Is It Normal For Pregnancy Symptoms to Come and Go?

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pregnancy symptoms come and go

If you have successfully made those two red lines in your pregnancy test kit, then it is time to face the whirl of symptoms coming for you. The pregnancy symptoms are somewhat common in most women. The first symptoms begin to appear as soon as you conceive and your hormones start to change. As your pregnancy progresses, you will slowly adjust to these changing symptoms. In effect, it is quite easy to prepare your mind for those symptoms. But handling them becomes difficult when you cannot predict when pregnancy symptoms come and go.

Each pregnancy is different from the other. The frequency and intensity of the symptoms differ in each woman. In some women, these changes of symptoms occur so suddenly that they cause concern. So thus the question arises whether is it normal for pregnancy symptoms to come and go? If yes, when is it normal and when do you need to worry? Let’s dig deep into the matter for better understanding.

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Is it Normal For Pregnancy Symptoms to Come and Go?

Sometimes it is normal for some pregnancy symptoms like vomiting to occur for a day and not occur the very next day. Some women may not experience certain symptoms at all. All this is normal. But whether you need to be concerned or not depends on the type of symptom. So you need to know what changes in pregnancy symptoms are normal and what is not.

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When Are Changes in Pregnancy Symptoms Considered to be Normal?

early pregnancy symptoms

The first trimester is the most crucial time of pregnancy. It’s the time when your body acts weirdly the most. Your day can start with nausea. You can develop likings for some foods you have never liked before. Or you can detest the one’s once-favorite. The mere smell of something can cause you great uneasiness. Along with these tender breasts, dizziness, cramps, headaches are the common symptoms of the first trimester and these will come and go during this period.

By the time you reach the second trimester, most of these symptoms will subside. That is why the second trimester is known as the honeymoon period of pregnancy. But for some women things may not get that easy, as the first trimester symptoms can be replaced by some fresh symptoms like heartburn, bloating, constipation, back pain, depression, etc. Your sensitivity towards certain foods or smells may also continue during this period.

The most common symptoms during the third trimester are swelling in the legs due to water retention and frequent urination. Frequent urination is caused by the pressure of the growing uterus on the bladder.

The occurrence or disappearance of these signs throughout your pregnancy is common and there is nothing to worry about. You can see this come and go frequently during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. One day you can feel energetic and the next day exhausted. With the help of a routine check-up and homely remedies, you can ease these symptoms.

When Are the Changes in Pregnancy Symptoms Should be Considered Concerning?

ectopic pregnancy

Now you need to know when you should worry and take a visit to your gynecologist. Fetal movement is one such necessary sign of pregnancy that starts during the 5th month of pregnancy and increases as you reach near delivery. This symptom should not stop. If fetal movement stops suddenly or decreases considerably then immediately visit your doctor and do a USG.

Besides, having a vaginal bleed and consistent abdominal pain can also be alarming signs of emergency during pregnancy. It can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy in which the fetal development occurs outside the uterus which can even risk the life of the mother.

It is some of the symptoms of pregnancy that sometimes make us realize that possibly we are pregnant. And the changes in these symptoms are common during pregnancy, especially if you are having your first baby. It is important to understand that each pregnancy is different and so are the signs. A pregnant woman should always trust her gut. If you are feeling anything unnatural or uneasy about your pregnancy signs, you can always consult your doctor immediately for advice.

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1. Should I Worry if My Pregnancy Symptoms Disappear?

Sometimes a complete disappearance of all pregnancy signs happens when you have a miscarriage. But fluctuation of pregnancy symptoms can occur in normal pregnancy too. You can always consult your doctor who will suggest a USG to confirm the situation.

2. Why do Early Pregnancy Symptoms Come and Go?

Early pregnancy symptoms come and go all due to the fluctuation in hormone levels. The sudden increase of HCG hormone, estrogen, and progesterone in your body causes early pregnancy symptoms. When the levels of these hormones normalise for a bit, your pregnancy symptoms will temporarily disappear.

3. Is it Normal For Pregnancy Symptoms to Come and Go at 5 Weeks?

Yes, it is normal. Some moms probably don’t even realize that they are pregnant as it may be too early for symptoms, especially for women who have already given birth. You need not feel sick or weak to be pregnant.

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