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Headaches And Pregnancy

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At the time of pregnancy, a woman can have headaches. It is that time in a woman’s life when she has to take extensive care of her health. Headaches during pregnancy will make her worried. Yet, headaches during pregnancy are very common. Generally, headaches do not cause harm to your health. But, headaches can work as a symptom of other health issues sometimes. You need to understand what causes headaches and ways to tackle them. So, let’s discuss headaches and pregnancy in this article.


What Causes Headaches During Pregnancy?

Headaches during pregnancy have specific reasons behind it. Most women experience it during the first and third trimester. One of the reasons for having headaches is the hormonal changes in the body of a woman in the pregnancy period. Yet, there are other causes of headaches during pregnancy as well. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Improper Sleeping: During Pregnancy, you have to sleep. Without proper sleep, you can face many problems during your pregnancy. One of those problems for improper sleeping during pregnancy could be headaches.
  • Abstaining from Caffeine: When you are pregnant, you will look to stay away from caffeine. You get caffeine from various sources such as tea, coffee, or cold drinks. It can also result in headaches because caffeine facilitates good sleep.
  • Low Blood Sugar: During pregnancy, your blood sugar level could fluctuate a lot. So, due to the low level of blood sugar, you can get headaches. By bringing back the blood sugar level to normal, you can get rid of the headache.
  • Too Much Stress: Yes, pregnancy can be too stressful as well. If you are pregnant, then you will have lots of different types of emotions running through your body. By taking too much stress, you can invite the problem of headaches.
  • Depression and Anxiety: During pregnancy, big hormonal changes happen to your body. It will lead to various problems, such as depression and anxiety. Because of this, you will also get headaches often.

How To Treat Headaches During Pregnancy?

When you have headaches during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor for treatment. You should abstain from taking any medicine before consulting with the doctor. If you get severe headaches, then consult with your midwife or doctor immediately. You should keep in mind that this headache can also be a sign of any other serious health problem. Yet, if you want to find relief from your headache, then you can try the following measures.

  • Medication: Any medication needs to be approved by your doctor when you are pregnant.  Occasional headaches can be treated by means of acetaminophen. Persistingbhead ache can be a sign of underlying pregnancy issues like preeclampsia. Therefore persisting severe headaches should be taken to the notice of your doctor, and the doctor will put you on some safe medications.
  • Take Proper Rest: Not taking proper rest is a big reason for having headaches. Thus, you need to sleep well and rest well. You should not compromise with your relaxation during pregnancy. It will help you to overcome headaches.
  • Stay Active: Exercising at the time of pregnancy is very important. You can attend yoga classes, especially, meant for pregnant women. An active body during pregnancy will help you to fight off headaches.
  • Massage Shoulders and Neck: Massaging your neck and shoulders is a good way to stop your headache. It will help you to find comfort. You can also ask your partner to massage your neck region to reduce headaches.

What Are The Home Remedies For Headache During Pregnancy?

You should only take medicines for headaches after a consultation with your doctor. In the meantime, if headaches are troubling you, then you can try some of the following home remedies. It will help you to overcome the problem of headaches during your pregnancy.

  • Drinking Adequate Water: You have to drink an adequate amount of water to get rid of headaches. You should stay hydrated during pregnancy. You can prevent headaches if you drink 8 ounces of water during pregnancy.
  • Hot and Cold Compress: For many reasons, the blood vessels of your head could expand or shrink. If this happens, you will have a headache. You can use a hot or cold compress to tackles this problem. It will reduce your problem of headaches.
  • Bite Ginger: Headaches during pregnancy will create a feeling of nausea. Biting ginger will help you to find relief from that feeling. Moreover, ginger is very much helpful in reducing headaches, as well.
  • Take a Nap: When you are having severe headaches, it will be difficult for you to sleep. Yet, taking a nap can be a very smart way of getting rid of the headache that you are having. Taking a nap will help you to feel a bit better.
  • Have Lemon Juice: Drinking lemon juice every day is good for health. Lemon juice can provide you with many benefits. By drinking lemon juice, you can reduce your headache. The increased vitamin C level of your body will reduce headaches.

How To Prevent Headaches During Pregnancy?

As most of the medicines for headaches are not safe during pregnancy, it is always better to take steps to bring down the possibilities of getting headaches during pregnancy.  Here area  few ways which help to keep headaches at bay during pregnancy:

  • Sleep deprivation is a common factor that contributes to headaches during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to take steps to ensure you are getting adequate sleep during pregnancy.
  • Find out some ways to manage your stress. Stress is another important factor that triggers headaches. Breathing exercises and meditation are very effective relaxation techniques in controlling the stress.
  • Eat healthy food regularly. Skipping a meal can bring about a headache. Likewise, stay well hydrated. Drink plenty of water and juices.

Finally, headaches during pregnancy can be painful. But, with proper care, you can tackle it. You should not take medication at once if you have headaches. First, you should talk to your doctor. He or she will guide you. Also, take suggestions from your doctor before applying the home remedies mentioned above.

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