Is It Safe to Drink Chrysanthemum Tea During Pregnancy?

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Chrysanthemum Tea

Pregnancy is a phase that is full of dos and don’ts. It is a very confusing phase, as well. Many things that can be taken otherwise may not be safe at the time of pregnancy. On the other hand, some food should be taken within permissible limits only. This applies to expectant mothers who love tea as well. That is why some tea lovers even change over to herbal tea, which is relatively low in caffeine content. But not all herbal teas are safe during pregnancy. What about the chrysanthemum tea? Is it safe to drink chrysanthemum tea during pregnancy?

Having too much tea during pregnancy can have adverse effects since the tea leaves have some percentage of caffeine, which is not favorable during pregnancy. It may lead to low weight at birth and even chances of miscarriage. We explain the pluses and minuses of drinking chrysanthemum tea during pregnancy.

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What is Chrysanthemum Tea?

Herbal teas are made from flowers, and the same goes for chrysanthemum tea, which is made from chrysanthemum flowers. This tea holds a popular place in Eastern Asia. It gets prepared from the chrysanthemum flowers that have been dried and immersed in boiling water, resulting in yellow, transparent, and full of fragrance tea.

Does Caffeine Present In Chrysanthemum Tea?

Chrysanthemum tea is a floral infusion rather than a true tea made from the leaves of the plant. Therefore, unless blended with caffeine-containing tea leaves, such as black or green tea, Chrysanthemum tea is caffeine-free.

Is it Safe to Drink Chrysanthemum Tea During Pregnancy?

Is it Safe to Drink Chrysanthemum Tea During Pregnancy_

Not a lot is known about the effects of herbs and herbal teas on pregnancy due to limited research studies. For this reason, you must always get in touch with a doctor or gynecologist before having herbal teas such as chrysanthemum tea during pregnancy.

While chrysanthemum tea is popular for its many medicinal benefits, some factors go against drinking this tea when pregnant. Many tests and researches find the presence of some harmful constituents in this tea. For this reason, you may need to exercise caution.

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Medicinal Properties of Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea is an herbal tea with several therapeutic benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Assists in recovering from the flu.
  • Helps cool down the skin and is beneficial for expectant mothers who have acne.
  • Alleviates sore throat and reduces fever.
  • Acts as a natural coolant and helps with headaches and mouth ulcers.
  • Helps treat varicose veins as well as heart ailments.
  • Acts as a detoxifier due to high antioxidants, this herbal tea help with the cleaning up of the kidneys and liver.
  • Chrysanthemum tea is widely used in China to improve eyesight. It is an excellent source of vitamin B and C and provides fast relief from red eyes, itchiness, and dryness of eyes due to heat.
  • Helps in treating dizziness.
  • Can alleviate hypertension issues.
  • Helps in combating bacteria, viruses, and boosts endurance.

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Side Effects of Chrysanthemum Tea During Pregnancy

Chrysanthemum tea acts as a natural coolant. It is, in fact, a favorite summer drink of tea lovers as it helps to quench summer thirst. It is also taken during fever to bring down the body temperature naturally.

However, during pregnancy, your body temperature should stay high to protect the baby. Too many changes in the body temperature will affect the development of the fetus. In that aspect, having Chrysanthemum tea (more than 2 cups per day) could have adverse side effects in pregnancy.

Chrysanthemum tea is known to boost energy levels, but is not advisable for those who have allergic reactions to daisies or ragweed. Also, stay away from this herbal tea if you are having recurring episodes of diarrhea. This tea is not suitable for expectant mothers as it has chances of probably crossing the placenta, leading to adverse effects on the baby. It also carries the risk of bringing about preterm contractions and premature birth.

What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

What Can Possibly Go Wrong_

Since most herbal teas are caffeine-free, including the Chrysanthemum tea in your routine should not technically cause issues. The only problem with drinking Chrysanthemum tea while pregnant is that there is no adequate research studying the impact of this tea on pregnancy and the growing fetus. Having herbal tea at the time of pregnancy can affect the body positively or negatively. While its benefits are many, side effects also do exist.

There have been varied views questioning the safety of the tea for pregnant women. Few tea brands report their tea to be safe since they are strictly following the Food and Drug Administration guide points. Even then teas having higher chrysanthemum levels can be harmful during pregnancy.

Many alternate health care experts feel that the consumption of herbal tea while pregnant is a wise way to get back to ideal pregnancy health as it offers extra nutrients like magnesium, iron, calcium, etc. But since we do not know the effects of the tea, being safe and avoiding this tea makes sense.

Medical experts believe that the consumption of chrysanthemum tea when pregnant is a safe bet as long as you exercise moderation. Pregnant women should always drink chrysanthemum tea in warm water rather than in hot water. It is also very crucial to have the doctor’s word as the body proportion of a few pregnant women is unfavorable to consuming the chrysanthemum tea.

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1. Can I Have Chrysanthemum Tea Everyday While Pregnant?

No, not advisable. Pregnant women must avoid this tea. It contains pyrethrum, which can cause irritation in various parts of the body.

2. Does Chrysanthemum Tea Contain Caffeine?

No, it does not. It is caffeine-free. However, it is still not safe for pregnant women to drink it.

3. Can Chrysanthemum Cool Down Your Body?

Yes, it can. Its main nature is to cool down the heated body. Hence it is not advisable for pregnant women.

4. Can Drinking Chrysanthemum Tea Affect the Fetus?

Yes, it can have adverse effects on baby. It can change your body temperature drastically, which is dangerous. It is best to consult your doctor before drinking this.

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