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Lunch Containers For Kids

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Your child needs to eat the right kind of food to have the right nourishment and maintain proper health conditions. It is something impossible to do if your child is not eating the right food during lunchtime. Thus, the lunch container is a very important thing that you should not buy randomly. You would want to buy a lunch box that has sections where you can give various types of foods to your kid. So, the choice of the lunch box has to be precise and well-thought of. You have to take a very specific approach while getting the lunch box for your child. Here is how you should go about choosing the lunch box for your child.


How To Choose Lunch Boxes For Kids?

While choosing a lunch box for your kid, you have to consider the following ten factors minutely.

1. The Size Of The Lunch Box

You should always look to get a lunch box bigger than the size you think is right. Also, the size will depend on how much your child is looking to eat. Moreover, as your child grows, he or she will look to eat more. That is why buying a bit bigger lunch box will be a good choice.

2. The Seal Of The Lunch Box

You need to be very careful about the seal while choosing the lunch box. If the seal is not tight enough, then the lunch box will not keep the food fresh. Going for a lunch box that has a tight seal will be the right choice for sure.

3. Easy To Clean The Lunch Box

If you pick a lunch box that is not easy to clean, then you will struggle to keep the food fresh in it. It is always good to buy a lunch box which is easy to clean. It will make your life a lot easier. You can clean it and store it after it dries.

4. Several Sections Of The Lunch Box

You will look to give your child various types of foods in the lunchbox. It is good to eat various types of food as it will help your child in maintaining the right health condition. Therefore, you should look for a lunch box that has various sections. It will prevent the foods from getting mixed up in the lunch box.

5. The Size Of The Sections

You would like to purchase a lunch box for your child that has sections bigger in the size so that you can put the right foods at the right quantity. That is why you need to pay attention to the size of each section the lunch box has.

6. Bisphenol-A Free

Bisphenol-A is a chemical used to make to produce plastic. It can harm your child. So, it is better that you buy a lunch box which is bisphenol-A free. Hence, it will be safe for your child to eat food from that lunch box.

7. Safe To Wash The Lunch Box In A Dishwasher

Some lunch boxes are not safe to wash in a dishwasher. But, in some days, you will not feel like using your hands to wash the lunch box. Therefore, it is better to get a lunch box for your child that can be washed in a dishwasher.

8. Easy To Store The Lunch Box

You will find many lunch boxes which are very heavy and bulky. So, when you are putting food in it, it gets a lot heavier. So, it will put extra and unnecessary pressure on your child who will carry it. Also, buying a lunch box that is not bulky will make it easier for you to store.

9. The Bag Of The Lunch Box Should Be Reusable

You would want to perform your duty towards the environment. That is why you should choose the lunch box which has a reusable bag. You should abstain from using plastic bags with zipper locks that are harmful to the environment.

10. The Price Of The Lunch Box

The price of the lunch box is something you should consider while buying it. You cannot buy a very cheap lunch box. Also, you should not break your bank metaphorically while purchasing the lunch box. Therefore, you should look for a lunch box that is affordable and also built with quality materials.

Ten Best Lunch Box For Your Kids In 2020

1. Little Lunch Box Co: Bento 3

This lunch box is not only ideal for kids, but adults can also use it. You will not have to worry about food, getting mixed with other foods.

  • Sections: 3
  • Capacity: 980ml
  • Measurement:

2. Little Lunch Box Co: Bento 5

With this lunch box, you can give your child multiple food options. It is a great lunch box to carry various types of healthy food.

  • Sections: 5
  • Capacity: 980ml
  • Measurement:5cm x 17.5cm x 5.6cm

3. Little Lunch Box Co: Bento 2

If your child does not like to eat much during lunch in school, then this little size lunch box will be ideal for your child.

  • Sections: 2
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Measurement:3cm x 12.9cm x 5.6cm

4. Love Mae Lunch Box

This lunch box comes with two small boxes that will get fit into the lunch box easily. It is a leak-proof lunch box that will give you peace of mind when you are giving your child liquid food or juicy fruits.

  • Sections: 4
  • Measurement: 300 x 145 x 55 mm

5. Easy Lunchboxes

If you want to give heavy food to your child at lunch, then this lunch box will be ideal for your kid. The large section will carry two sandwiches easily.

  • Sections: 3
  • Measurement:82 x 15.49 x 5cm

6. Seed & Sprout Stacker Bento Lunch Box

It is an eco-friendly lunch box where you can give your child a primary meal and some snacks as well. Your child will love to carry this lunch box in the school.

  • Sections: 3 compartments, 2 tiers
  • Measurement:5cm x 12.3cm x 7.5cm

7. Yumbox Original

Yumbox Original is a great lunch box for your child. It has six sections where you can give multiple nutritious foods for your child to munch on during lunchtime at school

  • Sections: 6
  • Capacity: 780ml
  • Measurement: 21 x 15 x 5 cm

8. Yumbox Panino

This lunch box looks so great that your child will love to take it to the school. The four sections of the lunch box make it ideal for you as well as you can take care of your child’s health with nutritious food.

  • Sections: 4
  • Measurement: 21 x 15 x 5 cm

9. Yumbox Tapas

It is a large lunch box which gives you versatile trays that you can interchange according to your requirement. This lunch box suits pre-teens, teens, and adults.

  • Sections: 4/5 (Options available)
  • Measurement: 245mm x 170mm x 50mm

10. YumboxMinisnack

This lunch box is leak-proof, and therefore, you can give liquid food or juicy fruits to your child. Also, it is designed in a way that it will not spill one food over the other.

  • Sections: 3
  • Measurement: 15 x 10 x 5 cm

Finally, you have to choose the lunch box for your child very carefully. These are ten lunch boxes, which will be ideal for your child to take in the school. Therefore, choose the lunch box wisely so that your child can carry adequate nutritious foods for lunchtime in school.

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