Is it Safe to Drink Jasmine Tea During Pregnancy?

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jasmine tea during pregnancy

The thought of sitting down with a cup of jasmine tea when you are pregnant may sound incredible. A variety of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, can be treated with Jasmine Tea. Jasmine tea has health benefits similar to green tea and is also beneficial for skin health. But is it safe to drink jasmine tea during pregnancy?

Adding jasmine tea to your daily diet can help boost your health. Are you a jasmine tea lover and wondering if you can continue to drink it during your pregnancy? Does jasmine tea have any benefits for pregnant women? Are there any risks associated with it, especially now that you are pregnant? Read on to find out.

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What is Jasmine Tea?

Jasmine tea is a type of floral tea. It is mainly green tea, but the tea makers include jasmine flowers along with green tea leaves to give it a floral flavor to the tea. This tea also renders an amazing and relaxing sweet aroma. Jasmine tea is among the most common herbal teas and is popular in China. However, it is important to understand that jasmine tea does not contain the parts of real jasmine blooms. It only contains the essence of the flower.

Having a cup of jasmine tea can be a very relaxing experience for anyone. However, when you are pregnant, you need to watch out for what you are eating to ensure that it does not harm you or the growing baby

Are There Any Benefits Associated With Jasmine Tea During Pregnancy?

Benefits Associated With Jasmine Tea During Pregnancy_

Not really. As explained above, there is no real jasmine in jasmine tea. And as a result, there are no additional benefits that jasmine tea brings to you that a normal glass of green tea does not. That said, drinking green tea (with or without jasmine) has many benefits. It includes:

  • Providing antioxidants that help reduce cell damage and oxidant stress during pregnancy.
  • Protecting against heart diseases.
  • Reducing the risks of high blood pressure.
  • Reducing risks of gestational and type 2 diabetes.
  • Strengthening teeth and bone.
  • Strengthening general immunity.

Apart from all this, the consumption of jasmine tea can be refreshing and helps provide relief from a bloated stomach, a common pregnancy symptom. However, it is always necessary to consult your doctor before you drink jasmine tea during pregnancy.

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Are There Any Risks Associated With Drinking Jasmine Tea During Pregnancy?

No, there are no risk factors from drinking jasmine tea during pregnancy. However, you need to keep these couple of points in mind:

1. Caffeine

Just like any green tea, jasmine tea contains caffeine. Caffeine is not safe during pregnancy and the impact on the pregnant woman, pregnancy, and the growing baby is not yet known. Caffeine can cause problems such as:

  • Chances of miscarriage or stillbirth.
  • Problems with the weight gain of the baby.
  • Faster heart rate in newborns.
  • Breathing difficulty in newborn.

Many doctors advise pregnant women to avoid any products with caffeine. Research indicates that pregnant women can safely consume 200 mg of caffeine per day. This is equivalent to three or four cups of green tea. However, bear in mind that the 200 mg limit is for all caffeine products.

And caffeine is present in not just green tea, but also normal tea, coffee, cola drinks, energy drinks, and even chocolate. So, even if you stick to three or four cups of green tea, if you consume any of the other caffeine-containing products, then you overshoot your caffeine limit for the day. So you need to be extremely careful.

2. Absorption of Folic Acid

Folic acid is very important during your pregnancy as it helps in the development of the nervous system of your baby. The deficiency of folic acid, especially during the first trimester, can result in neural tube defects in babies. Too much consumption of any green tea (including jasmine tea) can reduce your body’s ability to absorb folic acid properly.

3. Absorption of Iron

Just like folic acid, too much green tea, especially when taken with meals, is known to hamper your body’s ability to absorb iron.

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What Can You Replace Jasmine Tea With During Pregnancy?

infused water with mint and raspberry

If you want to avoid jasmine tea or avoid all kinds of tea during pregnancy, then a good alternative is flavored or infused waters. To make flavored water, simply add fruits such as raspberries,  blackberries, or lemon to hot or cold water and allow the flavor and aroma to infuse into the water. This naturally flavored water can satiate your cravings for jasmine tea.

It is always better to err on the side of caution, especially during pregnancy. If you love jasmine tea, and if it helps to calm you, then there is no need to stop it. However, stick to just one cup during a day to ensure you are not overshooting your caffeine limit for the day.

And if you are in doubt, always talk to your doctor. Every pregnancy is different, and so your body may have various health issues than anyone else. Herbal teas, even those relatively safe during pregnancy, may contain ingredients that your doctor might think you should avoid. If you have to give up caffeine altogether, try and gradually reduce your intake of caffeine to prevent caffeine withdrawal symptoms like headaches and irritability.

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1. Can I Have a Refreshing Jasmine Tea When Pregnant?

Yes, you most certainly can. It can be soothing and refreshing. Just don’t go overboard with it.

2. Will Jasmine Tea Affect My Pregnancy?

If it has too much of caffeine in it, it might. Also, jasmine tea can interfere with the absorption of folic acid. This is important for the fetus development.

3. Is Jasmine Tea a Healthy Option During Pregnancy?

There is no specific research on this. All benefits of green tea can be enjoyed by drinking this tea. This includes immunity against infections, heart diseases, control over blood sugar, etc.

4. Can Having Jasmine Tea During Pregnancy Cause Iron Deficiency?

It can hamper your body’s ability to absorb iron. This happens when you have a lot of jasmine tea. Moderate intake is important.

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