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Is It Safe To Get The House Painted During Pregnancy?

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The season of festivals is here. Most of us get our houses to look great during the Diwali season. As the season sets in, many people renovate their houses and give a new and fresh look to their homes. Getting your house painted or distempered can be quite a daunting task and a huge responsibility. Is It Safe To Get The House Painted During Pregnancy?When pregnant, your body and mind need extra rest, undertaking responsibilities like these can take a toll on your health. Besides, paints and distemper can somewhat affect your and the baby’s health.
Painting in pregnancy

Can Wall Paints Be Harmful In Pregnancy?

  • Oil-Based Paints
  • Latex/ Acrylic Paints
  • Lead-Based Paints

What Precautions Can I Exercise To Get My House Painted In Pregnancy?

  • Do one room at a time
  • Keep your food away and covered
  • Keep the room ventilated
  • Take necessary precautions
  • Consult your doctor

Can Wall Paints Be Harmful In Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Get The House Painted During Pregnancy? Well, all kinds of paints emit fumes; some paints contain chemicals. Getting exposed to harmful chemicals during pregnancy can adversely affect the health of both mother and child. Paints that contain metal like aluminum and zinc are extremely harmful, especially during pregnancy. A variety of paints are available in the market. Some of them are listed below; they will help you to understand what is good and what is bad for you during your pregnancy.

Oil-Based Paints

These types of paints contain solvents. Excessive and constant exposure to solvents can lead to miscarriage. Prolonged exposure to oil-based paints can affect the baby severely and the baby could be born with defects and disabilities. Even the fumes of oil-based paints can be toxic if you are exposed to it for a long time

Latex/ Acrylic Paints

These paints do not contain solvents and are easily washable. Hence, they are relatively safer to be around during pregnancy. Even if the mother is exposed to the fumes it won’t pose any threat to the mother or the baby

Lead-Based Paints

Lead-based paints can be harmful, especially when you are pregnant. They may cause serious problems for the baby. Hence, most paint companies refrain from using lead in their paint. Nonetheless, it is better to check the paint before buying
Doctors recommend that you must avoid getting your house painted especially during the first trimester since your baby’s development is rapid during this period. Exposing your baby to chemicals and fumes during the first trimester could be a hindrance to the baby’s growth and development.
Painting a house

What Precautions Can I Exercise To Get My House Painted In Pregnancy?

Limited, cautious and regulated exposure to paints and paint fumes will not prove risky for you and the baby, but if being with paints is a part of your job, you may need to take a rain check. It has not yet been determined as to how much exposure to paints is safe during pregnancy.
Most experts may advise against this but if you still have to get your house painted there are certain precautions you must take.

Do one room at a time

The best advice would be to vacate the house when it’s being painted. If that is not possible, try to do one room at a time. If you are pregnant, avoid going to the room that’s being painted. Even after the procedure is done, it is recommended that you don’t step in the room for the next 48 hours. Since the fresh paint could still emit fumes and the smell could make you nauseous

Keep your food away and covered

If you get your house painted, cover the food and even the utensils that you are going to use so that the chemicals and solvents don’t get in contact with the food to be consumed. Do not eat in the room that is being painted as well

Keep the room ventilated

Open all the windows and keep the room that is being painted, well ventilated. So that the fumes and the smell don’t circulate in the room. After the painting is done switch on the fans as well and avoid going to that room for some time

Take necessary precautions

Touching the paint is not necessarily harmful, but breathing the fumes can be. So avoid touching the paints and other painting equipment. If you have to go to the room that’s being painted and you are going to be there was a long duration, wear a mask or tie a scarf around the face. Use water-based paints; if possible, they are more conducive than oil-based paint. Avoid spray paints since they can be very toxic

Consult your doctor

Before you decide to paint your house you should consult your doctor. The doctor knows your history and condition well and will give you proper advice on whether it’s good for you or not. Also, if during the painting you experience frequent headaches or nausea consult your doctor immediately
Hope the article on Is It Safe To Get The House Painted During Pregnancy?, was helpful.
Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. It is time to take a break and indulge in some quiet time. Avoid the hassles and tensions that come with renovating and painting, all this can wait. In the meantime, you must just unwind and concentrate on yourself and your baby’s health and well being.

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