Mobile Phones During Pregnancy – Are They Safe?

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Pregnancy is a crucial time to take care extra of your body. The use of excessive mobile phones during pregnancy can cause risk for fetal brain development. Technology has proved to be a boon but it can also be a bane if not handled appropriately. So it is important to be mindful of the use of mobile phones during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman gets exposed to many environmental factors that affect her pregnancy. The use of electronic devices at home may lead to exposure of a pregnant woman to radiation even if she is not using a mobile phone. Wi-Fi routers or smartphones emit radiation and their use has increased in recent times.

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Is it Safe to Use a Mobile Phone During Pregnancy?

According to some researchers, smartphones emit radio waves that are non-ionizing and are not likely to harm the growing fetus. But, some studies also suggest that the long-term use of a mobile phone can trigger insomnia, and low bone density, and harm the brain development of babies. Pregnant women should get less exposure to mobile radiation.

Mobile phones have different levels of radiation. The rate differs from phone to phone. It is known as the specific absorption rate (SAR). It tells you about the maximum amount of radiation or energy that your body absorbs while using a phone.

There are various kinds of research ongoing on the effects of mobiles or other devices on anyone’s health which also includes pregnant women, unborn babies, and children.

Impact of Overusing a Mobile Phone During Pregnancy

impact of overusing mobile phones during pregnancy

Today, technology has made inroads into our day-to-day life. We are dependent on cell phones to keep ourselves updated about the world. But it is significant to consider the negative effects of cell phones. They emit radio waves that may harm the growing fetus.

If you use mobiles excessively during pregnancy it can trigger insomnia and lead to low bone density and less brain functioning. This will further result in detrimental effects on fetal brain development that may cause behavioral issues like hyperactivity in babies.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life but it does bring some concerns along with it. It is not just dietary restrictions but also safety measures guidelines to use mobile phones during pregnancy and ensure a smooth pregnancy.

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Top Tips to Limit Mobile Phone Usage During Pregnancy

woman using mobile phone carefully

Pregnant women are recommended to limit themselves from using mobile phones and getting exposed to radiation. It increases the risk of birth defects in a newborn. The greater amount of radiation may have negative effects on the developing fetus between 2-18 weeks of pregnancy. Too much use of mobile radiation can cause sleep disturbance, fatigue, and low memory in pregnant women. 

Here are a few tips to limit your mobile phone usage during pregnancy

  • During pregnancy, you can use the following tips to reduce electromagnetic radiation
  • Do not put your cell phones and laptops on your body.
  • Use your phone only when it is required and attend/make calls for a short duration.
  • Text your relatives and friends instead of calling.
  • Your phone signal should be strong while making calls as it emits less radiation.
  • Using hands-free during calls is ideal. It keeps your head away from your phone.
  • Use cell phones in speaker mode.
  • The telephone conversation should be short.
  • Never keep the mobile under your pillow.

Thus, it is better to avoid mobile phone usage during pregnancy. Smartphones are an important part of everyone’s life. But the overuse of smartphones can cause many health complications. Excess usage of mobile phones during pregnancy can harm the unborn baby. It can cause physiological and neurological disorders in the baby. Instead of using mobile phones during the gestation period, it is good to read books, write a journal, and indulge in gardening or yoga.

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1. Is it Safe For Pregnant Women to Use a Wireless Charger?

No current scientific evidence state that wireless chargers are safe for pregnant women. But, the electromagnetic radiation is measured low due to the wireless chargers

2. How Much Mobile Phone Radiation is Safe For Pregnant Women to be Exposed to?

As per the SAR value, you should not use more than two watts per kilogram of mobile phone radiation. You can check the SAR rating of your phone in the instructions that come with your phone on the manufacturer’s websites. You should select a phone with a low SAR value and use it when the signal is strong.

3. Is it Safe to Use Bluetooth Headsets During Pregnancy?

If you have hands-free use it during pregnancy as it has lower exposure to radiation than keeping your mobile close to the body. Bluetooth headsets fall in that category. 

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