna, Ganesha or Vishnu, Lord Murugan, etc. Indian names are so diverse that it becomes difficult to choose so given below is an alphabetical compilation of the latest Indian baby boy names with meanings. pregnancy pillow

300 Latest Indian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadi The important one, perfect, first, unequalled and the beginning.
2 Aadvin It means the unique one, a perfectionist
3 Aahan It means the first ray of light, sunrise, dawn.
4 Aakav Shape
5 Aakesh It means the Lord of the sky
6 Aakil It means smart and intelligent
7 Aanan It means appearance
8 Aarav A thunder sound, calm, wisdom and even peaceful.
9 Aarnav It means a deep ocean, sea, stream, wave
10 Aarush It means calm, brilliant, and another name of the sun, red and even calm.
11 Aayu It means the span of life.
12 Aayush Long live, One with long life, duration of life
13 Abeer Auspicious red powder applied in Holi, also means fragrance.
14 Abhik It means fearless
15 Abhimanyu Arjuns son, heroic
16 Abhiram Lord Shiva, handsome, pleasing
17 Adith It means peak or lord of the sun
18 Aditya It means Lord Surya or the new rising sun
19 Advaith It means unique and yet another name for Vishnu and Brahma.
20 Advay It means unique,
21 Advik Unique
22 Advit It means exclusive and unique.
23 Adyanth It means infinite, from the beginning to the end
24 Aekansh It means unique
25 Agastya It is the name of a sage.
26 Agraga It means in the presence of someone.
27 Ahil It means the king.
28 Ainesh It means the sun’s glory
29 Aksaja It means the flash of lightning.
30 Aksh It means the chariot of thousand horses.
31 Akshay It means immortal and eternal.
32 Amand It means to dismiss.
33 Amas It means soft and fine
34 Amava It means strong, violent and powerful.
35 Amay Another name for Lord Ganesha, free from errors.
36 Ambhoja It means waterborn.
37 Amol It means valuable and precious.
38 Anay Sacred wood apple tree, Time, Creeper, A vine, The Jasmine creeper
39 Anirudh Boundless, Unstoppable, Victorious, Unopposed
40 Anmol Priceless, Invaluable, precious
41 Ansh Portion, Day
42 Anuh It means one who is calm and without any desires.
43 Arin Full of Joy, Mountain strength, Ireland, Peace, Sunray
44 Arit It means the one with strength and who is enlightened.
45 Arjun It refers to a Pandava, one who is brilliant , pure and bright.
46 Arnav It refers to an ocean
47 Aryan He belongs to the Aryan race and is also a warrior. It is yet another of Lord Indra and also means benevolent
48 Ashmayu It is a Sanskrit word which means a ray of light.
49 Atharv Refers to Lord Ganesh, also a name of a Ved and even Lord Brahmas eldest son.
50 Atishay It means bright and successful.
51 Avi It refers to one who is a protector and has a Sanskrit origin.
52 Ayaan One which means gift of god and also religiously devoted.
53 Ayush It refers to the one who is blessed to have a long life.
54 Ayushman The word with a Sanskrit origin that means one who is blessed with long life.
55 Azaan It means virtuous or sober.
56 Azad It denotes one who is independent.
57 Bachittar It denotes a person who has outstanding merits
58 Bahadurjit It refers to the victory of a courageous and brave person.
59 Balendra It is another name for Lord Krishna, also refers to the one with strength.
60 Balhaar One who has unmatched strength or a person who is surrounded with strength
61 Baljiwan A person who has strength all his life.
62 Balvan A strong Person
63 Balveer A powerful person or one with immense Strength and power.
64 Banjeet It refers to the victory of the forest.
65 Bhuvan It refers to the Palace or home
66 Brijesh It refers to the King of Braj which is a small place in Norther India related to the childhood life of Sri Krishna.
67 Chaitanya It refers to pure and even attainment of consciousness.
68 Chakradev It denotes Lord Vishnu or one who carries a chakra.
69 Chakradhar One who carries Chakra and also a name for Lord Vishnu.
70 Champak It means a flower
71 Chanakya It denotes Kautilya who was a bright scholar, this name has a Sanskrit origin and means bright.
72 Chandran It refers to the moon.
73 Chandresh It means the leader of Moon
74 Charan A Sanskrit word that means the feet.
75 Charun It refers to the one who has beautiful eyes.
76 Chatresh Another name for Lord Shiva.
77 Chatura It refers to a smart or clever person.
78 Daksh It refers to the son of Lord Brahma also means talented, excellent and capable.
79 Dakshesh It means the victory of the forest
80 Dalbir It refers to a brave soldier.
81 Darpan It refers to a mirror.
82 Darsh It denotes someone handsome, and with a good sight, also a time when the moon starts becoming visible.
83 Darshil A perfectionist or the one who is sober and good.
84 Dev It refers to the heavenly God, or a king.
85 Devansh It is an eternal part of God.
86 Dhavit It refers to someone who is clean and pure.
87 Dhruv It means a pole star and something which is Immovable.
88 Divij It refers to the one who is born in heaven.
89 Diyan It refers to the bright light
90 Ehan It means expectation or full moon.
91 Ekalinga Another name for Lord Shiva
92 Ekansh It means whole.
93 Ekapad Another name for Lord Shiva
94 Ekaraj It denotes an emperor
95 Ekavir It refers to the bravest of all.
96 Ekbal It denotes prosperity
97 Falan It means fruitful
98 Faqid It refers to a person who is aware of Divinity and Law.
99 Faraj It denotes improvement, cure and remedy.
100 Faras It refers to a horse that is used for riding.
101 Farhan One who is happy, joyful and glad.
102 Fariq It means the one who compares.
103 Faris It refers to a knight
104 Fitan It refers to intelligence
105 Fiyaz One who is artistic
106 Frado It means the first one
107 Gagan It refers to the heaven or sky
108 Gaurang It denotes the husband of Goddess Parvati or Gauri.
109 Gaurav It denotes prestige, respect or pride.
110 Gautam Another name for Lord Buddha, also the one who removes darkness, is full of life, one amongst the seven rishis and the one who enlightens.
111 Girik Another name for Lord Shiva, and also heart of the gods
112 Girindra It refers to Lord Shiva or the Lord of the mountains
113 Girish Another name for the lord of the Mountains.
114 Gopal It refers to the cowherd
115 Gunbir It denotes a brave and virtuous person.
116 Guneet A virtuous person.
117 Hardik It means from the heart
118 Harin It means the deer
119 Harish Lord Shiva or Lord Krishna
120 Harith It means the good provider
121 Harsh It refers to happiness, excitement and joy.
122 Harshil It refers to a delighted, joyful, sweet and kid hearted person.
123 Hemang It refers to the one with shining body
124 Hitesh A person who thinks well of everybody.
125 Hredhaan A person with a great heart
126 Hriday It refers to the heart
127 Hrihan The one chosen by gods, a destroyer of enemies and another name for Lord Vishnu.
128 Hritik It means from the heart
129 Hrutesh It means the lord of springs or truth.
130 Ihit It denotes honour or prize
131 Ijay Another name for Lord Vishnu.
132 Ikbal It means destiny or glory.
133 Imaran It means prosperity n
134 Indrajit It denotes the conqueror of Indra
135 Isaac It signifies the safeguard or the protector.
136 Ishaan Lord Shiva, The Sun, Vishnu, Agni and Surya, Ruler, Generous, Causing prosperity
137 Ishir It denotes fire.
138 Ishwar It signifies the lord or the ruler.
139 Ivaan God’s gracious and glorious gift; The Sun; Ruler; Royal
140 Jagat It means the world
141 Jagdish It denotes the lord of the universe
142 Jai It means victorious
143 Jairaj It denotes the victorious ruler
144 Jason Refers to the one that cures
145 Jatin It signifies the auspicious one.
146 Jeet It means to conquer
147 Kabir It refers to the noble saint.
148 Kahan It means the universe
149 Kalpit It means the imaginative, creative and thoughtful.
150 Kanj Is another name for Lord Brahma
151 Karan It refers to an intelligent, talented, and a helper.
152 Kavish It refers to the king of poets or Lord Ganesha.
153 Kiaan Grace of God, Ancient or distant
154 Kiann It means grace of God
155 Krish An short name for Lord Krishna, also means compassionate.
156 Krishav A name that has Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva
157 Krishna A very popular name, and the eighth significant avatar of Lord Vishnu.
158 Laban It refers to white
159 Laksh It denotes the goal or target.
160 Lakshit It refers to the targets
161 Lohit Anything made of copper or red.
162 Lucky It refers to the fortunate one.
163 Maanas It means the mind
164 Maanav It means the youth
165 Madhav Refers to Madhu’s descendant.
166 Manan It means to persuade and celebrate
167 Manav It refers to mankind, also means pearl.
168 Manbir It means brave from heart
169 Manthan It means reflection through study
170 Manvik One who is conscious and kind-hearted
171 Meer It refers to something unimportant.
172 Mihit It means Lord Surya.
173 Mitansh It refers to a male friend.
174 Mitesh One with few desires
175 Mivaan It refers to the sun rays
176 Mohammed It refers to the founder of Islam.
177 Mokshith One who is liberated
178 Nachiket It refers to the thirst for the unknown, a fire that cannot be unperceived.
179 Naksh It refers to the moon
180 Nakul It means mongoose
181 Nakul It means the most good looking in the family.
182 Naveen It refers to something pleasant, new and beautiful.
183 Neel It denotes blue
184 Nibhish Another name for Lord Ganesha.
185 Nidhaan It means to treasure
186 Nihal It refers to one who is successful and joyous.
187 Nihith It means god gifted
188 Nimit It refers to destiny
189 Nirup One who is adored by all
190 Nishav It denotes the best person
191 Nitesh It refers to the earth’s heartbeat
192 Nythik It refers to the master of justice
193 Ohas It means to praise
194 Ojas It refers to the vital energy and the body strength, vigour
195 Om A sacred mantra in Buddhism and Hinduism.
196 Omkaar The sound of the mystic syllable OM
197 Onkar It refers to the purest of all.
198 Onveer It means the brave one
199 Orinder It refers to the pine Tree
200 Param It indicates the best.
201 Parth It refers to the son of mother earth.
202 Pranav It indicates salutation and praise.
203 Praneel Another name for Lord Shiva.
204 Pranit It means a leader and a pioneer.
205 Pratyush It refers to sun and dawn.
206 Priyansh It is a lovable part of someone
207 Purnit It means complete and fulfilled
208 Qabil It refers to the acceptor
209 Qadim It means ancient
210 Qarin It denotes a constant companion
211 Qasim It is the one who distributes
212 Rachit It means to be Prepared and written
213 Raghav It refers to the descendant of Raghu
214 Ranbir It denotes the brave warrior
215 Ranveer It means the hero of the battle
216 Rayaan It means a fragrant herb, galaxy and the gates of heaven.
217 Rehaan It means a king, star and the one with good fragrance.
218 Reyansh It means the first ray of light
219 Rihaan It means the god’s chosen one, another name for Lord Vishnu
220 Rishaan It refers to a good human being and another name for Lord Shiva
221 Rishi It refers to a sage
222 Rohan It is another name for Vishnu, also means ascending and rising.
223 Ronit It means charming and embellished or the tune of a song.
224 Rudra One amongst the names of Shiva, also known as storm.
225 Rushil It means the charming one.
226 Ryan It refers to the king’s descendant.
227 Sai It means a dagger which has two sharp prongs and even used in pairs for martial arts
228 Sajal It means moist clouds, one with water and tearful.
229 Saksham It denotes a competent person
230 Samaksh It indicates presence
231 Samar It means battle or war
232 Samarth It means adequate
233 Samesh It refers to the lord of equality
234 Sarthak It means meaningful
235 Sathvil A virtuous and calm person
236 Saumit It refers to someone who has everything.
237 Savar Another name for Lord Shiva
238 Shaurya It refers to bravery
239 Shayan A person who is courteous and intelligent.
240 Shivansh It means someone with a portion of Lord Shiva.
241 Shray It means credit
242 Shriyan Another name of Lord Vishnu
243 Shubham It means auspicious and good.
244 Siddharth Refers to the one who has some accomplished goal.
245 Sriansh It refers to the one who is born with a part of Vishnu
246 Stuvan It means to praise
247 Suveer It means courageous and heroic.
248 Taksh It refers to a divine mountain
249 Tanay It means son
250 Tanish It denotes ambition
251 Tanmay It means engrossed
252 Tanveer It means strong body and rave.
253 Tanvik It refers to a king
254 Tarak It means a protector and a star.
255 Tavya It means a strong person
256 Teerth It refers to a holy place
257 Tejas One who is sharp and brilliant.
258 Tilak A red colour spot on forehead, a paste from sandalwood which is applied on the forehead, a flowering tree.
259 Udant It refers to the correct message
260 Udarsh It means brimming
261 Umang It means enthusiastic and happiness.
262 Upkaar It means favour
263 Utkarsh It refers to advancement
264 Vaidik It means related to vedas
265 Vedansh A part of veda
266 Vedant It refers to the one who knows Vedas.
267 Veer It means powerful and heroic.
268 Viaan It denotes a lively and full of life person.
269 Vihaan It indicates morning or dawn.
270 Viraj It means Resplendent
271 Vivaan It indicates one who is full of life
272 Wahab It denotes to someone who is the servant of all
273 Warinder It denotes lord of oceans
274 Warjas It refers to ancestary
275 Wazir It refers to minister
276 Wriddhish Another name for Lord Ganesha
277 Wridesh It refers to being Blessed
278 Yaaja Another name for Lord Shiva
279 Yaashk It means exerting
280 Yadnya It means the holy fire
281 Yagnesh It refers to sacrifice
282 Yatan It means devotee
283 Yatin It means ascetic and devoted.
284 Yatish It means the lord of the devotees
285 Yohan It refers to gift
286 Yug Refers to an era.
287 Yuvraj It refers to the prince
288 Zahir It means shining and radiant
289 Zaid It means to progress
290 Zain It refers to excellence and radiance.
291 Zaiyaan It means graceful and bright.
292 Zashil It refers to enthusiasm
293 Zayan Beautifier
294 Zayd It means abundant and plentiful
295 Zeeshan It means the moon
296 Zehan It means brightness
297 Zev It means the wolf
298 Zitien It means a shining spark
299 Zitin It means a shining bright star.
300 Zubeen It means something that touches the sky.


1. What is the Most Attractive Name For a Boy in India ?

There is no one name that can be considered attractive for naming a boy in India. This is because some religions follow the meaning, some follow the rituals, some wish to keep the names of their babies on the Gods name. All names have beautiful meanings, so it is difficult to decipher one name for naming a boy in India.

Thus, the parents should always be very cautious in deciding a name for their baby boy as it becomes a part of his personality. It gives him his identity and also makes the little baby boy imbibe the qualities hidden in the name

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