Benefits Of Kidney Beans During Pregnancy

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Nothing matches the joy and wonderful experience of being pregnant with a life growing inside you. If you happen to be one of those lucky women who have just discovered you have conceived, it is imperative take adequate care of your health and be extra cautious about your diet if you want to breeze through your pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. Items which are packed with proteins are a must during this period and kidney beans is one such item that is loaded with all the necessary nutrients. Also called the “super food of pregnancy “, this wonderful bean is not expensive and can be included in your daily diet.
Kidney beans

  • What Are Kidney Beans?
  • Why Should Kidney Beans Be A Part Of Your Pregnancy Diet?
  • 10 Health Benefits Of Eating Kidney Beans During Pregnancy
  • Hazardous Effects Of Kidney Beans During Pregnancy

What Are Kidney Beans?

Kidney beans, so named due to their resemblance to the kidney in shape and color, is a variety of the common bean. They are available round the year, both in canned and dried variants, and are often dubbed as a health super food. Packed with fiber, low- fat protein, antioxidants and iron, they are a must have in pregnancy diet, especially if you are a vegetarian. Kidney beans can be cooked in a number of ways, can be tossed in salads and are often eaten boiled.

Why Should Kidney Beans Be A Part Of Your Pregnancy Diet?

It is indeed a wonderful option to fill your shopping cart with lots of kidney beans if you happen to be pregnant, especially during the last two trimesters as these beans are rich in the necessary nutrients which are vital for baby inside you to grow at a healthy pace. During pregnancy one requires around 70 gms of protein and this can be derived by consuming around 1 I/2 cups of this beans.
Read ahead to see what the positive benefits of consuming kidney beans are.

10 Health Benefits Of Eating Kidney Beans During Pregnancy

1. Loaded with antioxidants:

Kidney beans are loaded with natural antioxidants or Anthocyanins which are excellent for both you and you baby’s skin. As they are rich in antioxidants, they help to avert the chances of the mom to be from developing gestational diabetes

2. Hikes up your iron levels:

Kidney beans are ideal to replenish the hemoglobin levels in the system. It aids to get rid of any iron deficit and encourages the cognitive growth of your baby. It also aids in the overall development, growth of your fetus and even promotes the placenta to develop well

3. Contains traces of amino acids:

The good news is that kidney beans has elements of around 8 amino acids, which are vital for preparation of protein in your system.

  • These vital amino acids are ideal to combat a variety of diseases and infections, thereby building an excellent immunity system
  • The proteins that are generated from the above mentioned amino acids build an excellent foundation of your fetus’s body cells and for the mom to be too

4. Controls cholesterol:

Kidney beans have traces of dietary fiber, which is extremely helpful in regulating levels of cholesterol in your blood during pregnancy

5. Gets rid of bile acids:

The bile acids present in your intestine merges along with the dietary fiber present in the kidney beans flushing away the extra fat from your system

6. Averts nausea:

Making kidney beans a part of your daily diet is helpful in averting morning sickness or nausea that most pregnant women experience in the morning since kidney beans are ideal to eliminate the bile acids
red kidney beans

7. Cleans out the sulfites:

If you happen to be a lover of delicatessen salads and other such cuisine, there is every chance your system may contain traces of sulfite, which is actually a kind of preservative that is usually added to food.

  • As kidney beans are loaded with mineral called molybdenum that is an important component that aids in detoxifying sulfites, kidney beans should be made a part of your daily diet
  • Eating these beans everyday will aid to steer clear of any kind of allergies related to sulfites like increased heart beat or headaches during this pregnancy period

8. Presence of copper:

Kidney beans also are rich in copper, which is ideal to hike up enzymatic activity of the system.

  • Copper is ideal to lower inflammation present in your system
  • Since copper helps to hike up the enzymatic activity of your body, it helps to retain the elasticity of your ligaments, joints and blood vessels ensuring a health and normal delivery. Drinking copper water during pregnancy – find out how safe is it

9. Provide an excellent boost of energy:

Kidney beans are also loaded with magnesium, which is extremely helpful in getting rid of fatigue that one experiences during pregnancy. The magnesium present in kidney beans helps to avert tiredness by helping muscles, blood vessels and nerves to relax

10. Averts conditions like asthma and sore muscles:

Kidney beans are also helpful in preventing adverse conditions like asthma and muscle soreness
Whatever the benefits mentioned above, one should be extremely cautious not to overindulge in these kidney beans during pregnancy. Overeating of these beans can trigger unwanted side effects which may harmful for the mom and baby too.

Hazardous Effects Of Kidney Beans During Pregnancy

  1. Kidney beans contain purines that are a natural substance which can cause kidney stones or gout if consumed in excess
  2. Phytohemagglutinin is another substance present in kidney beans that can affect your cellular metabolism adversely and cause unwanted dangers during pregnancy
  3. During pregnancy, the digestive system becomes lax and slow, and consuming kidney beans which are high in fiber, can cause intestinal gas and cramping. In such a case, adjust the quantities of your intake
  4. Stay away from canned kidney beans, and ensure that you always buy quality products when pregnant

Hope you benefit from reading this and if you have any concerns, do share with us.

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